Duke's Movies- Blu-Ray/DVD Releases

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  • Hi,

    This stunt has been pulled before,
    and it just comes across as a scam.
    Unknowing fans will be purchasing these 'new' titles,
    unaware, that they probably have them in their collections,

    From the runtime, it looks highly likely
    that they are Lone Star re-works.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • I use to own the old 1980s colorized Lone Star films on VHS. They looked great (it was fun to see such a young John Wayne in color), but the soundtrack was way off. All the actor's voices were high-pitched and sped up. Definitely took away from some of the fun.

    I would like to pruchase these 3 upcoming films, if they are not duplicates of the 1980 releases, and if they are not those 20 minute edited ones that are already out on DVD. Guess I will just wait to read some reviews of them, before plunking down the $22.

  • Yep, I looked up the DVD title on another sight. They are Lone Star Westerns. This is the info I got on that sight about what's on the DVD

    DVD Features
    Note: This 3-Disc set includes the films STOLEN GOODS aka BLUE STEEL (1934), GOLD STRIKE RIVER aka THE LUCKY TEXAN (1933), and AN INNOCENT MAN aka SAGEBRUSH TRAIL (1934).
    Full Frame 1.33

    (unspecified) English

    Additional Release Material
    Bonus Short "The Northwest Killer"
    Featurettes 1. "Western Legends" hosted by Vincent Price
    2. "The Western"
    3. "Bust 'em Up!"
    TV Spots

  • I am surprised to hear that they invested in colorizing the old LoneStars. My favorite colorization job is Tall in the Saddle. Turned out pretty good.

    "...all of this and General Price that baby sister makes it back to Yell county" --Rooster Cogburn, True Grit.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by ZS_Maverick@Nov 3 2006, 05:34 PM
    DVD Features
    Note: This 3-Disc set includes the films STOLEN GOODS aka

    It sounds like these are the same films colorized in 1990 by Color Systems Technology and released on home video under their original titles, later with different titles under The Young Duke banner. The titles here are different, though: Blue Steel was Bandits of the Badlands; The Lucky Texan was Cowboy G-Man; and Sagebrush Trail was The Fugitive.

    It's too bad Wayne's Lone Star westerns ended up in the public domain: If the copyrights were renewed we would have beautiful, unmodified prints available on DVD. Instead, they're hacked (editing, music, colorization) so that the new versions can be re-copyrighted.

    Anyone who wants to see how nice these prints can look should check out the 2-disc Columbia Pictures DVD collection called Riding the Range Vols. 1 and 2. There's new music and editing, though, which I deplore. But the print quality is lovely (some better than others), sourced from either the original or early re-issue film elements owned by NTA. The DVDs also benefit from high-quality encoding. But had the films been released unmodified, bootleg copies probably would have flooded the public domain market.

    I wonder if the colorized versions by CST used the same prints as the earlier black-and-whites released by Columbia? I'll poke my ever-curious nose into the answer.

    John Wayne on DVD: A Filmography

  • Quote

    Originally posted by RoughRider@Nov 9 2006, 12:29 PM

    It sounds like these are the same films colorized in 1990 by Color Systems Technology and released on home video under their original titles, later with different titles under The Young Duke banner.

    I have several of these, and whilst the colour versions
    are interesting, they're also pretty lousy.
    They appear to use the same print,
    and some of the original sound track, and some from the
    Second Sight releases
    The worst thing however is Duke's voice,
    what an earth have they done to it,
    badly dubbed or what!!
    How they can get Duke to sound like that,
    when Yakima Canutt and the others sound normal,
    baffles me!!!

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Hi Kieth

    I agree with you they were cheap and cheerful and I only bought a couple . I don't know who dubbed Waynes voice but I am convinced that it was dubbed and badly luckilly late night television screened the originals at about 2 in the morning and with the wonders of video I managed to tape the lot.
    Of course these are now redundant with the DVD collections that are coming out.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • Wouldn't matter to me Athur of there region 2. I can strip that off and make it work for all regions. How much in US is that documentary on Rio Lobo?

    Life is hard, its even harder when your stupid!!
    -John Wayne

  • Hi Arthur, Todd, Rough Rider,

    Arthur you took me back a few years, as I remember,
    the Lone Star Westerns being screened on C4
    about 8 years ago.
    I will always remember like you, the VHS was ready and poised to record,
    when we noticed the dog, was outside and had gone A.W.O.L.
    I was so annoyed I missed setting the VHS. to record
    Riders of Destiny

    They of course, were the Second Sight series.


    In answer to your question,
    I am in constant touch with
    David and Patrick at
    The John Wayne Film Society,
    and do indeed, have some of their
    'Special' releases.

    Generally they're pretty good, seem to be copies
    of prints, obviously without,
    digital re-mastering.

    Shootout at Rio Lobo

    I thought was very good, very entertaining,
    and very amusing.
    Quality fair, and acceptable

    Life of Jimmy Dolan
    Wyoming Outlaw
    Glen Campbell Special

    Don't have these yet, but the quality
    from experience, is similar to that an old cine film!
    I have ordered, all but the
    Glen Campbell one.

    Maker of Men
    I have the NTSC version,
    which I purchased through the JWFS

    Rookie of the Year
    Fashing Spikes

    I have both these from the JWFS.
    They're fun, and interesting.
    Quality wise,
    as if they had been recorded off the TV.!!
    but well worth having.

    and any others interested,
    here is the link, to the store,

    John Wayne Film Society

    Best Wishes
    London- England

  • Quote

    Originally posted by ethanedwards@Nov 9 2006, 03:40 PM
    They of course, were the Second Sight series.

    What is the Second Sight series, Keith? It sounds like the British video distributor, who I'll guess had UK rights to the colorized Lone Star productions.

    I've been poking my nose into John Wayne's colorized films and come up with 36 titles (excluding the Lone Stars that were re-titled and condensed to 20 minutes). Two of the Lone Stars weren't colorized: Texas Terror and Rainbow Valley. I think a few of the 1940s films were released to television only and not available on home video. But I've confirmed that all those listed below have been colorized.

    If anyone sees an omission, let me know.

    Riders of Destiny
    Sagebrush Trail
    The Lucky Texan
    West of the Divide
    Blue Steel
    The Man from Utah
    Randy Rides Alone
    The Star Packer
    The Trail Beyond
    The Lawless Frontier
    'Neath Arizona Skies
    The Desert Trail
    The Dawn Rider
    Paradise Canyon
    Winds of the Wasteland
    Allegheny Uprising
    Dark Command
    Three Faces West
    Lady from Louisiana
    In Old California
    Flying Tigers
    A Lady Takes a Chance
    War of the Wildcats
    The Fighting Seabees
    Tall in the Saddle
    Flame of Barbary Coast
    Back to Bataan
    They Were Expendable
    Angel and the Badman
    Fort Apache
    Wake of the Red Witch
    The Fighting Kentuckian
    Sands of Iwo Jima
    Rio Grande
    The Longest Day

    John Wayne on DVD: A Filmography

  • Hi Rough Rider,

    They Lone Star Movies,
    Were released as Fox/Lorber,
    and I guess, were distributed here by
    Second Sight.


    In the case of Rainbow Valley,
    that was always the odd one out,
    and that was the only one, not Fox,
    and or distributed by Second Sight.

    I have a feeling the rights to that one,
    were owned by someone totally different.

    Rainbow Valley, also contains
    more of the original, orchestrated soundtrack,
    and not the sync, stuff that was dubbed on the others!

  • Hi

    I bought those a year or so back they were about three for a fiver and not bad. I also bought The Three Musketeers in Tescos two volumes at a pound each.

    I have Rookie of The Year on VHS bought from the John Wayne film Society and video copies of Maker of Men. The life of Jimmy Dolan I copied when it was shown on television a couple of years ago but I will buy it because I am collecting the DVDs. Arizona I have on video Likewise Shootout at Rio Lobo.
    Salute was given to me by an acquaintance in Canada, and from that I acquired a copy on a computer disc, but again I will probably buy a DVD from the JW Society.

    I have on various occasions advertised the Society and would repeat that it is NOT restricted to British people only. It is very cheap to join and become a member and they have deals that are quite good. It may be worth visiting their site.



    Walk Tall - Talk Low

  • OK, I see, Keith. So the b&w Fox/Lorber titles were released in the UK by Second Sight. And 15 of them instead of the five that were released on DVD in North America by Columbia (Sony). Although I don't care for the modifications, generally I like the print quality--I've only seen five--so I'll obtain these from the UK. Maybe the 10 other titles were released on DVD over here, but I haven't found them; but all 15 were released on VHS by Columbia. Thanks for the insight -- I didn't know Second Sight released the Fox/Lorber Lone Stars on DVD.

    As to why Rainbow Valley was excluded, I don't know for sure. It was either a rights issue or the prints in existence weren't good enough. It wasn't colorized, and I know that process requires high-quality film elements. Mind you, Texas Terror wasn't colorized either but there's a Fox/Lorber version.

    John Wayne on DVD: A Filmography

  • Hi Rough Rider,

    Yes, all but Rainbow Valley were released, initially as VHS,
    the re-released as 'three-somes'
    then the same on DVD.

    Rainbow, was released here on VHS
    by Reel Movies International.

    Best Wishes
    London- England