The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1919)

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    Plot Summary
    The owner of a gambling hall is entrusted with the care of a pretty young girl.
    He falls in love with her, but he must decide whether to let her go to his best friend,
    with whom he believes her to be in love,
    or to try to win her for himself.
    Written by frankfob

    Harry Carey ... Square Shootin' Harry Lanyon / John Oakhurst
    Cullen Landis ... Billy Lanyon / Tommy Oakhurst
    Gloria Hope ... Ruth Watson / Sophy - the girl
    Joe Harris ... Ned Stratton (as Joseph Harris)
    Frank Capra
    Virginia Chester
    Duke R. Lee
    Louise Lester
    J. Farrell MacDonald
    Charles Hill Mailes
    Vester Pegg
    Victor Potel ... (as Vic Potel)

    John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

    Writing Credits
    Bret Harte ... (story)
    H. Tipton Steck ... (writer)

    Pat Powers ... producer (as P.A. Powers)

    John W. Brown

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • The Outcasts of Poker Flat was a 1919 American western film directed
    by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey.

    The film is considered to be lost.

    The screenplay is based upon the 1869 story of the same name by Bret Harte.
    Harte's story has been brought to film at least five times, including in 1937 with
    Preston Foster and in 1952 with Dale Robertson.


    User Review

    The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1919) -- Lost Silent ?
    1 August 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)

    It is my ambition a to add as many silent film reviews for fans of silent cinema as I am. Many are hard to track down and many are listed as lost. All I can provide the reader is a brief synopsis for this 1919 western/comedy, produced by the Universal Film Manufacturing Company and directed by John Ford, starring popular actor, Harry Carey. Sadly it is now listed as a lost silent film. Hopefully a copy does survive and resurfaces for public viewing and a proper review.

    Square Shootin' Harry Lanyon ( Harry Carey ), a gambling proprietor, loves Ruth Watson ( Gloria Hope ), but because he believes that she loves his adopted son Billy ( Cullen Landis ), he keeps his feelings hidden. Lanyon reads Bret Harte's "The Outcasts of Poker Flats" and imagines himself to be the gambling proprietor John Oakhurst, who takes Sophy ( Gloria Hope ), a girl abandoned on a river boat by gambler Ned Stratton ( Joseph Harris ), to Poker Flats, where Oakhurst's adopted son Tommy ( Cullen Landis ) falls in love with her. Tommy protects Sophy from Stratton and is shot. He recovers and proposes to her, but before the wedding, she sends Oakhurst a note saying that she loves him. Because Oakhurst thinks that Tommy will be better for her, he does not respond. After Oakhurst persuades the vigilantes to burn his gambling house and drive him out, so that Tommy and Sophy can lead a clean life, the couple pursues him to the mountains. During a violent snowstorm, Oakhurst shoots himself, freeing the lovers to return. When Lanyon finishes the story and finds that Ruth loves him, he remarks that "the fellow in the book was a durn fool."

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    London- England

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