John Wayne as a Neighbor

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    • John Wayne as a Neighbor

      I grew up in Newport Beach with John Wayne as a neighbor and friend of my parents. They used to play bridge together and we would visit with the Duke’s family. One fun thing to do was go to his house in Bayshores and watch movies. Duke had one of the original home theaters in his family room with one exception. It had a projection room in the back that required a union projectionist to bring the new movies down from LA to show. The kids flopped on the floor and the adults sat in the chairs and couches.

      I am now involved in a TV news show and am working on a documentary on the Newport Beach Film Festival. John Wayne’s 100th birthday is being celebrated in Newport Beach, California with a film retrospective “Ten Decades With the Duke” at the 8th Newport Beach Film Festival. I immediately volunteered to do the part of the documentary on the John Wayne tribute. I will share the stories as they come up with this forum.

      The first one is a news story that includes Pilar Wayne, Etahn Wayne and Patrick Wayne talking about their life with John Wayne announcing the new official John Wayne web site, 100th birthday and tribute at the 8th annual Newport Beach Film Festival. Family photo session of four generations of John Wayne’s extended family on his former boat the Wild Goose.

      It is My Entertainment News John Wayne Press Breifing
    • Re: John Wayne as a Neighbor

      Welcome datagrant and thanks for the info!

      I look forward to reading your stories!

      "I have tried to live my life so that my family would love me and my friends respect me. The others can do whatever the hell they please."