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    There are 123 replies in this Thread. The last Post () by Dooley.

    • Duke's Poster Place


      As we had two poster threads it now seems appropriate to merge them into one

      A special thanks to Dooley for the title

      For Past Discussion:-
      Duke's Poster Place- Past Discussion
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Mike's Duke Poster Thread

      Thought I'd post some of my posters here from time to time. Might be of some interest to see what was printed in different countries all over the world...
      I started collecting on Wayne in 1979 at the age of 12. By now my archive on him includes some 400 posters and 5000 LC's & stills.
      Here are some of my ALAMO posters:

      Spanish 1960 / 1972 / 1979:

      USA 1960 / 1967:

      FRENCH 1960 / 1965 / 1960 insert + Australian daybill:

      German 1960 / 1960 double panel / 1967:

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    • Re: Mike's Duke Poster Thread

      I'm glad you're enjoying them. So I'll continue :)
      As for storing them: I started my archive 30 years ago and I do collect everything I like. And I like a lot. Altogether it's 100.000 items so storing always is a slight problem. Moving is the biggest problem though :)
      Paper is so heavy. I last moved ten years ago but during that operation I almost 'lost' my friends.
      I keep everything in plastic & paper envelopes. Dry & cool (not too cold of course). Avoid moist, water & sunlight and paper holds on pretty good. Posters are mostly folded. Storing unfolded posters I hate because looking at them is always dangerous (resulting edge wear etc.).
      The stuff is everywhere: in the apartement, in the basement...

      But let's continue.
      Today I'll post the WAR FILM POSTERS. I don't have that many. But here they are:

      FIGHTING SEABEES German 1954 / Belgium 1950's

      BACK TO BATAAN German 1954 / Belgium 1950's / Argentina RR 1960's
    • Re: Mike's Duke Poster Thread

      Wayne & Hawks.
      I love the first four they made, RIO BRAVO & HATARI! being among my Top 5 Wayne-Films.

      RED RIVER Argentina first release / Yugoslavia / Germn RR 1963:

      No more. Too expensive that title :(
      Same with RIO BRAVO. A few I have:

      German first release Style B / Style A / RR 1963:

      ARGENTINA 1959 / Spanish 1970's / Yugoslavia 1959 /

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