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    Thanks for that update Chester, I was unaware the boundaries had changed.

    $1500 is a great achievement, I think choosing "The Alamo," was highly appropriate, this movie was Dukes passion and represented everything he stood for.

    Well done to all who contributed, people on here have shown they can pay more that just "lip service" to the cause of John Wayne.


    Any particular reason? Hell, let's see who the real Duke fans are, instead of those who just pay lip service to the cause.

    Now I would probably fall into the category of paying lip service to the cause, as I have not contributed anything to the collection.

    The reason why is simple, I am still considering the merits of this scheme, and the overall benefit of buying a block, perhaps it could be explained in the original post a little more.

    In addition to this I concur with some of the things Dukefan1 one said in relation to money being tight at the moment which is very true for me as well. However I also think the target of $2500 is unachievable as its too much to expect from such a small group. There should also not be a suggested amount of between $50 and $100 as someone thinking about contributing less than this may be put off with a felling of inadequacy.

    I have noticed that on several forums I am a member of, there are always folks looking for donations, this is only the second time Kevin has asked for donations since I have been a member so perhaps this is something to consider.

    One final note, Kevin and myself have disagreed on almost all aspects of this forum we have completely clashed, and have little common ground with the exception of being fans of John Wayne. I have been his biggest critic and feel that at times he has made the wrong decision. However he is also the best forum administrator I have ever came across and the only one who would have tolerated me for so long. He has done a great job running this forum and I have come to believe that behind it all he just a nice guy. Whilst I do agree with Stumpy on the necessity of good manners, I have also witnessed too many rubbish administrators with bad manners to realise that on this occasion it may have simply been a genuine mistake by Kevin.


    Hello Everyone:

    This is an interesting thread however I would like to express a number of concerns I have.

    $2500 does seem to be quite a lot of money to spend on a block, is purchasing this block really the best way to advance the cause of John Wayne?

    Secondly what benefit will the purchase of this block have overall with regards to the museum? Personally I would have felt that if its going to a museum then would have been better off purchasing some John Wayne memorabilia/props or some rare items of interest to fellow fans etc.

    These are only my opinion and perhaps at the moment I don't know enough about this to come out and actually criticise it, perhaps if someone could educate/enlighten me on this scheme and the significance of the block I will be able to understand it and maybe even support it.

    Thanks in advance