Operator 13 (1934)

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    • Operator 13 (1934)

      OPERATOR 13


      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Gail Loveless, a spy known as Operator 13 working for the Union and Federal cause during the Civil War,
      posing as a Confederate woman named Anne Claybourne, meets and falls in love
      with Confederate Captain Jack Galliard.
      Dusguised as an octoroom maid at a Confedarate military ball,
      she learns and relays secrets to the Union forces that are devastating to the Rebel cause.
      Assigned to the case to track down and kill the spy maid,
      Galliard learns she is also the woman he loves, but proceeds with his assignment.
      He captures her but is in danger of being captured himself as Federal forces
      are approaching. Gail/Anne saves him and they part to wait until peace comes to resume their romance. Written by Les Adams

      Full Cast
      Marion Davies ... Gail Loveless
      Gary Cooper ... Captain Jack Gailliard
      Jean Parker ... Eleanor Shackleford
      Katharine Alexander ... Pauline Cushman / Operator 27
      Ted Healy ... Doctor Hitchcock
      Russell Hardie ... Lt. Gus Littledale
      Henry Wadsworth ... Captain John Pelham
      Douglass Dumbrille ... General Jeb Stuart (as Douglas Dumbrille)
      Willard Robertson ... Captain Cornelius Channing
      Fuzzy Knight ... Private Sweeney
      Sidney Toler ... Major Allen Pinkerton
      Robert McWade ... Colonel Sharpe
      Marjorie Gateson ... Mrs. Shackleford
      Wade Boteler ... Gaston
      Walter Long ... Operator 55
      The Mills Brothers ... Medicine Show Balladeers (as The Four Mills Brothers)
      Ernie Adams ... Orderly (uncredited)
      Larry Adler ... Harmonica Player (uncredited)
      Ernie Alexander ... Confederate Sentry (uncredited)
      Sam Ash ... Lieutenant (uncredited)
      Zita Baca ... Minor Role (uncredited)
      Reginald Barlow ... Colonel Storm (uncredited)
      Margaret Bert ... Washington Townswoman (uncredited)
      Frank Burt ... Confederate Lieutenant (uncredited)
      Claudia Coleman ... Nurse (uncredited)
      Nell Craig ... Confederate Party Guest (uncredited)
      Belle Daube ... Mrs. Dandridge (uncredited)
      Donald Douglas ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      John Elliott ... General Robert E. Lee (uncredited)
      Douglas Fowley ... Union Officer (uncredited)
      Arthur Grant ... Chaplain (uncredited)
      Billy Griffith ... Mac (uncredited)
      Sherry Hall ... Army Officer (uncredited)
      William Henry ... Young Lieutenant Kissing Blonde (uncredited)
      Hattie Hill ... Slave (uncredited)
      Samuel S. Hinds ... Union Officer Price (uncredited)
      Sterling Holloway ... Wounded Union Soldier (uncredited)
      Curly Howard ... Confederate Soldier (uncredited)
      Wallie Howe ... Clergyman (uncredited)
      Si Jenks ... White Trash (uncredited)
      DeWitt Jennings ... Artilleryman (uncredited)
      Edgar Kennedy ... Confederate Officer Jealous of Artilleryman (uncredited)
      John Kirkley ... Slave (uncredited)
      Lia Lance ... Witch Woman / Operator 18 (uncredited)
      John Larkin ... Slave Fishing for Codfish (uncredited)
      Frank Leighton ... Union Major (uncredited)
      Charles Lloyd ... Union Private (uncredited)
      Wilfred Lucas ... Judge (uncredited)
      Mary MacLaren ... Confederate Party Guest (uncredited)
      James A. Marcus ... Staff Colonel (uncredited)
      Frank Marlowe ... Confederate Officer (uncredited)
      Hattie McDaniel ... Annie - a Cook (uncredited)
      Sam McDaniel ... Rufus (uncredited)
      Francis McDonald ... Officer Denton (uncredited)
      Frank McGlynn Jr. ... Scout (uncredited)
      Donald Mills ... One of The Four Mills Brothers - a Medicine Show Singer (uncredited)
      Harry Mills ... One of The Four Mills Brothers - a Medicine Show Singer (uncredited)
      Herbert Mills ... One of The Four Mills Brothers - a Medicine Show Singer (uncredited)
      John Mills ... One of The Four Mills Brothers - a Medicine Show Singer (uncredited)
      James C. Morton ... Secret Service Man (uncredited)
      Wheeler Oakman ... Scout (uncredited)
      Franklin Parker ... John Hay (uncredited)
      Lee Phelps ... Confederate Soldier Getting Lucille As Witness (uncredited)
      Richard Powell ... Confederate Sentry (uncredited)
      Buddy Roosevelt ... Civilian (uncredited)
      James Sheridan ... Officer (uncredited)
      Robert R. Stephenson ... Guard (uncredited)
      Richard Tucker ... Execution Officer (uncredited)
      Martin Turner ... Hickman (uncredited)
      Dorothy Vernon ... Washington Townswoman (uncredited)
      E. Alyn Warren ... General Ulysses S. Grant (as Fred Warren) (uncredited)
      Poppy Wilde ... Party Guest (uncredited)
      Clarence Wilson ... Josiah Claybourne (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Harvey F. Thew (screen play) (as Harvey Thew) &
      Zelda Sears (screen play) and
      Eve Greene (screen play)
      Robert W. Chambers (from the stories by)
      Herman J. Mankiewicz uncredited

      Original Music
      William Axt

      George J. Folsey

      Curly Howard of The Three Stooges was originally to have appeared in this film.

      Although Curly Howard of The Three Stooges played the part of a Confederate Soldier in this film,
      most of his part was cut prior to release.
      However, he can still be seen briefly in one sequence.

      When Gail takes an oath, she raises her right arm in the traditional manner, but in the next shot, it has turned into a salute

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Location
      Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios - 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Civil War Movies- Operator 13 (1934)

      Operator 13 is a 1934 American romance film directed by Richard Boleslawski
      and starring Marion Davies, Gary Cooper, and Jean Parker.
      Based on stories written by Robert W. Chambers, the film is about a Union spy
      who impersonates a black maid in the early days of the Civil War,
      but complications arise when she falls in love with a Confederate officer.
      The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography

      User Review
      Marion Davies' Last MGM Film
      29 November 2007 | by drednm

      Marion Davies plays an actress recruited by the Union Army during the Civil War to be a spy. Gary Cooper plays an officer in the Confederate Army who is a spy in the north. Through a series of events they meet, but he doesn't quite know if she is a spy or not.

      Davies' initial disguise is as a Black maid (she has fun with the accent and looks great in the black wig), but when her "mistress" (another actress from the north working as a spy) is discovered, she bails the South only to return as a famous northern sympathizer of the Confederate cause. Back in the South, she again meets Cooper.

      Implausible story is made interesting by solid performances by the leads and some good cinematography (Oscar nominated). The battle scene montages are OK, but the ending seems choppy and hurried. Still, Davies looks great.

      Big supporting cast includes Katherine Alexander (as a spy), Jean Parker and Henry Wadsworth (as young lovers), Sidney Toler, Douglas Dumbrille, Marjorie Gateson, Sterling Holloway, Clarence Wilson, Ted Healy, Robert McWade, and silent film villain Walter Long (as Operator 55).

      Davies sings "Once in a Lifetime" and "The Colonel, Major and the Captain." The terrific Mills Brothers show up in a minstrel show and sing a few songs and are especially good with "Sleepy Head" and "Jungle Fever." There's a stunning scene where Davies is sitting on a staircase and crying; the long scene is shot from below looking up at her face. Another nice scene is with Davies on a huge swing, being pushed by Cooper.

      After this film, Davies left MGM and moved to Warners, where she made four more films before retiring.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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