Buffalo Bill (1944)

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    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    A fictionalized account of the life of William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody.
    A hunter and Army Scout in the early part of his life,
    he rescues a US Senator and his beautiful daughter, Louisa Frederici.
    Cody is portrayed as someone who admires and respects the Indians
    and is a good friend of Yellow Hand who will eventually become
    Chief of the Cheyenne.
    Everyone else, including the military, politicians and businessmen
    on the other hand hate the Indians and are perfectly prepared
    to trample on their lands and destroy their buffalo hunting grounds.
    He's eventually forced to fight the Cheyenne however.
    He's also met a writer, Ned Buntline, who writes about Cody's exploits
    and he becomes a sensation when he travels East.
    His career is not assured however, particularly when he attacks
    those in positions of authority over their maltreatment
    of the Native American population
    . He eventually establishes his wild west show that
    becomes an international sensation.
    Written by garykmcd

    Full Cast
    Joel McCrea .... William Frederick 'Buffalo Bill' Cody
    Maureen O'Hara .... Louisa Frederici Cody
    Linda Darnell .... Dawn Starlight
    Thomas Mitchell .... Ned Buntline
    Edgar Buchanan .... Sergeant Chips McGraw
    Anthony Quinn .... Chief Yellow Hand
    Moroni Olsen .... Senator Frederici
    Frank Fenton .... Murdo Carvell
    Matt Briggs .... General Blazier
    George Lessey .... Mr. Schyler Vandervere
    Frank Orth .... Sherman - Shooting Gallery Owner
    Carl Andre .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Arthur Aylesworth .... Pool Player Debunking Cody (uncredited)
    Evelyn Beresford .... Queen Victoria (uncredited)
    Ed Biby .... Sergeant (uncredited)
    Sidney Blackmer .... Theodore Roosevelt (uncredited)
    Billy Bletcher .... Short Man (uncredited)
    Eddie Borden .... Shooting Gallery Heckler (uncredited)
    George Bronson .... Strong Man (uncredited)
    Lyle Brown .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Jack Carry .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Wheaton Chambers .... Customer (uncredited)
    George Chandler .... Trooper Clancy (uncredited)
    Freddie Chapman .... Boy at Shooting Gallery (uncredited)
    Ben Corbett .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Frank Cordell .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    John Dilson .... President Rutherford B. Hayes (uncredited)
    Larry Dods .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Lester Dorr .... Clerk at Council Bluffs (uncredited)
    Tatzumbia Dupea .... Old Indian Woman (uncredited)
    Elmer Ellingwood .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    John Epper .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    George Fiske .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Vincent Graeff .... Crippled Boy (uncredited)
    Fred Graham .... Editor (uncredited)
    William Haade .... Barber (uncredited)
    Reed Hadley .... Narrator (uncredited) (voice)
    Cordell Hickman .... Negro Boy at Shooting Gallery (uncredited)
    Robert Homans .... Policeman Muldoon (uncredited)
    Don House .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Jack House .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Gordon Jones .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Eddie Juaregui .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Fred Kennedy .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Larry Lawson .... Adjutant (uncredited)
    Arthur Loft .... Barker (uncredited)
    Gerald Mackey .... Boy at Shooting Gallery (uncredited)
    James Magill .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Chief Many Treaties .... Chief Tall Bull (uncredited)
    Margaret Martin .... Indian Servant (uncredited)
    Kermit Maynard .... Trooper Smith (uncredited)
    Frank McCarroll .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Merlyn Nelson .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Eddie Nichols .... Boy at Shooting Gallery (uncredited)
    Georgie Nokes .... Boy at Shooting Gallery (uncredited)
    Cliff Parkinson .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Bob Perry .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    John Reese .... Tough Guy (uncredited)
    Walt Robbins .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Merrill Rodin .... Bellboy (uncredited)
    Syd Saylor .... Barker (uncredited)
    Phil Schumacher .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Audrey Scott .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Jack Shannon .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Clint Sharp .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    George Sherwood .... Reporter (uncredited)
    Joe P. Smith .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Edwin Stanley .... Doctor (uncredited)
    Harry Strang .... Sergeant (uncredited)
    Nick Thompson .... Medicine Man (uncredited)
    Chief Thundercloud .... Crazy Horse (uncredited)
    Harry Tyler .... Barker (uncredited)
    Cecil Weston .... Maid (uncredited)
    Buster Wiles .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Henry Wills .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Frank Winch (story "Pahaska")
    Æneas MacKenzie (screenplay) (as Aeneas MacKenzie) &
    Clements Ripley (screenplay) and
    Cecile Kramer (screenplay)
    John Larkin contributing writer (uncredited)

    Harry Sherman .... producer (as Harry A. Sherman)
    Darryl F. Zanuck .... executive producer (uncredited)

    Original Music
    David Buttolph
    Arthur Lange (uncredited)

    Non-Original Music
    Henry Carey (song "God Save the King") (uncredited)

    When Sgt. Chips is delivering mail at the beginning of the film, one of the mailboxes he delivers to is labeled "2nd Lt. A. MacKenzie". Æneas MacKenzie was one of the film's writers.

    Early production charts had Vincent Price in the role of "Murdo Carvell," but he was replaced by Frank Fenton when the role was severely cut. Many of the uncredited cast had more lines and screen time than Fenton, who was credited on screen.

    Much of Cody's life as depicted in the film was true: He did fight to the death with Chief Yellow Hand and he did receive the Congressional Medal of Honor (although it was rescinded in 1917 because he was not in the army); his son, Kit Carson Cody, did die (but of scarlet fever, not diphtheria); his wife (not the daughter of a senator) had three other children.

    This is the second film that features the character of Buffalo Bill and Anthony Quinn playing a Cheyenne warrior. The first one was The Plainsman.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Crow Indian Reservation, Montana, USA (buffalo hunting sequence)
    Johnson Canyon, Utah, USA
    Kanab, Utah, USA
    Paria, Utah, USA
    Zion National Park, Springdale, Utah, USA

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Buffalo Bill is a biographical Western
    about the life of the legendary frontiersman,
    starring Joel McCrea and Maureen O'Hara
    with Linda Darnell and Anthony Quinn in supporting roles.

    Good solid Joel Mc Crea film, with Maureen co-starring as Louisa Cody.
    It is to be noted, that this rarely seen film,
    stands out for its acting, scenery, colour, and Indian battle scenes.
    Look out for Anthony Quinn, as the Chief, and Thomas Mitchell.

    User Review

    The red and blue clash at War Bonnet Gorge,
    Author: NewEnglandPat from Virginia


    This good screen biography is a hidden gem in western film lore and has good work by Joel McCrea in the title role, great color, a fine cast, great scenery, a grand U.S. cavalry-Indian battle, and genuinely poignant moments. The random slaughter of buffalo on the plains for their robes is the spark that sets off a powder keg that explodes with hundreds of Sioux and Cheyennes going on the warpath to drive the white invaders from their hunting grounds. Hostilities between the Indians and the pony soldiers result in an exciting clash of red and blue at War Bonnet Gorge, symbolizing the struggle of two cultures and a way of life that the Indians fight desperately to preserve. War bonnets, war paint, buckskins, breechclouts, lances, tomahawks, coup sticks, sabers, tan campaign hats and blue and yellow uniforms are a blur in a savage mixture of military conflict that took place that day that forever broke the resistance of the Plains Indians to white domination.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • I like that movie. Maybe it's not the best of Maureen and Joel McCrae but I found it entertaining. One half of this movie is more about Buffalo Bill as Scout and the other half about his life on the East Coast and how he became a famous showstar. Maureen is very beautiful as Bufallo Bill's wife and I think it was her first role in a Western. :thumbs_up:

    "You're too good to give a chance to." John Wayne as Cole Thornton in El Dorado (1966)

  • I also liked this movie. As a matter of history, the Battle of War Bonnet Gorge was the first major fight between the Army and the Plains Indians after Custer was wiped out. Cody did kill Chief Yellow Hand, scalped him and rode into the Army camp shouting "first scalp for Custer".

  • :wink_smile:

    First Western for Maureen. The way the Indians are described, the use of technicolor have gone the happiness of the 20th Century-Fox. The battle against the Cheyenne with the cavalry charge US are very wonderful...

    After the beautiful photos, one short video

    A small clip

    Tell me if you have problems to read

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!

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  • :wink_smile:

    .................................. The pictures from the film ...................

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!

  • Merci pour cette belle photo où Maureen apparaît seule, même si la photo est un peu claire!

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!