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    I think that if we could get a Few Million People to Stop Paying These TAXES I don't Think These Crooks Would Have Enough Jail Cells To Put Us ALL In and Maybe These Crooks Would Come Up With Some Thing Else, Like A FLAT TAX and we could get rid of about 500,000 I.R.S. PEOPLE and Govenment BLOOD SUCKER WORKERS !!!


    O- Yes I Never Missed Abbott and Costello and still watch them on T.V. in their old Films, :rolleyes: and there was never anyone as Funny as Those Two! :lol: When there was a New Abbott and Costello Movie at the Old Fox Theater in Phoenix in the old days there would be a Line a Mile Long just waiting to get in to See It!!!

    I must be another Lou Costello, :P because the Story You told is just about the way I am with this Computer Thing. :uhuh:

    Bill :cowboy:


    Great picture, I wish we all were that Happy!!! :lol:

    And yes Mrs. C that was Corny, but that was the way we would sing it back in the 30s when it would come on the Radio after school!!! :jump:

    Chilibill :cowboy:


    You and the other Cowboy and Cowgirls are welcome any time but don't forget to bring your Shootin Irons and your John Wayne Membership Card, :D and we do not talk much about Ted Kennedy and his Bunch around this part of the country!!! :angry:

    Chilibill :cowboy:

    Viper and Chester;

    Your friend that lives in Winslow has it just about right, about Southern Arizona for about 3 or 4 Months in the Summer. :fear2:

    When I was a Kid in the 1930s growing up in Phoenix one of the things us kids loved to do was to Steal Eggs from Grandmothers old wooden Ice Box, thats what we called it in those day, because you had to have the Ice Man come every day or two and put Big blocks of Ice in the old Ice Box.

    We would Cook the eggs on the Black Top Road out in front of of the house, it took about 5 Mins. to cook them, and then put the cooked eggs in a Big 12 Inch Flour Tortillas and roll it up into a Big Egg Burro! Then put some "El-Pato Salsa de Chili Fesco" into the Burro and that was Lunch! Then Back into the Front Yard and Spray each other down with water from Hose, and that would take five mins. for the water in the hose to cool down. I have seen the temp. over 120 F. in the middle of Aug. :fear2:

    Then we would go down into the Basement where Grand mother was with the Big 18 Inch Fan doing Her Work. This was also were Grandfather was Aging His Home Brew Beer. :D Every few Hours one of the bottles would Blow its Cork but Grandmother that "Tough Old Texan" would just keep working on Her Sowing and Knitting just like nothing had happened. She did not want Grandfather's home made Beer in the Basement any how!!! :P We never did tell Grandfather, that "Tough Old Law Man" that sometimes we Kids Would Shake one or two bottles just to see what would happen!!! :lol:

    I just hope that every one keeps thinking that all of Arizona is like that is Down South of where I live in Northern Arizona where the Verde River and Oak Creek run year round and the Temp. is about 20 Deg. Lower than Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma. :jump:

    But I am Afraid that is coming to an End , the People from California have found us here in the Verde Valley and are moving in like a Herd of Stampeding Buffalo! :fear2: Oh- well that just makes my Little 5 Ac. Place sell for a lot more M-O-N-E-Y as Duke would say, when I move over to the Ranch in Northeastern Arizona next year. I will be just a few miles from Duke's old Ranch that He loved so much, and that Duke said was the Prettiest Place on Earth! :wub:

    Chester; I have a Man about my age from Nevada in my "Old Mans Sunday School Class" at Church and he backs up your story about "The Chip Monk" he said that was one of his jobs when he was still a Catholic in Las Vegas before he became a "Hard Nosed Bible Thumping Baptist" like me, and had to go to all the Casinos to cash in the Chips, and they were just like M-O-N-E-Y in Las Vegas!!!

    Chilibill :cowboy: