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    I'm 78 years old and for most of my life, have watched and thoroughly enjoyed Western films. Last night I watched a Western starring Clark Gable which, to my great surprise, was a pretty darned good movie. In addition to Gable, the main players were Jane Russell, Robert Ryan and Cameron Mitchell. Now most of us older movie fans know Clark Gable wasn't known for Western movies but I really liked this one. The title was "The Tall Men" (released in 1955 and in color). Clark is a trail boss leading a cattle drive from Texas to Montana and along the way, he and his drovers must overcome Kansas Jayhawkers and Sioux Indians. I highly recommend this film for those of you who like Westerns.

    I spent 23 years in the military. During my time in service, some of the very best buddies I had were black, Hispanic, Asian, you name it. I served a couple of tours in 'Nam and I can tell you that ALL races bleed red.

    But having said the above, I can also tell you that I'm enraged by black attacks against cops. IMO, the function of police is to protect citizens of all colors - in other words, their duties are very much like that of the military. So as a former soldier, I feel a kinship with all police officers.

    It's been my opinion for many years that the very worst thing that ever happened in the United States was the institution of slavery in the early 1860s. But my reason for thinking that is probably 180 degrees from other Americans.

    The MAIN reason I hold that opinion is that, as we all know, America now has a large black population. And blacks and whites just don't get along very well, as has been proven by recent events. And what's really bad is that things are probably gonna get much worse.

    Far as I'm concerned, here's what REALLY counts.

    I'll be damned - I used to know how everything works on this site but not anymore. Guess I'd better do some research before I make any more posts.

    Yes, I was really sorry to read about that, Keith.

    IMO, the survival of so-called Western civilization is far more important than the survival of the EU.

    Let me just say this, Kevin - it's good to STILL be around these parts. Lol I'm 78 years old now and not nearly as mentally and physically capable as I once was. Dammit!

    I'll make an effort to participate more, Rob.

    My biggest problem anymore is old age. I'm not nearly as sharp as I was 5 or 6 years ago. And I don't stay on the 'net like I used to.

    The new format has confused the heck out of me. Will take awhile to familiarize myself with it.

    Good to hear from you. Hope things are going great for you and my other buddies across the pond.

    Hi Rob,
    Good to know that most of my buddies on Duke's website are still around. Sorry it's been so long since I posted here but I don't spend 8-10 hours a day on the computer like I used to.

    Jim here. Been awhile. Thought I'd check this thread and see if any comments have been made about the upcoming UK vote to leave the EU. I don't know what your personal opinion is regarding this matter but I'd like to see England become English again. If those of us west of the Soviet Union and China wish to remain free, we'd better stop playing the political correctness game and start defending our countries from the idiots who want to do away with national borders.

    Well, a day or so ago I again watched "River of No Return" with Mitchum and Monroe. I still like the movie, though I always thought Marilyn wasn't the world's best actress. She was beautiful, and sexy, but not a very good actress. Of course, old Robert Mitchum was a very good actor.

    Sad to admit this but it's been so long since I've watched a Western that I can't remember the last one I watched.

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    Know what you mean, Kevin. For many months I haven't watched any movies at all. Been mostly reading because a friend recommended an author named Sandra Brown who writes fairly good mystery stories but she is obsessed with sex. Which I just don't understand because she is one fine-looking gal who wouldn't have a bit of problems attracting a man.

    Anyway, about a week ago I decided to watch a good Western so I watched "Shane". I've always liked that movie except that kid gets on my nerves. lol

    Well, yesterday I watched old Duke shootin' down the Japanese in "Flying Tigers". It had been so long since I'd watched it that I had completely forgotten the story line.