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    It is hard to follow and to stay attentive to it does have its good parts when his soon died that was a heart breaker to many movies in one ward bonds role was well we know who I am very glad it exists wish there were more

    I will agree that it is a bit slow at times however I like the film and so do my kids it has some very great parts. I am glad John Wayne made it imagine if he didnt. I always say anything with John Wayne has to have something good about it. :cowboy:

    I agree with Hondo Duke Lane I like some of his movies especially SGT York I think it maybe his screen presence very mellow happy go lucky and it seems his acting style was always that in every movie also Gary Cooper (I may be wrong) I am pretty sure he was much older and his style was much more of the early 20s this is just IMO :cowboy:

    Stingrays will get you I got stung in the foot at Seal Beach here in CA. a couple years ago and it went right threw they also inject a venom much worse than a Bee the Life Guards threw me in there truck and made me submerge my foot in scalding hot water at the station to get as much venom out as possible extremely painful not to mention this Stingray that stung me was most likely much smaller than the one that stung Mr. Irwin however still able to kill you if it stung you in the right place also they will only attack if provoked I steeped on it. :cowboy:

    RIP Steve Irwin I wish your family well.


    Originally posted by Stumpy@Jul 15 2006, 04:53 PM
    I thought Red's performance in "Sayonara" was outstanding, so much so that I left the theater bawling. :lol:

    I was stationed in San Diego when "Sayonara" was first released. My best buddy and I went to see the movie, about six sheets to the wind. We were sitting in the balcony boo-hooing when the theater manager came and asked us to leave. So we left, went to the nearest water-hole and drowned our tears. :lol:


    Stumpy your a man after my own heart I wish I was around back then to be watching all these great movies as they were released and having one hell of a time these days they throw you in jail for that.

    However I am a regular at this theatre they only play classic and art films it is like going back in time. check it out below if anyone is local maybe I will see you there you can request movies does not always happen sometimes though.

    RIP Red Buttons and June Allison


    I had a hard time watching was not what I expected IMO next time they advertise the hell out of something make it worth it. The first half really was slow and the whole topic that is the best they could come up with?

    :cowboy: Dont get me wrong I am over excited and looking forward to a big dollar modern western about damn time I say. I just watched Silverado and Tombstone they are awesome I hope this new one can hold a candle to those bad boys! I will be first in line to see it

    You all my want to smack me in the ass but I just bought a wide screen copy of McLintock from walmart for 5 bucks and it is excellent, much better than the beat VHS copy I bought at a yard sale 6 years ago and have made it smoke more than once however that thing will still play great back up I say :cowboy:

    Brad pitt Blahhhhh is that the best they can do it just shows how empty the actor pool is. Imagine him standing next to John Wayne, Brad Pitt is barley tall enough to flush a toilet let alone be in one of our beloved westerns. I would much rather see kevin Costner he is the best we got I think these days. Anyway at least they still have enough class in hollywood to kick out a Westen once in awhile :cowboy:

    How much more of this can we take? Jesus whos left? Rest in peace Mr. Knotts I grew up on reruns of The Andy Griffith show and Threes Company. Very sad to hear indeed :(:cowboy:

    I cant believe it soon there will be no one left who represents honesty integrity in other words the right way to be someone one can emulate I feal very sorry for the youth of today there are MTV victoms and most parents are so wrapped up with their work relationships or whatever that no one is teaching their kids the right way to be whats right from wrong today the heros are 50 cent, snoop dog andy dick and all these straight thug athletes. It is a very sad state we are in and it will only worsen.
    I started my boys young on John Wayne, Gunsmoke and all the other greats thank god for TCM .
    It is a very sad day indeed with the passing of Dennis Weaver and Don Knotts my best to there families. :cowboy: