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    Your mention of Quantrill also brings Dark Command into the conversation. Though fictional characters are involved, it mirrors the guerilla fighting in Kansas and Missouri during the CW.

    Thanks for these, we do have
    Classic Movie Westerns- The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
    but it is based after the War!

    However I will include all the others, thanks

    Down here we kinda roll the war and reconstruction together. As for the movie itself, at least the first 20 minutes is set while the war still raged in Kansas and Missouri. Up until the "they were decently fed and decently shot". And Lone Wadi said he never surrender, they took his horse and made him surrender.:wink_smile:

    Rio Lobo also spends a significant amount of time during the movie during the war while The Undefeated spends very little.

    Josie Wales Eastwood
    Beguiled, Eastwood
    Blue and Gray TV in the early 80s
    The General- Silent Film from the 20s
    Great Locomotive Chase- same story as The General but done by Disney in the 50s

    There is a rather obscure 1954 move called "The Raid" with Van Heflin and a bunch of then young actors who would become stars. Anne Bancroft, Lee Marvin, Peter Graves, and Richard Boone were all in it. It is loosely based on an actual raid executed by escaped Confederate POWs on a town in Vermont called St Albans. Their intent was to rob banks and funnel the money into purchasing war materials for the South. They organized in Canada and came across and executed the raid. Canadian authorities arrested them when they recrossed into Canada and none of the money made it to the south. I have a very poor VHS copy of this mostly because my great-grandfather was one of the 25 Saint Albans Raiders.