Charlton Heston

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  • I'm absolutely thrilled that Charlton Heston, my all-time favorite actor, is so loved by many members here on the forum. It warms my heart, I must say. It's been a very interesting thread to read, where some of you have even met the man!

    I have a pretty cool story to share as well, it follows:

    On the 31st of March 2008, after putting it off for a while, I finally sent my autograph request to Charlton Heston. At the time, I wasn't aware of just how bad his Alzheimers had gotten over the years. Sadly, five days after I sent out my autograph request, I heard the news; Charlton Heston had passed away. I was devastated, not even thinking about the autograph request I had just sent out to him. Naturally, receiving an autograph back was out of the question, I thought. Well...

    Exactly 20 days after his passing, while having lunch with a friend, I got a call from my girlfriend who told me I had received a large envelope in the mail. It was the kind of envelope that could hold an 8x10 photo. I rushed home, curious of what it could be. Once I got home I sat down in my couch with the envelope in my hands. As I opened it and started pulling the picture out, I soon recognized it was the picture most fans had gotten over the last few years when writing to Heston. The question remained, was it signed? Milliseconds later I found out that it indeed was signed! I was shocked and glad beyond belief, I couldn't believe it.

    I have read that writing your name is a very useful exercise for those who have Alzheimers, I figure he signed a lot of these photos before he got too ill. I was a member of an autograph community at the time, and someone on there sent an autograph request a week or so after his passing to see if he'd receive one as well. He got the same picture that I had gotten, but his was unsigned. So the autograph I got must have been one of the last ones sent out. I sent a thank you letter to his wife of 64 years, Lydia, a couple of months later. I waited a while because I didn't want to bother her more than I already had so soon after his passing.

    The autograph is now placed in a nice wooden frame in my living room.

    It is, understandably, my most prized Charlton Heston item.

    I'm such a big fan of Heston's, I even started a forum where fans of his can discuss his life and movies. There weren't one to be found anywhere online and his section on IMDb was filled with trolls, so I took it upon myself to create a forum where we could discuss Charlton Heston without the interruption of some fools who've seen Bowling for Columbine and think they know him.

    I made a tribute video to his memory that I think you'll all really like. I named named it Charlton Heston: Bad to the Bone



    (If someone could embed it so you can view it on this forum, I'd appreciate it. For some reason I couldn't make the darn thing work)

    Chuck starred in both what I think is the best movie ever made and my all-time favorite movie. The best movie ever made IMO is Ben-Hur and my favorite movie is Planet of the Apes. Other great flicks of his are Soylent Green, El Cid, The Ten Commandments, The Omega Man, The Big Country, Will Penny & Khartoum. There are many more, his body of work is nearly impossible to match. He was a true legend in every sense of the word.

    They were both in "The Greatest Story Ever Told," however they shared no scenes together.

    Unfortunately for a period of time Duke and Charlton Heston did not get on very well, I'm not sure if they ever reconciled.


    I know it's been a few years since this post, but since I have not heard anything about this I must ask if you know exactly what the problem was between them? Seems to me these two legends would have gotten along just fine.


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  • Thanks for the great post!

    Nice forum you have there, you started your Heston forum, very much like I did 12 years ago with this forum. There was several quality John Wayne fan sites but there wasn't a forum community that I found online, so I started the JWMB.

  • Hondo, I'm glad you got your autographed picture. I actually met Charlton Heston, albeit very briefly, on July 9th, 1987. It was my 40th birthday and I had gotten tickets to go see Ben-Hur at one of the old movie palaces here in Detroit, the Fox Theater. They had just remastered the movie in 70mm wide screen and were taking it on tour and Detroit was the first stop. The best part of it was that Charlton Heston was coming in to introduce it. We sat about 10 rows from the stage & screen and the host of the event brought Heston out and he went on to talk about the making of the movie. He also stated on what the movie cost to make back then and how expensive it was for those times. He said if they were to make it in 1987 dollars, it would cost well over $120 million. When it was time for the movie, he didn't sit in a special box. He sat right there among the other viewers, center stage and about 10-15 rows back. He said he wanted to see it just like everybody else the way it was meant to be seen. I told my son I was going to try and get his autograph at the intermission but, by the time I got over there he had gone to another part of the theater to relax. Missed him again when the movie restarted, but, Near the end of it, I went over and stood at the top of the aisle he was sitting in. When it ended he came up the aisle and went down and met him and asked him for it and he graciously gave it to me. I told him I had seen Ben-Hur when it first came out in 59 and it was still the most magnificent movie ever made. He said, thank you very much and went on his way. Not much of a meeting or conversation, but it was my moment and I still cherish it and still have the autograph around the house somewhere.
    By the way, Ben-Hur will be released on Blu-ray either next week or the week after and I'm getting it. If they do as good a job converting it to Blu-ray as they did with The Ten Commandments, I'll be happy.

  • Speaking of Charlton Heston. I have a line and will know for sure--on three great images of him from: El Cid. These are studio release press photos with the info on the backs. If Keith is interested? ill let him know if they are mine next week and see if he can post them here. Two are great action shots.

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