Walter Scharf

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    Information From IMDb

    Date of Birth
    1 August 1910, New York, New York, USA

    Date of Death
    24 February 2003, Brentwood, California, USA (heart failure)

    Betty Scharf (? - 24 February 2003) (his death) 2 children

    Child: daughter Susan.

    Mini Biography
    Born and raised in New York City, the son of Polish-Jewish immigrants,
    Walter Scharf started playing music at an early age, helping his uncle play the piano for silent films.
    He got his first real Broadway gig at the age of 17, orchestrating George Gershwin's "Girl Crazy."
    He also played in several college shows written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.
    Later, he worked as a session musician in the early years of recording, along with Glenn Miller
    and the Dorsey brothers. He took his earnings and studied at New York University,
    even spending a year and a half studying in Berlin, witnessing the rise of the Nazis in 1932.

    Back in New York, he became the accompanist for the legendary chanteuse Helen Morgan,
    who introduced him to the world of film with "Manhattan Melodrama." Her sometime substitute, Alice Faye,
    coaxed Walter to join Rudy Vallee's orchestra, playing at the Embassy Club,
    and eventually going to Hollywood with them to make "Sweet Music" at Warner Brothers.
    His film music career continued through six decades working extensively with stars such as
    Shirley Temple, Al Jolson, Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Martin and Lewis, Frank Sinatra,
    Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, and Michael Jackson.
    IMDb Mini Biography By: Gregg Wager

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    – My Mother, My Chaperone/Present, The/Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest, The/Welcome Aboard: Part 2 (1984)
    – Vicki and the Fugitive/Lady in the Window/Stolen Years/Dutch Treat: Part 1 (1984)
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    1978 Hawaii Five-O (TV series)
    – A Death in the Family (1978)
    – Invitation to Murder (1978)
    1978 When Every Day Was the Fourth of July (TV movie)
    1977 Final Chapter: Walking Tall
    1965-1976 National Geographic Specials (TV series documentary)
    – Search for the Great Apes (1976)
    – This Britain: Heritage of the Sea (1975)
    – Bushmen of the Kalahari (1974)
    – The Big Cats (1974)
    – Wind Raiders of the Sahara (1973)
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    1975 Legend of the Lawman
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    1968-1973 The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau (TV series documentary)
    – The Forgotten Mermaids (1973)
    – The Smile of the Walrus (1972)
    – A Sound of Dolphins (1972)
    – Those Incredible Diving Machines (1970)
    – The Return of the Sea Elephants (1970)
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    1970 Plimpton! Shoot-Out at Rio Lobo (TV documentary)
    1970 Uncle Sam Magoo (TV movie)
    1970 The Cheyenne Social Club
    1970 A Storm in Summer (TV movie)
    1969 The Mystery of Animal Behavior (TV documentary)
    1969 If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
    1969 Pendulum
    1966-1967 Mission: Impossible (TV series)
    – The Bank (1967)
    – The Survivors (1967)
    – The Ransom (1966)
    – Old Man Out: Part 2 (1966)
    – Old Man Out: Part 1 (1966)
    1967 The Wild Wild West (TV series)
    – The Night of the Assassin (1967)
    1966 That Girl (TV series)
    – Break a Leg (1966)
    – Rich Little Rich Kid (1966)
    – Anatomy of a Blunder (1966)
    – I'll Be Suing You (1966)
    – Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night (1966)
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    1965 Tickle Me
    1964-1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV series)
    – The Gazebo in the Maze Affair (1965)
    – The Love Affair (1965)
    – The See-Paris-And-Die Affair (1965)
    – The Deadly Decoy Affair (1965)
    – The Terbuf Affair (1964)
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    1965 Guns of Diablo
    1964 Where Love Has Gone
    1964 Honeymoon Hotel
    1963-1964 The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (TV series)
    – The Day of the Reckoning (1964) (music score)
    – The Day of the Dark Deeds (1964) (music score)
    – The Day of the Pretenders (1964) (music score)
    – The Day of the Picnic (1964) (music score)
    – The Day of the Lame Duck (1964) (music score)
    all 11 episodes »
    1963 Breaking Point (TV series)
    – The Bull Roarer (1963)
    1963 Funny Side of Life (documentary)
    1963 The Nutty Professor (music scored by)
    1963 My Six Loves
    1961-1963 Bonanza (TV series)
    – The Hayburner (1963)
    – The Deadly Ones (1962)
    – Land Grab (1961)
    – The Lonely House (1961)
    – The Honor of Cochise (1961)
    1962 It's Only Money
    1962 World of Comedy (documentary)
    1961 Pocketful of Miracles
    1961 The Errand Boy
    1961 The Ladies Man
    1960-1961 Shirley Temple's Storybook (TV series)
    – The Terrible Clockman (1961)
    – The House of the Seven Gables (1960)
    1960 Cinderfella
    1960 The Bellboy
    1959 Don't Give Up the Ship
    1958 The Geisha Boy
    1958 Rock-a-Bye Baby
    1958 King Creole
    1958 The Jerry Lewis Show (TV movie)
    1957 The Sad Sack
    1957 The Joker Is Wild
    1957 Loving You (uncredited)
    1956 Three Violent People
    1956 Hollywood or Bust (uncredited)
    1956 Three for Jamie Dawn
    1956 The Birds and the Bees
    1956 Time Table
    1955 The Court Jester (uncredited)
    1955 Artists and Models (uncredited)
    1955 You're Never Too Young (uncredited)
    1954 3 Ring Circus
    1954 Living It Up (uncredited)
    1953 The French Line (uncredited)
    1951 Two Tickets to Broadway
    1950 East of Java
    1950 Deported (uncredited)
    1950 Peggy (uncredited)
    1950 Panther's Moon (uncredited)
    1950 Sierra
    1950 Take the Stage
    1950 Buccaneer's Girl
    1950 Francis (uncredited)
    1949 Yes Sir, That's My Baby
    1949 Take One False Step
    1949 Red Canyon
    1949 City Across the River
    1948 Mexican Hayride (uncredited)
    1948 The Countess of Monte Cristo
    1948 The Saxon Charm
    1948 Casbah (uncredited)
    1948 Are You with It? (uncredited)
    1946 Concerto (uncredited)
    1946 Murder in the Music Hall (uncredited)
    1945 Dakota (uncredited)
    1945 The Cheaters (music score)
    1945 Earl Carroll Vanities (uncredited)
    1944 Lake Placid Serenade (uncredited)
    1944 Brazil (uncredited)
    1944 Atlantic City (uncredited)
    1944 The Lady and the Doctor
    1944 The Fighting Seabees (musical score)
    1943 In Old Oklahoma
    1943 Sleepy Lagoon (uncredited)
    1943 Nobody's Darling (uncredited)
    1943 Someone to Remember (uncredited)
    1943 Thumbs Up (uncredited)
    1943 Chatterbox (uncredited)
    1943 Shantytown (uncredited)
    1943 Hit Parade of 1943 (uncredited)
    1942 The Glass Key (uncredited)
    1941 Henry Aldrich for President (uncredited)
    1941 Mercy Island (uncredited)
    1941 Judy Goes to Town (uncredited)
    1941 Sis Hopkins (uncredited)
    1941 The Gay City (uncredited)
    1940 Hit Parade of 1941 (uncredited)
    1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (uncredited)
    1939 Frontier Marshal (uncredited)
    1939 Return of the Cisco Kid (uncredited)
    1938 Josette (uncredited)
    1938 Sally, Irene and Mary (uncredited)
    1937 Lovely to Look at (uncredited)
    1937 You Can't Have Everything (uncredited)
    1933 Poppin' the Cork (short)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Another name not so well recognized,
    Walter Scharf, was a prolific composer
    and Musical Director, who worked with many big names.
    He worked on many TV series,
    including, The Man From Uncle, Ben Casey, Mission Impossible.
    His film music career continued through six decades,
    working extensively with stars such as
    Shirley Temple, Al Jolson, Irving Berlin, Bing Crosby,
    Danny Kaye, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley,
    Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, and Duke.

    He was the Composer
    on 3 involving Duke,

    Dakota (1945)
    The Fighting Seabees (1944)
    In Old Oklahoma (1943)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • If I'm not mistaken, Walter Scharf wrote the recognizable fanfare from the "National Geographic" series.

    Jay, you're quite right my friend,
    in addition to his other wonderful work,
    he became best-known for his music for the
    National Geographic and
    The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau documentaries,

    Best Wishes
    London- England