Duke's Movies- Blu-Ray/DVD Releases

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  • Why was my new thread added to the end of this post, 16 pages deep? Seems like a great way to make sure I get no response at all :(

    Chris Elliott

    Sometime ago we had several threads covering DVD releases,
    Duke and non Duke.
    To avoid any more fragmentation, it was decided
    to merge all threads appertaining to the same subject.
    I notice your post has had a response,
    and I feel sure members interested,
    have or will take a look here

    Best Wishes
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  • On a movie-by-movie basis, no, I haven't done any comparison, and I doubt anyone else has, either. These companies seem to be fairly transient, and there seem to be new ones coming and going, all the time. If you go to this thread, there are actually links to the Internet Archives, where all of Duke's public domain movies can be downloaded, free of charge. If you wanted to, you (or anyone else) could could download them and burn them to DVD yourself. In general, though, I would avoid Good Times, Madacy, and Alpha at all costs. Their products are usually not worth paying a penny for (especially Alpha). I will say that I have had generally positive experiences with Image Entertainment and Platinum Disc Corp. Hope this helps.


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  • As posted earlier, four new Blu-ray titles have been released in Europe only. It seems few people on this forum are interested in Blu-ray, and I can understand and appreciate the reasons.

    The four new titles were released by the Danish label Soul Media (3 titles) and German label Koch Media (1 title). All are licensed from Hollywood Classics, Ltd., a London-based company who have European distribution rights to many of Hollywood's classic films.

    Circus World, to be released on Blu-ray in March by the French label Mediafilm, is also part of the Hollywood Classics film library, so I'll assume it will be licensed from them as well.

    The titles from Soul Media are region B only; Legend of the Lost (Stadt der Verlorenen ) is region-free. All are 1080p with original English audio @ 23.976fps.

    I suspect more John Wayne titles will be released in Europe, continuing to surpass what will be available in North America.

  • Amazon is listing a Blu-ray release for Hondo, but without a release date. Paramount has not yet made an official announcement either.

    No mention of whether this Blu-ray will include the 3-D version. They really should, since 3-D players and televisions are now available. Actually I'd love to see this re-released into theaters since so many are now 3-D enabled, too.

  • Paula has an excellent idea about a theatrical release of a true 3D film. The only problem to me is that "Hondo" is such a short film. Maybe a double feature with "House of Wax", another 3D short movie, could lure in modern viewers.

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  • Dear Wtrayah, the answer is yes, there is a BIG difference. Blu-ray can seem so vivid and so clear that at times I think the people in the movie are actually in my living room, not just on a screen.

    However, you have to have a 1080p television with a 40 inch screen at least or the improved resolution really won't make an impact. If picture quality is important to you, and you have the werewithal, then a new television is a purchase you will get a lot of pleasure from.

    Not John Wayne, but John Wayne's sidekick... Bite the Bullet (with Ben Johnson, Gene Hackman, James Coburn, and Candace Bergman) comes out on Blu-ray on March 13. It's being released by a specialty label, Twilight Time, and it's only offered for sale through the Screen Archives Entertainment website, so if you're interested, go here to pre-order:


    Cover art:

    Inside art:

  • Thanks for the Info Paula! Thats another thing i like about this site! Even if you have nuttin to say, you can still just sit back and read everbody's comments, exsperiences, and wisdom and learn a lot!

  • Just saw that two of Duke's movies - "Barbarian and the Geisha" and "The Big Trail" will be released as Blu Ray exclusives by Wal Mart on 5/8/12. My source is the Blu Ray site.

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  • THANK YOU GORCH!!!!! Can't wait to get my copy of Barbarian and the Geisha! Now you say Blue Ray? You must be able to get it on a regular DVD too. Right?
    I don't do the Blue Ray thing. Would cost me a fortune to turn them all over to
    blue ray.

  • Felt the same way myself about Blu Ray. I've been through VHS, Laser Discs and DVDS. Don't know how I missed Beta, but I did. Anyway, a cheap Blu Ray player goes for under $100.00 and most of them play regular DVDs and even upgrade the picture and sound. I've been replacing my DVDs with Blu Rays only if they are around $10.00 or if they have extras otherwise not available.
    Most of the titles I have purchased, like "Comancheros" are much better than the DVD versions.
    Hope that these two titles get decent releases in all formats.

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  • I've seen The Big Trail before on VHS. ( what i could see of it ) the quality was terrible. hard to follow. noisy.

  • I expect these will be available from other retailers than Walmart eventually.

    Love the cover of The Big Trail! Saw this on the big screen at the TCM fest a couple of years ago and it was amazing. I have the DVD but it can convey only so much of what was truly a spectacular undertaking. Looking forward to the Blu-ray though.

  • Paula, That is a really neat cover on The Big Trail...would love to see original pic without writing on it..

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  • I suspect that Big Trail artwork is a Photoshop composite of John Wayne close-up and landscape longshot. But it would nice to see the original Wayne photo. :)