Wyoming Outlaw (1939)

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    Plot Summary
    With himself and his father out of work due to Balsinger who controls the jobs,
    Will Parker is stealing cattle to feed his family.
    The Mesquiteers try to help him out but he is caught and jailed. Escaping jail
    and eluding the ensuing manhunt, he heads for Balsinger and a showdown.
    Summary written by Maurice VanAuken

    Full Cast
    John Wayne .... Stony Brooke
    Ray Corrigan .... Tucson Smith
    Raymond Hatton .... Rusty Joslin
    Don 'Red' Barry .... Will Parker (as Donald Barry)
    Pamela Blake .... Irene Parker (as Adele Pearce)
    LeRoy Mason .... Joe Balsinger
    Charles Middleton .... Luke Parker
    Katherine Kenworthy .... Mrs. Parker
    Elmo Lincoln .... U.S. Marshal Gregg
    Jack Ingram .... Sheriff Nolan
    David Sharpe .... Newt (counterman)
    Jack Kenny .... Amos
    Yakima Canutt .... Henchman Ed Sims
    John Beach .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Bob Burns .... Rancher (uncredited)
    Budd Buster .... Bank Teller (uncredited)
    Allan Cavan .... Senator Roberts (uncredited)
    Tommy Coats .... Cowhand (uncredited)
    George DeNormand .... Henchman (uncredited)
    Curley Dresden .... Henchman Curley (uncredited)
    Jack Kirk .... Posse Rider (uncredited)
    Frankie Marvin .... Cowhand (uncredited)
    Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart .... Park Ranger (uncredited)
    Dave O'Brien .... Park Warden (uncredited)
    Ed Payson .... Townsman (uncredited)
    Ralph Peters .... Man reading newspaper to Newt (uncredited)
    Jack Rockwell .... Rancher (uncredited)
    Al Taylor .... Posse Rider (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Betty Burbridge story and screenplay
    William Colt MacDonald characters
    Jack Natteford story and screenplay

    Original Music
    William Lava

    Reggie Lanning

    Filming Locations
    Corriganville, Ray Corrigan Ranch, Simi Valley, California, USA
    Lancaster, California, USA

    Watch the Movie

    Wyoming Outlaw

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  • Wyoming Outlaw is a 1939 "Three Mesquiteers" Western film
    starring John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, and Raymond Hatton.
    Wayne played the lead in eight of the fifty-one films in the series.
    The director was George Sherman.

    After his unhappy spell, with the 6 picture deal with Universal,
    things changed for the better.

    A series of 'B' Westerns, was being updated, with Duke
    being invited into the role of Stony Brooke, recently vacated by
    by Bob Livingston.
    The Three Mesquiteers
    was a popular series for Republic , and Duke's winning personality,
    soon worked in, with the established characters, Ray Corrigan, as Tuscon Smith,
    Ray Hatton as Rusty Joslin.
    Max Terhune as Lullaby Johnson, and Terhune's dummy, Elmer.

    Raymond Hatton had now signed on as Rusty Joslin.
    Don 'Red' Barry plays a ranchers son, who turns to a life of crime,
    with The Three Mesquiteers trying to prevent further criminal activities.
    This role made Barry, a box office commodity.

    Duke made 8 of these and this was his seventh.
    Although, it is said, he found them to be dreary, and a drudgery.

    Duke responds,


    It still does.It stands for freedom, and fair play

    When deciding, on what had to be done,


    Duke expounds,
    All the more reason, we gotta fight.The men, who opended up this country, didn't sit around, cryin' for help.
    They did somethin'

    With dialogue like this,The Three Mesquiteers had to win the day.

    I can remember seeing them, on the Saturday morning matinees,
    with all the kids, yelling, booing and hissing, at every other interval.
    I remember Elmer, with great fondness, oh and yes Duke of course.
    What an improvement he was, in these, and the Duke we now ,know and love,
    was at least shining through.


    They were horrible montrosities

    he told writer Maurice Zolotow.

    However, what Duke didn't realise, is that they had exposed him,
    to a much bigger audience, including 'A' pictures, audiences.

    They may have been a drudgery, but within months,
    the big bang, was there Stagecoach


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    Best Wishes
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