Man of Conquest (1939)

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    • Man of Conquest (1939)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      The story of Sam Houston, hero of the Texas revolution, statesman,
      and first president of the Republic of Texas.

      Full Cast
      Richard Dix ... Sam Houston
      Gail Patrick ... Margaret Lea
      Edward Ellis ... Andrew Jackson
      Joan Fontaine ... Eliza Allen
      Victor Jory ... William B. Travis
      Robert Barrat ... David Crockett
      George 'Gabby' Hayes ... Lannie Upchurch (as George Hayes)
      Ralph Morgan ... Stephen F. Austin
      Robert Armstrong ... Jim Bowie
      C. Henry Gordon ... Santa Ana
      Janet Beecher ... Mrs. Sarah Lea
      Pedro de Cordoba ... Oolooteka
      Max Terhune ... Deaf Smith
      Kathleen Lockhart ... Mrs. Allen
      Ferris Taylor ... Jonas Lea
      Leon Ames ... John Hoskins
      Arthur Aylesworth ... Polk Ridge Tennessean (as Arthur Aylsworth)
      Jack George ... Orchestra Leader (as Jac George)
      Max Waizmann ... Official (as Max Waizman)
      Ernie Adams ... Tennessee Volunteer (uncredited)
      William 'Billy' Benedict ... Tommy - Fife Player (uncredited)
      Stanley Blystone ... Goodwin Davis, Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      Dick Botiller ... Mexican Soldier (uncredited)
      Helen Brown ... Woman Nursing Bowie, Holding Child (uncredited)
      Budd Buster ... Wagon Driver (uncredited)
      Lane Chandler ... Bonham - Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      Tom Chatterton ... Official (uncredited)
      Noble 'Kid' Chissel ... Soldier (uncredited)
      Sonny Chorre ... Cherokee Tribesman (uncredited)
      Edmund Cobb ... Santa Ana's Aide (uncredited)
      Iron Eyes Cody ... Indian (uncredited)
      Tex Cooper ... Alamo Defender / Dance Bit (uncredited)
      Rube Dalroy ... Tennessee Man (uncredited)
      William Desmond ... Tennessee Man (uncredited)
      Edward Earle ... Comander Blake (uncredited)
      Jack Gargan ... Ball Attendee (uncredited)
      Mildred Gover ... Eliza's Maid (uncredited)
      Pauline Haddon ... Young Lady (uncredited)
      Ethyl May Halls ... Townswoman (uncredited)
      Sam Harris ... Ball Attendee (uncredited)
      Edward Hearn ... Minor Role (uncredited)
      Russell Hicks ... Mr. Allen (uncredited)
      Earle Hodgins ... Texican (uncredited)
      Otto Hoffman ... Frightened Townsman (uncredited)
      Olaf Hytten ... Footman (uncredited)
      Jack Ingram ... Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      Jane Keckley ... Woman (uncredited)
      Cy Kendall ... Indian Affairs Agent (uncredited)
      Fred Kohler Jr. ... Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      Ethan Laidlaw ... Fighter with Houston (uncredited)
      George J. Lewis ... Man at Tennessee Rally (uncredited)
      Mary MacLaren ... Woman (uncredited)
      Chief Many Treaties ... Cherokee Tribesman (uncredited)
      Chris-Pin Martin ... Massacre Survivor (uncredited)
      Merrill McCormick ... Mexican Army Officer (uncredited)
      Nelson McDowell ... Tennessee Storekeeper (uncredited)
      Fay McKenzie ... Young Lady (uncredited)
      George Montgomery ... Young Lieutenant, Jackson Aide (uncredited)
      George Morrell ... Tennessee Man (uncredited)
      Horace Murphy ... Riverboat Captain (uncredited)
      Bill Nestell ... Texican (uncredited)
      Frank O'Connor ... Texican (uncredited)
      Sarah Padden ... Houston's Mother (uncredited)
      Rose Plumer ... Tennessee Woman (uncredited)
      Cyril Ring ... Ball Attendee (uncredited)
      Jason Robards Sr. ... Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      Buddy Roosevelt ... Alamo Defender (uncredited)
      William Royle ... Mexican Army Officer (uncredited)
      Francis Sayles ... President James Van Buren (uncredited)
      Charles Stevens ... Zavola - Pro-Houston Texan (uncredited)
      Harry Strang ... Robert Watson (uncredited)
      Hal Taliaferro ... Tennessean (uncredited)
      Jim Thorpe ... Cherokee Indian (uncredited)
      Chief Thundercloud ... Cherokee Indian (uncredited)
      Rosa Turich ... Mexican Woman (uncredited)
      Slim Whitaker ... Anti-Houston Gossip (uncredited)
      Robert J. Wilke ... Texican (uncredited)
      Guy Wilkerson ... Minor Role (uncredited)
      Bill Wolfe ... Tennessee Man (uncredited)
      Chief Yowlachie ... Cherokee Tribesman (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Wells Root (screenplay) & (original story)
      Edward E. Paramore Jr. (screenplay) (as E.E. Paramore Jr.) &
      Jan Fortune (screenplay)
      Harold Shumate (original story) &

      Original Music
      Victor Young

      Joseph H. August
      Ernest Miller
      Frank Redman

      Richard Dix fractured two bones during the wrestling scene, causing a delay of a week in the production schedule.

      Joseph H. August was hospitalized during the last week of filming and was replaced by Frank Redman as director of photography

      Edith Head's first credit as costume designer.

      Filming Locations
      Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Salt Springs Reservoir, Stockton, California, USA
      Sonora, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) The Alamo Movies- Man of Conquest (1939)

      Man of Conquest is a 1939 American Western film directed by George Nichols Jr..
      The film was nominated for three Academy Awards
      for Best Score, Best Sound (Charles L. Lootens) and Best Art Direction (John Victor Mackay).
      Starred Richard Dix, Gail Patrick, Edward Ellis,, Joan Fontaine, Victor Jory

      As it was a Republic movie it also features some of Duke's 'Pals'
      namely George 'Gabby' Hayes, Max Terhune, George Montgomery

      User Review
      Old Sam Jacinto
      12 May 2010 | by bkoganbing (Buffalo, New York)

      The dynamic and colorful life of Sam Houston is one of those epics stories that truly deserve a mini-series. Hopefully one day, one will be done for him. My guess is that his background as a slave owner works against having Houston honored in that way. One of the most glaring omissions of Man Of Conquest is the lack of black people and the issue of slavery which is one of the darker parts of the Texas story.

      The film resembles D.W. Griffith's Abraham Lincoln biographical film in format. A quick passage through Houston's youth and military service with Andrew Jackson and he's governor of Tennessee. Then the story continues until the Battle Of San Jacinto with a brief epilogue. Another error mentions Houston was at the Battle Of New Orleans, he was not. He did however do some considerable Indian fighting, but also developed a great respect for the native people. In fact he moved in with his adoptive tribe, the Cherokees after the scandal of his divorce wrecked his political career in Tennessee.

      Richard Dix makes a solid and heroic Houston and his wives are played by Joan Fontaine as Eliza Allen and Gail Patrick as Margaret Lea. And Houston did not even meet Margaret Lea until after Texas was a republic on a visit to the United States.

      Mexico by not populating its territory north of the Rio Grande left it pretty much open to whomever would settle and for awhile it was only Comanches, Arankawas, and Kiowa tribes. The bulk of settlers from the USA came from the south and some brought slavery and their slaves with them. Eventually East Texas became a cotton growing region like the rest of the cotton culture south. This is the part we don't talk about in this film.

      The rest of the characters of Texas history are there, popularized by Walt Disney and John Wayne later on. Robert Armstrong, Robert Barrat, Victory Jory, Ralph Morgan, play Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, William B. Travis, and Stephen F. Austin respectively. Edward Ellis plays a thinner and more subdued Andrew Jackson than you saw Lionel Barrymore do in The Gorgeous Hussy. Did you know Andrew Jackson took a secret trip to Texas while in the White House? I didn't either until I saw this film.

      Two of Republic Pictures cowboy sidekicks got roles in this film. Max Terhune, minus his ventriloquist dummy, plays famed scout Deaf Smith and Gabby Hayes has an all purpose fictional sidekick role.

      The Battle of San Jacinto isn't even played right. In fact it wasn't much of a battle because of the complete surprise that Houston got on General Santa Anna at dawn. The whole thing was over in about 20 minutes and more Texans lost their lives on the screen in Man Of Conquest than at the real battle.

      This was Republic Pictures big budget item for 1939 and got Oscar nominations for Best Art Direction, Best Sound, and Best Musical Scoring. Herbert J. Yates really laid a lot of loot out from Republic for this film. The budget of about 10 Gene Autry and 10 Roy Rogers films went into Man Of Conquest.

      The best treatment of the Sam Houston story is in TV film Gone To Texas which starred Sam Elliot as Houston. Man Of Conquest has not worn well over the years and its glaring historical inaccuracies will make any true Texan wince.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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