Wyoming (1947)

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    Plot Summary
    Charles Alderson and his wife settle in the Wyoming Territory, and form a lasting friendship with Thomas Jefferson "Windy" Gibson. Alderson's wife dies in childbirth, leaving him with an infant daughter, who he sends to Europe for an education. During the years in which she is abroad, Alderson becomes a wealthy cattle baron. The daughter, Karen, returns to Wyoming soon after it has been admitted to statehood. She finds that much of the land her father has considered as his own is now open to homesteaders, and that hostilities have broken out between the two factions. Alderson's foreman, Glenn Forrester, a former lawyer with whom Karen falls in love, warns Alderson against using violence in dealing with the homesteaders. Duke Lassiter, a smooth operator dealing in cattle rustling, sets himself up as a spokesman for the homesteaders and uses their fight with Alderson to further his own interests. When Lassister murders Windy, Alderson hires a gang of outlaws to war on the homesteaders.
    Written by Les Adams
    Bill Elliott ... Charles Alderson (as William Elliott)
    Vera Ralston ... Karen Alderson
    John Carroll ... Glenn Forrester
    George 'Gabby' Hayes ... Windy Gibson
    Albert Dekker ... Duke Lassiter
    Virginia Grey ... Lila Regan
    Maria Ouspenskaya ... Maria (as Mme. Maria Ouspenskaya)
    Grant Withers ... Joe Sublette
    Harry Woods ... Ben Jackson
    Minna Gombell ... Queenie Lassiter
    Dick Curtis ... Ed Lassiter
    Roy Barcroft ... Sheriff Niles
    Trevor Bardette ... Timmons
    Paul Harvey ... Judge Sheridan
    Louise Kane ... Karen, at age 9
    Tom London ... Will Jennings
    George Chesebro ... Henchman Wolff
    Linda Green ... Karen, at age 3
    Jack O'Shea ... Bartender Steve
    Ben Johnson ... Cowhand (uncredited)
    and many more...

    Joseph Kane

    Writing Credits
    Lawrence Hazard ... (screenplay)
    Gerald Geraghty ... (screenplay)

    Joseph Kane

    Ernest Gold
    Nathan Scott

    John Alton



    Filming Locations
    Kernville, California, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Wyoming is a 1947 American Western film directed by
    Joseph Kane starring Wild Bill Elliott, Vera Ralston and John Carroll.

    The film's sets were designed by the art director Frank Hotaling.

    A couple of Duke 'Pals' in this one
    George 'Gabby' Hayes, Albert Dekker, Grant Withers, Ben Johnson

    User Review

    A fine, action packed, fast-paced Western.
    13 June 2000 | by bux (Tecumseh ok)

    Quote from BUX

    Done in the tradition of "Red River (1946) this is the story of the Land Baron Vs the small ranchers, but this time from the Land Baron's point of view. The fine supporting cast features Maria Ouspenskaya, movie buffs will recall her as Malvea the gypsy in many classic horror films. The direction is smooth and Elliott is in top form as the anti-hero. The fist-fight scene gives proof that Elliott is no "Mr. Nice Guy" as he bites, thumbs, gouges, knees and kicks his way to victory.

    The ending is predictable, but the fun is in getting there. This is a good one!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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