True Grit (1969)

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  • A friend of mine worked as a stunt man in that film. He was a double for "Mexican Bill" and was the one that Glenn Campbell shot off the horse. His name was Bill Dalpes. He was living in Baytown Texas at the time of his death in the 1990's. Bill was a good horseman and a model builder delux. We shot black powder guns many a time together. He had a collection of memorabilia from True Grit but what happened to it is anyone's guess.

  • That is very cool that you knew someone who worked on one of Duke's greater films. I hope he told you a few stories of being around the set. When you said he was the one Campbell shot off the horse, do you mean he doubled for Duvall, as well?


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

  • Sorry it took so long to respond. I've been in hospital for a week. I have cancer and a host of other health issues. Dalpes could do horse falls and stunts. I don't think he doubled for Duvall, if he did he never mentioned it. But Dalpes liked Campbell and said that as long as you knew your lines and handled the scene well Wayne, was easy to work with. BUT PISS HIM OFF AND ACT THE FOOL YOU'D HAVE HELL TO PAY.

  • Kim Darby's performance in the film doesn't let me down at all. I think she's absolutely brilliant in the role. She helps make the film as great as it is. Not only is she the perfect foil for Wayne's over-the-top character, but her scenes with Strother Martin are wonderful. Hopefully as time goes on more people will come to appreciate how good Kim is in this movie because I hate to see such a great performance constantly derided.

    I think it's because she was clearly in her twenties, whereas her character was only 14.

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    I really like this picture. I think Henry Hathaway is directing Robert Duvall how he wants Lucky Ned Pepper to play this scene.


    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "