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    Yay, the photo!!

    As to the recent post about the museum small block program, it was posted in an effort to help the museum. will offer any help it can to the birth place in it efforts to get this project realized.

    That post was placed to let members know that the museum had other options for supporting the effort. In the future there maybe advertising placed here to direct people to the museum.

    We are not attempting to pressure anyone to buy one, it is simply a post. Feel free to PM me directly with any concerns you may have about this, and I would be happy to work thru them with you.

    Hello Gang,
    I'm happy to report that we have reached our goal of $1500!! :hyper:

    We had a late arrival with a donation and that sealed the deal, and we're set to purchase the brick! There is a slight delay in the purchase until I can verify the paypal account that the funds are in, that should be done late next week. Once the confirmation of the account is done then I'll be able to move the money.

    Thanks again to all who contributed to the JW walk of fame. We put our $$ where our mouth is with this effort, and we have put our mark on the museum, & and on this noble effort.


    We are leaving the donation drive open until the final 3 members (who began the donation process) complete their donations with PayPal. We are currently sitting at $1400 & we're $100 away from our goal!!! Amazing that a small core group here have saddled up and met the challenge.

    I want to personally thank everyone who visits this site and are members that contribute so much time, and information. Without the many who have taken up here, we would have a very quiet place here where we would see far fewer posts. We have become a very tight knit family here.

    This effort should show us just how passionate we are about all things Duke. :beer_yum:

    Hey Gang,

    Just an update.

    We're getting real close to the finish line, and we're only 11% away! We are currently at $1335 (89%) of the $1500 goal. If your interested in helping the cause then this is the time to do it, because we're in the eleventh hour. We would like to purchase the block sometime mid-week so that it's done before next weekends birthday celebration in Winterset.

    Bill Of Pa has agreed to be our representative in Winterset, and he will update us (as time permits) from Winterset.

    Hey Guys (& Gals),

    We are in the home stretch with just over 10 days left until the close (May 19th). We are sitting at 45% of our original goal amount of $2500, so we have some distance to go. But, where ever we end up will be an amazing feat, and a feat we all can be proud of!

    Hello all,

    I wanted to give you an update to the project. This drive has slowed in recent weeks, so I wanted to post some new/updated information. We haven't posted a closing date for the fund raiser, until now. We didn't envision this going but for just a few months and we certainly don't want this to carry over till the summer. Summers around here can be quiet. :sleep_1:

    So, we will end the Walk Of Fame block fund drive on May 19th 2008, and this will be one week before Duke's birthday on May 26th. This will give us the opportunity to get the funds in the hands of the museum before his birthday, just in time for the 101st.

    We originally set our sites on the $2500 block. There are only ten blocks available at that donation level, and 6 are already taken. Realistically, that may not be an achievable goal. It will be great if we do it, but if not, we would go for the block closest to our accumulated amount, and donate any amount over that to the museum.

    Also, I do have plans of creating a static web page on with a photo of the completed stone, which will include a listing of all who have contributed (big or small) to the cause. This would be a permanent online tribute to all who helped with the effort, and would document our efforts.

    I think that's it for the update. If I missed something, or you have other questions or comments, of course feel free to make your thoughts known.



    The reason I say this is that when Kevin asked for donations to buy the program needed to run this site, some of us (including me) sent him money but there was never a word of thanks from anybody, including Kevin. People who know that their help is appreciated are more likely to give.

    I apologize for not thanking you for your help back last year for the help you gave to cover the message board license. I thought I had thanked everyone at the time that the donation was given. Some back then didn't want their names post in public so we decided to keep it private.


    I personally feel that a list of contributors should be posted, with the dollar amounts contributed.

    We had discussed this and decided to not post the list, we'd be happy to revisit this again. We'd be happy to post the names of whoever donated if they want us too.


    Finally, I don't use Pay Pal because I don't like to give out information about either my bank account or my credit card numbers over the internet. Accordingly, I submitted a request to be given a mailing address where I can send a money order but haven't heard zilch from anybody.

    I sent you an email reply back on the 2nd at 9:07am to your email. I'll re-send it to your email or better yet I'll PM the response.

    Just out of curiosity, how long will this fund drive last? The reason I ask is because I want to make a contribution but January is a bad time for me as I'm trying to recover from large Christmas expenses, plus my car insurance comes due this month.

    We hope we can achieve the goal by March 1st. If we can accomplishment the goal sooner, than that would be best.

    The walk of fame stones are used as a fund raiser for the birth place to raise funds for the museum. This is certainly not the only channel for funding, but one of many. So this isn't a scheme.

    This gives us a way to contribute in a tangible way, and also gives the community here away to show to the public visiting the future museum that our little group here supported the effort.

    July 3, 2008

    Fellow John Wayne fans,

    Here's a new opportunity to further support the new museum and learning center. Right now you can purchase a 4" x 8" Tribute Brick with your choice of three lines of text (limited to 13 characters and spaces per line) and have it placed on the walkway leading to the front steps of the Birthplace home! (see photo) For all the bricks that were sold previously, those purchasers are being contacted and about 90% of them want to be a part of this new brick sidewalk project. In addition, about 100 4" x 8" bricks are still available for this project if anyone is interested. It is expected that they will go fast, since the word is being spread to everyone that is a member of the Birthplace Society and other fans as well.

    Proceeds from the sale of these bricks support the effort to build the new John Wayne Birthplace and Learning Center--the ONLY museum in the world dedicated to John Wayne. This offer is only available while the supply of brick spaces lasts!

    Go to Brickwalk for a direct link to the information for this special limited-time offer.

    May 25, 2008
    I'm happy to report that we have reached our goal of $1500!! :hyper:

    We had a late arrival with a donation and that sealed the deal, and we're set to purchase the brick!

    The Alamo Brick has been purchased, and will be engraved with the following:

    Thanks again to all who contributed to the JW walk of fame. We put our $$ where our mouth is with this effort, and we have put our mark on the museum, & and on this noble effort.

    Kevin - JWMB Admin