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  • pedro-gonzalez-2-sized.jpgPEDRO GONZALES-GONZALES


    Date of birth
    21 December 1926

    Aguilares, Texas, USA

    Date of death
    8 February 2006
    Willcox, Arizona, USA. (natural causes)

    Sometimes Credited As:
    Gonzales Gonzales / Pedro Gonzales Gonzales / Pedro Gonzales / Gonzales-Gonzales / Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez / Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzales / Gonzalez-Gonzales / Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez / Gonzalez-Gonzalez

    Birth name
    Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez

    Trade mark
    Often played "comedy relief" roles in Westerns. Almost always played a Mexican in a service job (barber, bartender, etc.).

    Grandfather of Clifton Collins Jr.

    Was featured in the EPCOT Mexico ride at Disney World.

    Brother of Jose Gonzales-Gonzales.

    From his appearance on "You Bet Your Life" (1950): Groucho Marx: "If we got together as an act, what would it be called?" Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales: "It would be Gonzales-Gonzales and Marx." Marx (to audience): "Do you believe that? Two men in the act, and I get third billing!"

    Had only the most elemental schooling as a youngster and remained functionally illiterate for much of his life.

    First came to notice as a contestant on Groucho Marx's quiz show, "You Bet Your Life." His highly amusing personality won him bit parts in films, and he continued to work as a minor supporting player for years.
    Jim Beaver

    Arizona Range News / October 7, 1998
    For 41 years, Willcox area residents have laughed at the comedy of Pedro Gonzales Gonzales during the annual Rex Allen Days celebration.

    Appearing as a sidekick to both Rex Allen and Rex Allen Jr., the 73-year-old's energy and attitude continue to delight audiences here in Willcox and around the globe.

    Born in Aguilaras, Texas, in 1925, to a Spanish dancer and a trumpet player, Pedro Gonzales Gonzales grew up in the entertainment business.

    "My mother was a big star in the silent movies in Mexico. She was a Spanish dancer and she danced with her brother and sister. The three of them danced together for Poncho Villa," Gonzales said.

    "My father was a trumpet player. He was playing in a theater in San Antonio, Texas, when my mother came from Mexico to dance in the same theater. They fell in love and got married there in that theater," Gonzales said, adding, "My wife and I also got married in that same theater."

    Gonzales was one of nine children growing up during the depression. He was born by a midwife who did not register his birth and Gonzales said that when he was 17 he went to register for the draft but there was no record of his birth. He said it took him two years to get it, and he only obtained with the help of two witnesses who were there when he was born.

    "One was 72-years-old and one was 80," he said. As soon as his birth was recorded, Gonzales said the military drafted him immediately. Though he had already started entertaining at a very young age, the military offered him more opportunities to entertain. He said he began performing comedy in Spanish, but it wasn't until he learned English that he began to be successful with entertaining.

    "I never learned to speak English too good, but the audience liked it like that," he said. Gonzales also taught himself to play drums, guitar and piano, along with wide variety of non-traditional musical instruments, such as his famous pots and pans.

    When television came along, Gonzales was one of the first Hispanic entertainers to break into the business.

    "In 1953, I performed with Groucho Marx in his biggest television show ever,"

    Gonzales said, adding that John Wayne saw him in that performance and signed him up after the show to perform with him in more movies than Gonzales can remember.

    "I think I worked in more than 20 movies with John Wayne, but it may have been more like 30," he said. From then on, Gonzales performed in dozens of movies, including many Walt Disney movies, such as "The Love Bug," and "The Odd Couple."

    He met Rex Allen in a studio one day while Allen was there to film "The Frontier Doctor." Allen asked Gonzales to work with them and the two hit it off. To this day, they remain good friends. Neither can remember how many times they have worked together.

    In his book, "My life, Sunrise to Sunset," Rex Allen wrote, "Pedro Gonzales Gonzales traveled the country with me for so many years, he is like a brother to me. Every time I needed an act to work on stage with me, I chose Pedro because is a showman,' a hard act to follow. He has never missed a date."

    Gonzales is still performing, and not just as an invited guest to the Rex Allen Days celebration in Willcox each year. He just recently finished working in "The Wonderful Ice Cream Man," a Disney film produced by Mel Gibson. His grandson, Clifton Gonzales Gonzales co-starred in the movie with him.

    "My grandson's name was Clifton Craig Collins, but he was getting no work. He called me one day to tell me he was changing his last name to Gonzales Gonzales. Then he began to get work," Pedro said.

    Clifton Gonzales Gonzales has performed in movies such as the Australian flick "Fortress," and "187," with Samual Jackson. And he's just getting started. "He is now working with Vanessa Williams and Forrest Whittaker in a movie called Light up,'" Gonzales said.

    Though Pedro Gonzales Gonzales never went to school and never learned to read or write, he said he has an exceptional memory, and that he has always memorized the scripts his wife, Lee, has read to him.

    He has entertained at 41 consecutive Rex Allen Days celebration, more than Rex Allen and Rex Allen Jr. have. This year the Rex Allen Days Museum paid for his trip back to Willcox. At the stage show on Saturday, he joked with the audience that he thought he better show up because he was afraid someone might take away the Willcox alley that is named after him.

    Joking aside, Gonzales said he believes that every one of us, "are here in this world to serve. If you have no desire to serve, you have no business being here. I like to see kids laugh, enjoying life. To end a life with drugs is such a tragedy. I just want to say thanks to the world and help to make it a little happier."
    By Karen Weston Gonzales / Arizona Range News / October 7, 1998

    Born Ramiro Gonzalez-Gonzalez in Aguilares, Texas to a Mexican American father and a Spanish mother, Gonzalez-Gonzalez grew up in a talent-filled home. His father was a trumpet player, and his mother was a dancer. His brother was the also actor Jose Gonzales-Gonzales (1922-2000). He left school at the age of seven to join a family act called "Las Perlitas" that toured southwest Texas. As a result, he was functionally illiterate for all of his life. As a result of his illiteracy, he memorized scripts by having his wife read them to him. Gonzalez-Gonzalez married at the age of seventeen and served in World War II. After the war he performed stand-up comedy for Spanish-speaking audiences. [1]

    In 1953, he appeared on the Groucho Marx quiz show You Bet Your Life under the name Ramiro G. Gonzalez, where his banter with Marx attracted notice. Marx asked him: "What does the 'G' stand for?" to which he replied "Gonzalez", and explained that both his parents had been surnamed "Gonzales" before being married. So Marx asked: "What does your wife call you: Ramiro or Gonzalez?" He replied "She calls me 'Pedro'", triggering audience laughter. After Gonzales performed a 15-second comic dance to strong applause, Marx complimented his guest's comedic skill, saying: "Pedro, we could do a great act together. We could make a fortune in vaudeville, you and I. What -- what would we call our act, you know, if we went out together? 'The Two Hot Tamales'?" After Pedro deadpanned "Gonzales-Gonzales and Marx", Groucho made an aside: "That's a nice billing. Two people in the act, and I get third place in the billing!" [2]

    John Wayne saw his appearance on the program and cast him as comic relief in a number of movies including Rio Bravo, The High and the Mighty and Hellfighters. He also made guest appearances in shows such as Gunsmoke and Wanted: Dead or Alive, as well as the Jerry Lewis film, Hook, Line & Sinker. Wayne also had Burt Kennedy write a TV series for Gonzalez-Gonzales that was never made.[3]

    As a result of playing comic relief roles, he was accused of perpetuating negative stereotypes about Hispanic men. However, Edward James Olmos said of Gonzalez-Gonzalez at the time of his death that he "inspired every Latino actor."[4]

    He is the grandfather of actor Clifton Collins Jr.

    1. "Land's End"
    - The Curse of Willis (1995) TV Episode
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    ... aka Judith Krantz's 'Dazzle' (USA: complete title)
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    6. Ghost Writer (1989) (TV) .... Mr. Carillo
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    13. "Disneyland"
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    - The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin: Part 1 (1971) TV Episode (as Pedro Gonzales) .... Bandido
    14. Dreamer (1979) .... Too
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    - The Moo Is Blue (1969) TV Episode (as Pedro Gonzales Gonzales) .... Gonzalo
    24. "The High Chaparral"
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    - The Firing Wall (1967) TV Episode (as Pedro Gonzales) .... Bartender

    25. "The Mod Squad"
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    26. "I Dream of Jeannie"
    - See You in C-U-B-A (1969) TV Episode .... Jose
    27. "Mayberry R.F.D."
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    28. Hook, Line & Sinker (1969) (as Pedro Gonzales Gonzales) .... Perfecto
    29. The Love Bug (1968) (as Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez) .... Mexican Driver
    30. Hellfighters (1968) (uncredited) .... Hernando (houseboy)
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    37. A Taste of Catnip (1966) (voice) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Additional voices
    38. Daffy Rents (1966) (voice) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Additional Voices
    39. "I Spy"
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    41. "Branded"
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    - Fill No Glass for Me: Part 1 (1965) TV Episode .... Jose
    42. Chili Corn Corny (1965) (voice) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Voices
    43. "Burke's Law"
    ... aka Amos Burke, Secret Agent (USA: new title)
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    44. Low Man on the Totem Pole (1964) (TV) .... Pepe Martinez
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    54. "The DuPont Show with June Allyson"
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    55. The Young Land (1959) (as Pedro Gonzales Gonzales) .... Deputy Santiago
    56. "Frontier Doctor"
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    ... aka Unarmed (USA: syndication title)
    - South of the Rio Grand (1959) TV Episode
    57. Rio Bravo (1959) .... Carlos Robante
    58. "Hudson's Bay"
    - Black Barrier (????) TV Episode
    59. The Sheepman (1958) .... Angelo
    ... aka Stranger with a Gun (USA: new title)
    60. Man in the Vault (1956) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Pedro
    61. "Sheriff of Cochise"
    - The Great Train Robbery (1956) TV Episode (as Pedro Gonzales)
    62. "Telephone Time"
    - Felix the Fourth (1956) TV Episode (as Gonzales-Gonzales)
    63. The Bottom of the Bottle (1956) (as Gonzales-Gonzales) .... Luis Romero
    ... aka Beyond the River (UK)
    64. I Died a Thousand Times (1955) .... Chico
    65. Bengazi (1955) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Kamal
    66. "Willy"
    - Willy and El Flamenco (1955) TV Episode (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Luis Hernandez
    67. Strange Lady in Town (1955) .... Trooper Martinez-Martinez
    68. Ricochet Romance (1954) .... Manuel Gonzales
    69. Ring of Fear (1954) (as Gonzalez-Gonzales) .... Pedro Gonzales
    70. The High and the Mighty (1954) (as Gonzales Gonzales) .... Gonzales
    71. Wings of the Hawk (1953) .... Tomas

    1. "You Bet Your Life"
    ... aka The Groucho Show (USA: last season title)
    - Episode #2.22 (1953) TV Episode .... Contestant

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Pedro became part of the
    John Wayne Stock Company
    He made 5 films with Duke:-

    Chisum (1970) (as Pedro Gonzales Gonzales) .... Mexican rancher
    Hellfighters (1968) (uncredited) .... Hernando (houseboy)
    McLintock! (1963) (uncredited) .... Carlos
    Rio Bravo (1959) .... Carlos Robante
    The High and the Mighty (1954) as Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales


    Thanks to GSP, for posting this today.

    Her is a link to Pedro's Obituary,

    Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Hi

    I too was sad to hear of the death of Pedro, I wrote to him some years ago and he sent me an autographed photo and a poster advertising his act.

    I wonder if he ever got his satr on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I feel he certainly deserved it.




    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • I noticed he is listed in IMDB as having been in Mclintock! but I don't recall seeing him. Could someone please refresh my memory? Thanks!


    My heroes have always been cowboys.

  • Hi nathan_brittles,
    Interesting point, and one that I am glad you've mentioned.
    I cannot recall seeing him in McLintock either!!
    I have just scanned the film ,and nope I couldn't see him!!
    When I researched the Biog, It would appear, that IMDb
    are the only ones listing him ,however, uncredited as Carlos.
    It makes me wonder, as his character in Rio Bravo
    was also Carlos, they may have got confused.
    I used benefit of the doubt and included him,
    however, if the general opinion, is that he was not in McLintock
    then I will amend the biography, accodingly,

    Thanks for your post,

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Thanks for the link Chester. I feel sad everytime someone who acted with the Duke passes away. Its like we lose just a little bit more of the Duke.


    "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.

  • According to Les Adams, who has done quite a bit of writing for IMDb, and also quite a bit of correcting for them, IMDb frequently makes errors.

    Keith, you are doing the best you can with the sources at your disposal - you can't know EVERYthing! :D

    Mrs. C :angel1:

  • Quote

    Posted Today, 06:28 AM

    Keith, you are doing the best you can with the sources at your disposal - you can't know EVERYthing! :D

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks, and it can be difficult.
    However, 9 times out of 10, it's OK!
    I also source from the New York Times, and other sites,
    particularly, if IMDb, don't include a biography.
    As you say no one is a complete knowledge on Duke,
    and we learn day by day.
    We were not around, at the time, so we have to rely
    on the written word, all be it IMDb, NYT, or say
    John Wayne:American, or whatever.

    When writing my own pieces, I use up to 12 books,
    and pick pieces out of them.
    It takes, up lots of time, but if the end result, encourages
    members to post, and enter discussion, then the project is worthwhile,
    just look at some of the members names, recently,
    that have suddenly popped up!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • We are planning to commemorate Pedro's life by watching either Rio Bravo, Hellfighters, or High and Mighty this weekend....probably will go with Rio Bravo. You just have to love the dialog he had with Wayne, and even though he seemed like he was four feet shorter than the Duke, Pedro was still spunky..."Senior Chance...this is my hotel, you are a guest under my roof, and you will not tell me what I shall do and what I shall not do."

    "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by General Sterling Price@Feb 15 2006, 04:27 PM were thinking about Chisum, where Pedro briefly appeared as a rancher who was threatened to give any information he might have as to the whereabouts of Billy the Kid.


    Thanks General, :) I think you are correct on the movie I saw him in. I can't believe that I could not remember that he was in Chisum. :rolleyes:

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • I think i'll do like you all and honor his memory by watching him in what films I have w/ him in them. Rio Bravo sounds like a great movie to start with. It's also my favorite film of his.

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  • Very sad indeed. Pedro Gonzales Gonzales was, in my mind, a very fine actor. While it is true that many felt he was simply stereotyped "window dressing" in many of his films, I think that he added a degree of realism to his films that, if he were not in them, those films would have suffered very much. Although I was never honored enough to meet Mr. Gonzales Gonzales, I will miss him.
    Colorado Bob

    "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people and I require the same from them" It may be time worn, but it's the best life-creed I know.

  • Heh heh heh, not I also carry a Thompson .45 as well. Thanks for the updates though.

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  • Hi Chester, if your serious, I can find one for you. Bad thing is is that these can go for up to around $100,000 but that is usually exclusive to those that have violin cases and all the other extra goodies.

    Can you believe that when these first came on the market that anyone with $200.00 could get one. :)

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