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    A veteran of WW II applied for a job at a bank. The impersonal interviewer continued to ask question after question, scribbling notes and never looking at the veteran.
    "Most recent position?" asked tbe official.
    "Supply officer", replied the applicant.
    "Duration of employment?"
    "Three and a half years."
    "Reason for termination?"
    The applicant stopped and thought for a moment, then answered, "We won."

    Oh man! That is so true! :jump::lol

    I didn't pickup on that 'til the end. I thought that was a bonified warning on scam artists and wondered what it was doing on this topic!:headbonk:
    You have to remember - I'm going to be 66 in September!:yeaahh:
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    Jim and Sue - you must have an encyclopedia of these anecdotes at hand, you have come up with so many of these. They are very enjoyable and put a smile on my face every time!
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    In my junior year in college, I had an ex-wrestler teaching my course in advanced calculus. This guy was so intimidating that no one dared to ask a question in fear of being chastised for needing to ask. He would put a formula on the chalkboard and write another formula below it, skipping six steps or so, and saying that it was obvious that the first led
    to the second. Needless to say, I made a D in that course and had to take it over. Fortunately, he didn't teach it the next year.
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    Would you believe that I majored in math and minored in physics when I was in college?.
    I wound up working for a newspaper where this material helped me out quite often, but I've forgotten most of the higher stuff.
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    I liked that one a LOT!!!
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    I read a short story by Issac Asimov years ago where he invisioned a distant future where everything was calculated by computers, even simple addition and subtraction. Some scientists feared a breakdown of the machines and one came up with the idea of putting marks on paper with a scribe of some sort (read pencil) and figuring calculations from that!!!! LOL:teeth_smile:
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