El Dorado (1967)

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  • Suspect this is just staged. George never got his guns level in teh closing gunfight either. Just because I notice details, look at the two pistols. The left one is cocked and the right one isn't. Duke's rifle is way off line and George has him covered. This gunfight would have had a different outcome.

    Probably, but it almost looks "mid-gunfight"-Duke has fired and looks to have recocked his gun, and George may have fired one gun. Smoke appears to be from Duke's shot, but no smoke from George's shot. Interesting pic nonetheless...

  • Hi Alamo and Batjac,
    Took a little time out to try to clear this up for you, but I hope it is helpful, KEITH Shoot, I got a couple out of order, but nothing big.....this will show you the progress of the shootout. I put Mississippi's part in just to show you in freeze frame how the recoil was made to look.....I imagine it would be something like that.....don't think I will EVER shoot one that short. Have shot a few sawed off, but that thing was SCARY!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Sorry cannot resist risin g to this one.


    This is an old one, but I just saw it. Women are naturally the "doting" type...always wanting to "look after" their man. I imagine Duke's pain and partial paralysis due to that bullet pressing on his spine gave many women the vicarious thrill of taking care of DUKE!

    No they would not have wanted that. They would have just been mad at him lying on their nice bed covers with his boots and spurs on.

  • Yes Robbie, most definitely. As all the good guys are bringing Bart Jason, (bad guy) to the jail from the saloon, there is a rifleman in the stable trying to get a shot at Jason. Mississippi is the only one who notices the gun barrel peaking out of the barn. So, as the rest are getting Jason "set" into jail, Mississippi tells Bull about it and heads out to check out the stable. Bull makes him go around the back. He gets into the stable and throws something to draw the gunman's attention. Then, as he turns, our new terrible shot, jumps him and pins him down. Turns out, HE is a SHE.....none other than the sister of the boy Duke killed by mistake.....Joey MacDonald. After she tells Mississippi who she is, he takes her to the jail to verify it, and that is how they met, LOL! This is the movie my old friend Tony played the specialist doctor.....he and Jimmy Cahn were friends, and Jimmy got Tony the part. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Sorry about that Robbie. I had fallen asleep and woke up to see this post. Didn't catch the old listing of #83. I think you may be correct. I have thought all through El Dorado and can't find where this may be. Don't believe it is in Rio Bravo either. My EHD is down, so can't look through where I think it is, LOL! If I find it, I will let you know, but someone will probably have remembered it by then. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE