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    Hi, everyone, I'm still here. Sometimes I'm busy and not show up often, but I'd like to be here and it is really sad that Forum are not so active as it was before. Let's keep it going and alive.

    Finally got 2 Mascot serials on e-bay. And past days were watching The Three Musketeers. At fist impression it was so dated (belonged to it's time), but then I found it very enjoyable and was even sorry that it ended. Started now with Hurracaine Express.
    Yes, this serial exists on You Tube as a serial and also as a Desert Command. I find the serial version better, there is some flair with all this beginnings with explanations. So little by little you became adicted to such kind of things, which none of my friends by the way can't understand.

    It is one of my favorite movies (even if it is not Fort Apache or The Seachers, I agree, ohbaron). Constance Towers never bothered me, the only thing is - her heavy makeup, but it seems it was customary in a movies of this period. And Duke of course was great in this movie.

    Oh, I missed it myself, thanks, Keith. Only I'm worrying that my posts has nothing importaint... But if you appreciate my really very small comments, I'm very happy.
    Here is so many people with the real deep knowlege, with this great collections of photos which I enjoy...

    What I want to tell that my posts are not equal to others, but I'm happy that everybody are so kind to me.
    Thank you!

    Great photos again. I watched this movie again recently. It is enjoyable because of these beautiful planes footage and Duke on the top of his attraction. But what is about my country depiction is completely fake. It is simply not recognizable. And female character also unbelivable.

    Yes, Keith, I thought that myself, since neither one of them allows access...
    But I'm now trying to do my ouwn seach in YouTube and recently watched many new movies to me. In past years I've collected almost all Duke movies on DVD but from his after Stagecoach period. Also of course I have these Lone Star Westerns, but now to discover these other early movies is such a fun for me.

    Great photos. Never watched this one. The links at the forum don't work for me, not single one of them. I founded some full Duke's early movies on YouTube and while travelling recently watched them in the evenings at the hotel. It is great that so many of them are on You Tube too.

    Watched this movie for the first time today. Interesting, but the title character is absolutely amoral. Don't know cut or uncut version I've got, since I've got it in Russian release...
    Was there 2 endings?