Fort Apache (1948)

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  • Does anyone here have an absolute favorite scene from this movie that tops everything else in the movie?

    Reason I ask is that after buying the DvD of Fort Apache, and rewatching it a few times. This gave me a chance to REALLY look at some of the scenes more carefully and to watch the expressions on the faces of the actors in said scenes.

    For instance, there are two scenes that really stand out for me in this fine movie.

    1) The scene after the Cavalry had showed up at Mr. Meecham's trading post/reservation, in which the four Sergeants are ordered to not only destroy the Winchester Rifles but the crate with two kegs of frontier whiskey in it. Well, the scene that this is leading up to that i'm ranting about is the very next one where you see Sergeant Mulcahy in the Guardhouse. Sergeant Major Michael O'Roarke is rip-roaring mad as he arrives at the guardhouse and calls for the prisoners to be brought outside. I love it when he yells out to the now ex-sergeants.

    Volunteers for the Manuer pile............. I just love watching the expression on Victor McLaglen's face during these scenes.

    The 2nd scene:

    2) This is just after the Colonel says: "I want two troops to the north and one to the east" and John Wayne says: "That's suicide Colonel." Col: "Captain York, you are relieved of command of your troop. I have no time for cowardice and you are to be with the wagon train in safety on the hill." (Or something similar to that) What I love about these scenes and that make it really stick out is watching the Duke's facial expressions at being surprised at being relieved of his command as well as being called a coward. The Duke's acting was so good that I thought that the dialog in this scene could have been improvised a bit because the Duke's reactions to what was said went from being merely frustrated with the Colonel to showing surprise to extreme anger.

    Anyway, I can't have just one favorite scene from this movie but, the two listed above are my favorites. If anyone replies, i'd like to hear what your favorite scene(s) were and why?

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  • Gosh, there's so many great scenes in Fort Apache, it's hard to pick out just one. But, here goes...

    I really enjoy the scenes between Colonel Thursday and Sergeant Major O'Roarke. The ones in particular would be when Colonel Thursday says that is his impression that only sons of fathers who won the congressional medal of honor can go to west point, and the sergeant says back "that is my impression too".

    And also where where the young 2nd Lt. Michael Shannon O'Roarke is out with Philadelphia on a ride, and you can feel the tension in the fort, as the lines of communication have been cut by the indians.

    And lastly, the fact that the Colonel is constantly mixing up O'Roarke names with other Irish-like last names.

    Just a great, great movie!

  • I agree, those scenes you talk about were also great scenes. The comedy of that Guardhouse scene and Victor McLaglen really looking the part of being punished was really hilarious though.

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  • Hi Ringo,
    Why you are not redirect this thread to the movie descussions - the right place for that. And I also think it will be interesting to return and descuss all films from the new Wayne-Ford collection in their threads.
    Vera :rolleyes:

  • Hi Senta, that never occurred to me. I had completely forgotten about those sections. :headbonk::D Thanks for the reminder my dear. :) Also, I guess I do have a lame excuse for forgetting. Out of the last nine DvD's I bought, only three of them were John Wayne movies. :blink: 1) Tall In the Saddle, 2) Fort Apache, 3) and I forgot the title to the third one :rolleyes:

    Take care and Cheers_- C.

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  • Duke's Movie Locations

    Most of the movie was made here in



    Google Images

    Information from
    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Goosenecks State Park is a state park in the state of Utah in the United States. It overlooks a deep meander of the San Juan River. Millions of years ago, the Monument Upwarp forced the river to carve incised meanders over 1,000 feet (305 meters) deep as the surrounding landscape slowly rose in elevation. Eroded by water, wind, frost, and gravity, this is truly a magnificent viewpoint.

  • Keith;

    I hate to keep "Stepping On Your Spurs," :angry: But the Biggest part of Monument Valley is in Arizona and just a Few of the Smaller Butts are in Utah, the Biggest Part of Monument Valley in Utah is just North of Sentinel Mesa and is mostly flat and runs almost to the Town of Mexican Hat in Utah. :huh:

    I Hate to say it but most the people that Do These Storys have never been to the Southwestern part of the U.S. Much Less To Monument Valley. :(

    It does not much difference any how as the Navajos say that they are a Nation, and have their Police, Laws and Government that you must Live by when you are on their Land. They say that Monument Valley is in The Navajo Nation!!! :D

    Go to the Map Below and it Will show you the where every thing is in Monument Valley. :rolleyes:


    Bill :cowboy:

  • Last night must have been John Wayne night on TCM. I saw this one and She Wore A Yellow ribbon.

    Victor McLaglen and Ward Bond are by far my favorite characters in Duke's movies.

  • Here we are almost 50 years after the Film "Fort Apache" was Filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona and parts of Utah here in the Southwest, and we are still talking about the Film and Duke. :)

    John Ford Filmed the Movie in Monument Valley because He wanted the look of the Wide-Open Spaces that the Valley has. :D

    The Real "Fort Apache" is about 170 miles South of Monument Valley in what is called The White Mountains in Eastern Arizona at over 7000 ft. altitude and in one of the Largest Pine Forest in the U.S. and just a Few Miles Southwest of Duke's 26 Bar Ranch. :cowboy:

    If you would like to see what the Real "Fort Apache" looks like Now, You can Go To The Site Below and then Click The Walking Tour. :rolleyes:


    Chilibill :cowboy:

  • Hello All

    Watched Fort Apache again tonight. Have to say out of the cavalery trilogy or quartet if you include Horse Soldiers that it is my least favourite.

    The first half of the movie is very slow. Even the Ford humour elements are tired and a little trying and I just get the feeling that they are going round the same part of Monument Valley over and over again.

    It is also pulled down by the cold unpleasant martinet role that Fonda is playing.

    Admittedly, the second half flows much better and pulls the movie towards a satisfying conclusion.

    Maybe its the subservient role that Wayne plays as Capt Yorke that is why I am not particularly fussed on the movie.

    This is an opinion I have had from a number of viewings of this movie so I guess it wont change.


  • Hi Dukepilgrim
    your opinion is right, I think so,too.
    In "Fort Apache",Henry Fonda is STAR.
    But Real Star is horse solders and ther Home warming world too!
    I like this movie to much.
    and the song "Oh,Dem Golden Slippers" is Cheerful,isn't it?
    this song was used "My Darling Clementine" and "Young Mr, Lincoln".
    I want to Know other movies use this song,
    Please teach me movie titles.

    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

  • It's funny, I can take to Henry Fonda in Young Mr Lincoln and Grapes of Wrath but was not fussed on him in Fort Apache or My Darling Clementine.

    Mister Roberts was another movie I thought he was a sour puss in because he had done the role on Broadway for so long and thought he couldnt be faulted.

    I suspect John Wayne did Fort Apache as a favour to Ford.

    Ford tended to use a lot of traditional songs in his movies and they turn up all over the place.



  • Frankly speaking, Fort Apache may be non-western,of course not Duke's western,
    but it 's fascination is discribtion of heartwarming cavaley life.
    that's a home dorama !
    and bringing them to ruin,in other words,tragedy
    of glory cavaley.

    To Henry Fonda, I just apply a word "STAR" to the leading actor.
    not a shade of meaning for"take to"or "fused".

    Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke.
    ~Steve McQueen~

  • Just watched "Fort Apache" last weekend, I think it's a great movie. I think as far as the Cavalry/Indian War movies, "Rio Grande" is my favorite (Mainly because of the character played by Ben Johnson and the pairing of Duke and Maureen), but this one comes in a close second. The films that make up the Cavalry Trilogy never make my list of top westerns - that is to say, they're not films I pick when I'm in the mood for a western, but they are three of the best historical-fiction flicks ever! Duke, despite the top billing, plays a supporting role...but what a strong supporting role it is. Kirby York is one of my favorite characters that Duke played. And, the main reason I've always liked it is because the Indians get to win one! Great movie!