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    For continuity, all discussion
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    James Stewart- Firecreek

    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    Farmer and family man Johnny Cobb moonlights as a $2 a month sheriff
    in the quiet little town of Firecreek.
    When a gang of freebooters passes through, their leader Larkin,
    who is suffering from a minor wound, decides to spend the night.
    The gang members prove to be vicious, sadistic sociopaths who take
    advantage of the frightened townspeople, humiliating them for their own perverse amusement.
    Although Larkin disapproves of their behavior,
    his leadership role is tenuous, and he is reluctant to test it by exercising
    control over his men. The mild-mannered Cobb also seems hesitant
    to challenge the gang's antisocial behavior.
    Things come to a head when Meli, an Indian woman with a mixed race child,
    is sexually attacked by one of vicious psychopaths.
    Arthur, a mentally-challenged stable boy,
    comes to her aid and accidentally kills him.
    Cobb locks up Arthur pending a trial,
    but when the sheriff visits his pregnant wife
    Written by Gabe Taverney

    Full Cast
    James Stewart ... Johnny Cobb
    Henry Fonda ... Bob Larkin
    Inger Stevens ... Evelyn Pittman
    Gary Lockwood ... EarlDean Jagger ... Whittier
    Ed Begley ... Preacher Broyles
    Jay C. Flippen ... Mr. Pittman
    Jack Elam ... Norman
    James Best ... Drew
    Barbara Luna ... Meli
    Jacqueline Scott ... Henrietta Cobb
    Brooke Bundy ... Leah
    Robert Porter ... Arthur (as J. Robert Porter)
    Morgan Woodward ... Willard
    John Qualen ... Hall
    Louise Latham ... Dulcie (midwife)
    Athena Lorde ... Mrs. Littlejohn
    Slim Duncan ... Fyte (as Harry 'Slim' Duncan)
    Kitty Kelly ... Mrs. Sawyer (uncredited)
    Bill McKinney ... Bearded Gunfighter (uncredited)
    Almira Sessions ... Townswoman at Wake (uncredited)
    Christopher Shea ... Aaron Cobb (uncredited)
    Kevin Tate ... Franklin Cobb (uncredited)
    Felipe Turich ... Carlos (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Calvin Clements Sr.

    Original Music
    Alfred Newman

    William H. Clothier

    Four of the actors have links to Star Trek. Gary Lockwood, Barbara Luna,
    and Morgan Woodward all starred in Star Trek Episodes. Brooke Bundy appeared in a Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Laramie Street, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
    North Ranch, Lindero Canyon Road at Kanan Road, Agoura Hills, California, USA
    Sedona, Arizona, USA

    For continuity, all discussion
    please post here:
    James Stewart- Firecreek

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  • Firecreek is a 1968movie directed by Vincent McEveety and starring
    James Stewart and Henry Fonda in his second role as an antagonist that year.
    The film is similar to High Noon in that it features an entire town refusing to help
    a peace officer against outlaws, showing no backbone.
    Stewart plays an unlikely hero, forced into action when his conscience will not permit evil to continue.

    Stewart and Fonda's first film together had been the musical comedy On Our Merry Way
    two decades earlier, and they made The Cheyenne Social Club two years after Firecreek.
    They had also both appeared in How the West Was Won
    but had no scenes together despite playing best friends.

    Features other Duke's 'Pals' besides the two stars,
    namely Jay C. Flippen, Jack Elam and John Qualen

    User Review


    A slow burner, but a satisfying character study
    28 November 2006 | by TrevorAclea (London, England)

    Firecreek probably wouldn't stand a chance in today's market - it's a film dominated by old men with a script that's a very slow burner. Indeed, it's not until the superb last half hour that the film really starts punching its weight. For much of the film, Henry Fonda's gang of hired guns who drift into the one-dog town of Firecreek are more annoyance than genuine threat, but with each incident defused only by a display of anything-for-a-quiet life weakness from the townsfolk and James Stewart's part-time sheriff, violence is inevitable. What is surprising are the character revelations en route: every single character who drifts into this waste basket for lost souls is a wholly inadequate human being in one way or another. Fonda is quietly impressive as a man who can only maintain the authority he needs to stop him from being a nobody by giving in to his gang's wishes to prevent them replacing him. Stewart at first seems too old for the part, but as the film progresses his casting makes more and more sense: as Dean Jagger points out in the film's best scene, this is a town of losers, people who'll settle for what nobody else wants because they know no-one will challenge them for it. Or as Gary Lockwood's young gun puts it, "Ain't nothing' in this town five dollars won't fix." Surprisingly good, and much better directed by Vincent McEveety than you'd expect from a director who spent most of his career commuting between Disney comedies and TV shows.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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