Somewhere In Sonora (1933)

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    Plot Summary
    On their way to Sonora Mary Burton(Shirley Palmer) and Patsy Ellis(Ann Fay)are motoring through Arizona and stop in Twin Forks, and meet cowhand John Bishop(John Wayne)and his horse Duke(Duke the Miracle Horse.)John, preparing to drive a coach in the big stagecoach race,innocently says that with Mary pulling for him, the other coach will probably fall to pieces before it gets around the first curve.Unkinown to John, townsman with heavy bets on John's coach have tampered with the other coach which piles up in a horrible wreck.Circumstantial evidence and his own words points to John and he is jailed as the injured driver is carried off.Assuming his guilt Mary and Patsy motor on to meet up with Mary's father(Ralph Lewis)at his silver mine across the border in Mexico.Knowing he is innocent,John's employer Bob Leadly(Henry B. Wathall) and ranch hands Shorty(Bill Franey) and Riley(Frank Rice)spring John from jail and urge him to ride for somewhere in Sonora.John aks Leadly why he took such a chance on him and Leadly tells him of his own son,Bart(Paul Fix), who fell in with the wrong crowd and was falsely accused of murder.Bart is now across the border riding with the notorious outlaw Monte Black(J.P. McGowan)in the Brotherhood of Death, so named because anyone who tries to leave the gang is killed. John vows to bring Bart back to Arizona where he has been cleared of the crime, and is joined by Shorty and Riley, who tell him he has also been cleared by the recovery of the stage driver.In a Mexican cantina, the trio meets up again with Mary and Patsy, who have traded their car for a buckboard and the girl's still distrust him until he saves them when their wagon runs out of control, and Shorty and Riley set the record straight on John.John is told by Mary's father that the Mexican Rurales under Captain Ramirez(Joe Dominguez)have been pursuing Black's gang and, when one of Black's men is captured,learn the location of the gang's hideout.John rides out alone hoping to rescue Bart before the Rurales attack and Black, who was impressed at how John handled a saloon-full of Black's henchmen, takes him on as another gun.
    The gang rides out to raid the mine office at Paloma but John sends "Duke" ahead and the wonder horse,
    courtesy of stock footage of "Tarzan" from Ken Maynard's earlier "Somewhere in Sonora",beats the raiders to Paloma and pulls the warning-bells rope.The gang members that escape capture John and Bart but Duke(and Tarzan) again saves the day by leading the Rurales to the spot.Just curious, but who decided that a cast listing that didn't include the credited Duke the Miracle Horse could be "verified" as complete?
    Summary written by Les Adams

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... John Bishop
    Duke .... Duke, John's horse
    Henry B. Walthall .... Bob Leadly
    Shirley Palmer .... Mary Burton
    Ann Fay .... Patsy Ellis (as Ann Faye)
    J.P. McGowan .... Monte Black
    Paul Fix .... Bart Leadly
    Ralph Lewis .... Mr. Kelly Burton
    Frank Rice .... Riley
    Billy Franey .... Shorty
    Barney Beasley .... Barfly (uncredited)
    Dick Botiller .... Crooked gambler's partner (uncredited)
    Jim Corey .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Art Dillard .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Joe Dominguez .... Rurales Captain Ramon Ramirez (uncredited)
    Frank Ellis .... Henchman Frank (uncredited)
    Jack Evans .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Bob Fleming .... Sheriff Charlie (uncredited)
    Ray Henderson .... Barfly (uncredited)
    Charles Le Moyne .... Barfly (uncredited)
    G. Raymond Nye .... Crooked gambler (uncredited)
    Bud Osborne .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Glenn Strange .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Slim Whitaker .... Henchman Bull (uncredited)
    Blackie Whiteford .... Henchman (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Will Levington Comfort (story "Somewhere South in Sonora" in The Saturday Evening Post)
    Joseph Anthony Roach (adaptation and dialogue) (as Joe Roach)

    Original Music
    Leo F. Forbstein

    Ted D. McCord

    Using the name "Monte Black" as the villain was something of an in-joke at Warners,
    where Monte Blue was a star during the silent era.
    After sound came in, he was relegated to minor supporting roles at the studio,
    albeit in some very good films like Casablanca (1942) and Key Largo (1948).

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
    Sonora, California, USA

    Watch the Movie

    Somewhere in Sonora

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Somewhere in Sonora is a 1933 American Western film starring John Wayne.
    It is a remake of the 1927 film of the same name.

    This is the 5th. of 6 films Duke made with Warner Bros, as re-makes of some
    silent films, that Ken Maynard had made.

    These Duke versions were made, to use up unused film, that WB had,
    featuring Ken Maynard and his miracle horse.
    They brought in Duke and Duke! The Wonder Horse,
    and substituted them into the films!!
    If you look closely, you can spot the difference,
    between the two actors.
    Even the two horses, are noticeably different.

    This one with Duke starring as a John, except this time Bishop,
    is looking for a friend, Paul Fix, who had been shanghaied into a bandit gang.
    Duke had his normal love interest, in the shape of Shirley Palmer.

    I enjoyed this series, and they remain favourites,
    as they were amongst the first VHS, I ever bought.


    User Review

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Watched this today, wasn't that impressed, JW was fine, of course, but Shirley Palmer didn't seem right for his gal ( I think in real life they were about the same age, but in this she looks a bit older than him, and it doesn't look right, if that makes sense !) The other actress, the annoying blonde one, would have been better !! Story was okay-ish, I liked the action Rodeo scenes......

    Dee x