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    I guess I'm a redneck in Australia to, god bless our great southern land, and I agree that's probably what the duke would have done when he heard about Brokeback Mountain

    lol those are funny. (Sorry if this is offensive to anyone, I thought it was funny)

    The Australian, South African and New Zealander

    One day there was an Australian, a South African and a New Zealander sitting at a bar. Once the New Zealander finishes his drink he throws his glass in the air and shoots it. He then says "In Niw Zulund, we have enough glass so we don't have to drink out of the some one twice". Then the South African does the same and says, "Well mate, in Seth Africa we have so much sand to make our glasses so we don't need to drink out of the same one twice. The Aussie then throws his glass in the air and shoots the South African and the New Zealander, and says to the barman, "In Australia we have so many South Africans and New Zealanders that we don't need to drink with the same ones twice".