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    Have you noticed how Obama is still not taking this terrorist incident serious. When President Bush was in office, and a passenger attempted to blow up a plane from France, the President ordered all the passengers take off their shoes for inspection.

    Obama has not order an underwear search yet! What's his problem?

    Cheers :cool:

    With all the actions taking place on Christmas day, President Obama should take this incident very seriously.

    A good way for him to let us know how serious he is about the terrorist and making our country secure, he should appoint an underwear czar.

    That way the President can be briefed.

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    Hey bill,

    You might ought to talk about these people. You might solve some of our problems in this country. :D They seem to be the subject of some of the issues here. No offense, but these men are the ones who want to bring our boys home now, and let the chips fall where they will. Of course they want to blame President Bush for anything no matter what they decide. -_-

    Cheers B)