David Buttolph

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    Information From IMDb

    Date of Birth
    3 August 1902, New York, New York, USA

    Date of Death
    1 January 1983, Poway, California, USA

    Birth Name
    James David Buttolph Jr.

    Mini Biography
    Prolific screen composer, arranger, and conductor, educated at Juillard and the Academie fur Musik in Vienna.
    He played in night clubs in Vienna and Munich from 1923 to 1926, then was an opera coach in Munich,
    1926-1927. In 1927 he conducted for NBC, and then became music director for
    WGY in Schenectady, New York. In 1933, he departed for Hollywood and joined ASCAP in 1944.
    IMDb Mini Biography By: Hup234!

    The Raiders (uncredited)
    1963 The Man from Galveston
    1963 The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters (TV series)
    – The Day of the Killer (1963) (music score)
    – The Day of the Long Night (1963) (music score)
    – The Day of the Taboo Man (1963) (music score)
    1963 The Virginian (TV series)
    – Brother Thaddeus (1963)
    – It Takes a Big Man (1963)
    – The Evil That Men Do (1963)
    1963 Arrest and Trial (TV series)
    – My Name Is Martin Burnham (1963)
    1963 PT 109
    1963 G.E. True (TV series)– Security Risk (1963)
    1961-1962 Frontier Circus (TV series)
    – Naomi Champagne (1962)
    – Calamity Circus (1962)
    – Quick Shuffle (1962)
    – Mr. Grady Regrets (1962)
    – The Shaggy Kings (1961)
    all 11 episodes »
    1959-1961 Wagon Train (TV series)
    – The Nancy Palmer Story (1961)
    – Path of the Serpent (1961)
    – The Jeremy Dow Story (1960)
    – The River Crossing (1960) (music score)
    – The Allison Justis Story (1960)
    all 9 episodes »
    1959-1961 Laramie (TV series)
    – Stolen Tribute (1961) (music score)
    – .45 Calibre (1960)
    – Street of Hate (1960)
    – Night of the Quiet Men (1959) (music score)
    – The Lonesome Gun (1959)
    1960 Guns of the Timberland
    1959 The Horse Soldiers
    1959 Westbound
    1958 Shirley Temple's Storybook (TV series)– Mother Goose (1958) (background music)
    1958 The Deep Six
    1957 The D.I.
    1957 Stampeded
    1956-1957 Conflict (TV series)
    – Passage to Maranga (1957)
    – Man from 1997 (1956)
    1956 Noah's Ark (TV series)
    1956 The Burning Hills
    1956 A Cry in the Night
    1956 Santiago
    1956 The Steel Jungle
    1956 The Lone Ranger
    1955 Target Zero
    1955 I Died a Thousand Times
    1955 Casablanca (TV series)
    1955 Jump Into Hell
    1955 Kings Row (TV series)
    1955 Pete Kelly's Blues (uncredited)
    1955 The Adventures of Long John Silver (TV series)
    1954 Long John Silver
    1954 The Bounty Hunter
    1954 Secret of the Incas
    1954 Riding Shotgun
    1954 Phantom of the Rue Morgue
    1954 The City Is Dark
    1953 The Eddie Cantor Story (uncredited)
    1953 Calamity Jane (uncredited)
    1953 Thunder Over the Plains
    1953 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
    1953 South Sea Woman
    1953 The System
    1953 House of Wax
    1953 She's Back on Broadway (uncredited)
    1953 The Man Behind the Gun
    1952 My Man and I
    1952 The Winning Team
    1952 Carson City
    1952 The Sellout
    1952 Talk About a Stranger
    1952 This Woman Is Dangerous
    1952 Lone Star
    1951 Submarine Command
    1951 Ten Tall Men (musical score)
    1951 Fort Worth
    1951 Fighting Coast Guard
    1951 Along the Great Divide
    1951 The Redhead and the Cowboy
    1951 Murder, Inc.
    1950 Three Secrets
    1950 Pretty Baby
    1950 Return of the Frontiersman
    1950 Chain Lightning
    1950 Montana
    1949 Pride of Kentucky
    1949 Roseanna McCoy
    1949 The Girl from Jones Beach
    1949 One Last Fling
    1949 Look for the Silver Lining (uncredited)
    1949 Colorado Territory
    1949 John Loves Mary
    1948 June Bride
    1948 Smart Girls Don't Talk
    1948 Rope (uncredited)
    1948 Give My Regards to Broadway (uncredited)
    1948 To the Victor
    1948 Bill and Coo
    1947 The Foxes of Harrow
    1947 Mother Wore Tights (uncredited)
    1947 Kiss of Death
    1947 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now (uncredited)
    1947 Moss Rose
    1947 Carnival in Costa Rica (uncredited)
    1947 Boomerang!
    1947 The High Window
    1947 13 Rue Madeleine
    1946 Home, Sweet Homicide
    1946 Three Little Girls in Blue (uncredited)
    1946 If I'm Lucky (uncredited)
    1946 It Couldn't Happen to a Dog
    1946 Somewhere in the Night
    1946 Strange Triangle
    1946 Do You Love Me (uncredited)
    1946 Johnny Comes Flying Home
    1946 Claudia and David (uncredited)
    1946 Shock
    1945 The Spider
    1945 Come Back to Me (uncredited)
    1945 The Dolly Sisters (uncredited)
    1945 The House on 92nd Street
    1945 Within These Walls
    1945 The Caribbean Mystery
    1945 Junior Miss
    1945 Nob Hill
    1945 Where Do We Go from Here? (uncredited)
    1945 The Bullfighters
    1945 Circumstantial Evidence
    1944 The Fighting Lady (documentary)
    1944 Greenwich Village (uncredited)
    1944 The Big Noise
    1944 Till We Meet Again
    1944 The Hitler Gang
    1944 Buffalo Bill
    1944 Know Your Ally: Britain (documentary short) (uncredited)
    1943 Guadalcanal Diary
    1943 The Nelson Touch
    1943 Wintertime (uncredited)
    1943 Bomber's Moon
    1943 My Friend Flicka (uncredited)
    1943 Crash Dive
    1943 He Hired the Boss (uncredited)
    1943 Hello Frisco, Hello (uncredited)
    1943 Immortal Sergeant
    1943 At the Front in North Africa with the U.S. Army (documentary short) (uncredited)
    1942 My Son Alone (uncredited)
    1942 Thunder Birds [Soldiers of the Air]
    1942 Girl Trouble (uncredited)
    1942 Street of Chance
    1942 Katina (uncredited)
    1942 Manila Calling (uncredited)
    1942 The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (uncredited)
    1942 Berlin Correspondent (uncredited)
    1942 Wake Island
    1942 A-Haunting We Will Go (uncredited)
    1942 Ten Gentlemen from West Point (uncredited)
    1942 In Old California
    1942 It Happened in Flatbush (uncredited)
    1942 Whispering Ghosts (uncredited)
    1942 The Mad Martindales (uncredited)
    1942 This Gun for Hire (musical score)
    1942 Moontide
    1942 My Favorite Blonde
    1942 Song of the Islands (uncredited)
    1942 Castle in the Desert (uncredited)
    1942 Lady for a Night
    1941 Remember the Day (uncredited)
    1941 Bahama Passage
    1941 Cadet Girl (uncredited)
    1941 Rise and Shine (uncredited)
    1941 Confirm or Deny (uncredited)
    1941 Swamp Water
    1941 Great Guns (uncredited)
    1941 Week-End in Havana (uncredited)
    1941 Man at Large (uncredited)
    1941 Last of the Duanes (uncredited)
    1941 Belle Starr (uncredited)
    1941 Sun Valley Serenade (uncredited)
    1941 Wild Geese Calling (uncredited)
    1941 A Very Young Lady (uncredited)
    1941 Moon Over Miami (uncredited)
    1941 Man Hunt (uncredited)
    1941 For Beauty's Sake (uncredited)
    1941 Blood and Sand (uncredited)
    1941 Scotland Yard (uncredited)
    1941 Murder Among Friends (uncredited)
    1941 Tobacco Road
    1941 Western Union (uncredited)
    1941 Hudson's Bay (uncredited)
    1940 Street of Memories (uncredited)
    1940 The Mark of Zorro (uncredited)
    1940 The Bride Wore Crutches (uncredited)
    1940 Public Deb No. 1 (uncredited)
    1940 Brigham Young: Frontiersman (uncredited)
    1940 The Return of Frank James (uncredited)
    1940 The Man I Married (uncredited)
    1940 Maryland (uncredited)
    1940 Four Sons (uncredited)
    1940 Girl in 313 (uncredited)
    1940 Lillian Russell (uncredited)
    1940 I Was an Adventuress (uncredited)
    1940 Star Dust
    1939 Swanee River (uncredited)
    1939 Everything Happens at Night (uncredited)
    1939 Barricade
    1939 Hollywood Cavalcade (uncredited)
    1939 Here I Am a Stranger (uncredited)
    1939 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (uncredited)
    1939 Stanley and Livingstone (uncredited)
    1939 Hotel for Women (uncredited)
    1939 Susannah of the Mounties (uncredited)
    1939 The Gorilla (uncredited)
    1939 Return of the Cisco Kid (uncredited)
    1939 The Hound of the Baskervilles (uncredited)
    1938 Happy Landing (uncredited)
    1937 Heidi (uncredited)
    1937 Lovely to Look at (uncredited)
    1937 Café Metropole (uncredited)
    1937 Seventh Heaven (uncredited)
    1937 Nancy Steele Is Missing! (uncredited)
    1936 One in a Million (uncredited)
    1936 Lloyd's of London (uncredited)
    1936 Reunion (uncredited)
    1936 Harmony Parade (uncredited)
    1936 Ladies in Love (uncredited)
    1936 Dimples (uncredited)
    1936 Girls' Dormitory (uncredited)
    1936 Under Two Flags (uncredited)
    1936 Everybody's Old Man (uncredited)
    1935 Way Down East (uncredited)
    1935 This Is the Life (uncredited)
    1935 Navy Wife (uncredited)
    1935 Orchids to You (uncredited)
    1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife (uncredited)
    1935 The Daring Young Man (uncredited)
    1935 Spring Tonic (uncredited)
    1935 One More Spring (uncredited)
    1934 Bright Eyes (uncredited)
    1934 365 Nights in Hollywood (uncredited)
    1934 Dos más uno dos (uncredited)
    1934 Pursued (uncredited)
    1934 Handy Andy (uncredited)
    1934 Baby Take a Bow (uncredited)
    1934 She Learned About Sailors (uncredited)
    1934 The World Moves On (uncredited)
    1934 Wild Gold (uncredited)
    1934 Murder in Trinidad (uncredited)
    1934 Sleepers East (uncredited)
    1934 Hold That Girl (uncredited)
    1934 George White's Scandals (uncredited)
    1934 David Harum (uncredited)
    1933 Mr. Skitch (uncredited)
    1933 Smoky (uncredited)
    1928 Noah's Ark (1957 reissue - uncredited)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • David Buttolph (born James David Buttolph Jr.) was a film composer who scored over
    300 movies in his career. Born in New York City,
    Buttolph showed musical talent at an early age, and eventually studied music formally.
    After earning a music degree, Buttolph moved to Europe in 1923
    and studied in Austria and Germany supporting himself as a nightclub pianist.
    He returned to the U.S. in 1927 and, a few years later, began working for
    NBC radio network as an arranger and conductor.
    In 1933, Buttolph moved to Los Angeles and began working in films.
    Buttolph's best work, according to many,
    was his work as an arranger on Alfred Newman-directed The Mark of Zorro (1940).

    In the mid-1950s, Buttolph started to write scores television,
    the most memorable being the theme for the TV western Maverick
    with the same music appearing in his score of The Lone Ranger (1956).
    He continued write music for television, many times westerns until his retirement in 1963.

    David Buttolph, now there's a name that everyone knows!
    He was the writer for the music on many TV serials,
    inlcuding The Lone Ranger, Wagon Train and Maverick
    and scored for over 300 movies!
    However, he did write the music for 3 movies
    with Duke. and one re-issue

    The Horse Soldiers (1959)
    In Old California (1942)
    Lady for a Night (1942)
    Noah's Ark (1928) (1957 reissue - uncredited)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • JIm and Sue,
    From what I can see, he just retired in 1963,
    He was 61, guess, he'd made enough money!
    I included him, because I thought his score
    for The Horse Solidiers was really good.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Just to re-introduce one of Duke's movie theme writers

    Best Wishes
    London- England