The Battle Of The Villa Fiorita (1965)

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    Information from IMDb

    Plot Summary
    The Villa Fiorita is on the banks of an Italian lake.
    The battle is for the mother of 3 children who has just been divorced
    and has gone to the Villa with her lover.
    Her children follow her there to try & get their mother back.
    Based on a novel of the same name by Rumer Godden,
    this story centers around a British woman, Moira Clavering,
    who falls in love with a visiting Italian pianist, Lorenzo Tasara.
    Moira leaves her neglectful husband and two children and moves to Italy
    to start a life with Lorenzo. Her two children journey to their mother's new home,
    the Villa Fiorita, where they team up with Lorenzo's daughter to try to break up the couple.
    Written by Edward Schiller

    Full Cast
    Maureen O'Hara .... Moira
    Rossano Brazzi .... Lorenzo
    Richard Todd .... Darrell
    Phyllis Calvert .... Margot
    Martin Stephens .... Michael
    Elizabeth Dear .... Debby
    Olivia Hussey .... Donna
    Maxine Audley .... Charmian
    Ursula Jeans .... Lady Anthea
    Ettore Manni .... Father Rossi
    Richard Wattis .... Travel Agent
    Finlay Currie .... Emcee
    Clelia Matania .... Celestina
    Rosi Di Pietro .... Giuletta

    Writing Credits
    Delmer Daves
    Rumer Godden novel

    Original Music
    Ervin Drake (song "Our Crazy Affair")
    Mischa Spoliansky

    Oswald Morris



    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • The Battle of the Villa Fiorita is a 1965 British drama film
    directed by Delmer Daves.
    It stars Maureen O'Hara and Rossano Brazzi
    Set in contemporary Italy, it tells of three children aware that their mother
    has left them for a lover and both stay at the Villa Fiorita.
    They go there to get their mother back.
    This film was Daves' last film followed by retirement:
    it was also the first film for British actress Olivia Hussey,
    who later appeared in the 1968 film Romeo and Juliet.

    This OK teenage travel adventure fantasy, was moralistic
    but typical of this period and genre.
    Two kids travel across Europe, to bring their Mom
    away from another man, back home to Dad.
    Maureen was OK, and that man Rossano Brazzi,
    (who I thought was hopeless, in Legend of the Lost!)
    lost out, as the film was stolen by the kids.
    The young Olivia Hussey, was there,
    prior to her starring in Romeo and Juliet.
    Also some good old Brits,
    including Richard Todd, known to Duke fans,
    for his part of Maj. John Howard
    in The Longest Day

    Nice scenery!!

    User Review

    Views of the villa and surrounding area.
    23 October 2003 | by (Fushnique)


    I liked the movie mainly for the picturesque views of the lake,( Lake Como?) the surrounding area, and scenes of the villa itself. So much of the architectural style is remincient of the paintings done by Maxfield Parrish in the early part of the 20th century. You sort of have to look around the actors in the various scenes to get glimpses of ornate retaining walls, stairs and elaborate ballusters around and into the lake. There is an elegance about marble (or granite, or just old concrete?) stairs going down into the water. And old world gardens full of flowers. Itn reminds me of the book "Italian Villas and their Gardens" by Edith Wharton, 1907, Which was illustrated by Parrish. And yes, the children in the movie steal the show; All three have a much stronger determination to achieve their goals than do any of the adults. It's a good story line , dated for the sixties. And is'nt this Olivia Hussey's first feature film?

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • :wink_smile:

    Maybe a love story on paper, but Maureen was disappointed when shooting with his companion on the screen and even the film crew who, after an unfortunate bet on a football game (she had bet on the opposing team), showed him an obvious bad mood when shooting ...

    a small video

    Good reading

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!

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