Dark Command (1940)

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    • Re: Dark Command (1940)


      Interesting point about Walter Pigdeon normally playing the good guy in his pictures one other film he was dubious in was playing Morbeous in 'Forbidden Planet' a remake of The Tempest complete with Leslie Neilson and Robbie The Robot.


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    • Re: Dark Command (1940)

      I watched Dark Command on DVD. This is part of the the John Wayne Collection.
      Sparkling sharp print and sound. You can see Republic spent a good deal more money on this picture with the production values and stunts from Yakima

      I felt film was a little uneven at times but generally a very good western. On this version there is the added bonus of the documentary Young Duke The Making of A Movie Star (45 minutes) narrated by Leonard Maltin being included. This covers Dukes career from the beginning to Stagecoach with lots of rare clips and footage. I know I have it on VHS and could have sworn I have it on DVD but it was a nice little bonus for £5.99 from play.com.

    • Re: Dark Command (1940)

      Just watched this last night, and have to say, it's one of Duke's best early 1940 films. The film proves that even at John Wayne's relatively early age, given the right dialog and director, he was a top-notch actor. Going toe-to-toe with the great Walter Pigdeon must have been intimadating for Duke, but he carries his scenes off very well.

      Extremely entertaining western...made even better by the excellent cast, great script, and a proven director.

      I'll give this one 8 out of 10 stars!
    • Re: Dark Command (1940)

      IMO a very good movie which surprised me a lot. It's started so light-weighted with good humour and then the movie is getting darker. It's fun to watch John Wayne and Gabby Hayes as Barber/Dentist. There are also some good lines in Dark Command and well photographed action scenes. Walter Pidgeon is doing a fine job as Teacher who became a Guerilla Leader. His villain role was more interesting than the Marshal character of Duke. Good Movie and as posted before it's a pity that Raoul Walsh and John Wayne made only two Movies together.
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    • Re: Dark Command (1940)

      I watched it again tonight (for probably the 7th or 8th time) and once again, enjoyed it as an affirmation of Duke's coming super-stardom. For a semi-B movie, it's pretty darned good. I always enjoyed seeing Duke and Gabby, or Duke and Claire, in movies together.

      I also liked old Marjorie Main (who played Walter Pidgeon's mother) in this film. My favorite role for Ms. Main, though, was in "Friendly Persuasion" with Gary Cooper.
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