Unconquered (1947)

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    Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

    Information From IMDb

    Plot Summary
    In 1763, felon Abby Hale is sentenced to slavery in America. In Virginia, heroic Capt. Holden buys her, intending to free her, but villain Garth foils this plan, and Abby toils at Dave Bone's tavern. Garth is fomenting an Indian uprising to clear the wilderness of settlers, giving him a monopoly of the fur trade. Holden discovers Garth's treachery, but cannot prove anything against him. Can Holden and Abby save Fort Pitt from the Senecas? Many hairbreadth escapes.
    Written by Rod Crawford

    Full Cast
    Gary Cooper ... Captain Christopher Holden
    Paulette Goddard ... Abby
    Howard Da Silva ... Garth (as Howard da Silva)
    Boris Karloff ... Guyasuta - Chief of the Senecas
    Cecil Kellaway ... Jeremy Love
    Ward Bond ... John Fraser
    Virginia Campbell ... Mrs. John Fraser
    Katherine DeMille ... Hannah
    Henry Wilcoxon ... Captain Steele
    C. Aubrey Smith ... Lord Chief Justice (as Sir C. Aubrey Smith)
    Victor Varconi ... Captain Simeon Ecuyer
    Virginia Grey ... Diana
    Mike Mazurki ... Bone
    Porter Hall ... Leach
    Richard Gaines ... Colonel George Washington
    Gavin Muir ... Lieut. Fergus McKenzie
    Jane Nigh ... Evelyn
    Alan Napier ... Sir William Johnson
    Marc Lawrence ... Sioto - Medicine Man
    Raymond Hatton ... Venango Scout
    John Mylong ... Colonel Henry Bouquet
    George Kirby ... Charles Mason - London Astronomer
    Leonard Carey ... Jeremiah Dixon - London Astronomer
    Frank Wilcox ... Richard Henry Lee (as Frank R. Wilcox)
    Davison Clark ... Mr. Carroll of Virginia
    Griff Barnett ... Brother Andrews of Pennsylvania
    Lloyd Bridges ... Lieut. Hutchins
    Oliver Thorndike ... Lieut. Baillie
    Ninetta Sunderland ... Mrs. Pruitt (as Nan Sunderland)
    Rus Conklin ... Mamaultee
    Iron Eyes Cody ... Red Corn
    and many, many more, notably Jack Pennick, Jay Slverheels

    Writing Credits
    Charles Bennett (screenplay) &
    Fredric M. Frank (screenplay) and
    Jesse Lasky Jr. (screenplay)
    Neil H. Swanson (novel "The Judas Tree")
    Jeanie Macpherson uncredited

    Original Music
    Victor Young

    Ray Rennahan (director of photography

    * The famous Swedish actor Edvard Persson was travelling through the US to make Jens Månsson i Amerika (1947) when he came to Hollywood and made a cameo appearance in this film. The director, Cecil B. DeMille, reciprocated with a cameo appearance in Persson's movie.

    * The film went $394,000 over budget.

    * Features 25 name players and 4,325 costumed extras.

    * Gary Cooper got a salary of $300,000, double then what he usually made. Plus he got percentage of profits: 5% of the gross to $6 million, and 10% above $6 million. With a minimum guarantee of $300,000

    * Production was nicknamed "The Perils of Paulette" on the Paramount lot.

    * Film marked the 20th anniversary of Gary Cooper being a Paramount contract player. It was also his last film for the studio.

    * One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.

    Unconquered (1947) More at IMDbPro »

    * Continuity: When Capt. Holden and Abigail are escaping from the Senecas by boat they are unarmed. Without explanation both are armed one scene later.

    Filming Locations
    Ashton, Idaho, USA
    Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (studio)
    Pennsylvania, USA (forest scenes)
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
    Snake River, Idaho, USA (canoe sequence)

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Unconquered is a 1947 adventure film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille,
    released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard.

    The film depicts the violent struggles between American colonists and
    Native Americans on the western frontier in the mid-18th century during the time
    of Pontiac's Rebellion, primarily around Fort Pitt (modern-day Pittsburgh).

    The supporting cast features Boris Karloff, Cecil Kellaway, Ward Bond, Howard Da Silva,
    Virginia Campbell, Katherine DeMille, C. Aubrey Smith and Mike Mazurki.

    I have profiled this movie as a request made by The Ringo Kid,
    and hopefully he will post his own review.
    However he is a review below


    The traditional view of Colonial America, 8 October 1998
    Author: Shannon Box Canyon Lake, Texas

    If you hate political correctness, you may love, "Unconquered." This film, from 1947, doesn't have the contemporarily familiar themes of evil settlers, or land thieves. In fact, the Indians are the bad guys in this one. The Indians, aided by a corrupt Englishman, have decided to wipe out white settlers in a race war. Gary Cooper is quick to the rescue. All the while he attempts to regain his bond slave, escape the gallows for treason, and fight his nemesis who happens to be the Indians' best friend. This is a strong film.

    A couple of Duke's 'Pals' are involved
    including Ward Bond, Mike Mazurki,
    and Raymond Hatton
    and further down the list Jack Pennick

    This is big production with no other that DeMille in charge
    and another Duke 'Pal' Victor Young scoring the music.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Hi Keith, many many thanks for making a tread for this one> I have always loved that movie and I noticed that early in Lloyd Bridges career, he always seemed to be playing British Soldiers and Officers. He's a youngish "Redcoat" in this movie. Also, Ward Bond does have a good amount of screen time in this movie-as Coopers friend.

    De Mille as always dis one heck of an excellent job of his "movie magic" as alweays. I cant really add much more to this escept that I give it a 10/10 as a great Cooper, Bond, De Silva, Goddard movie. Im hoping to find more stills for this movie that are worth pestering Keith about to have them posted here ;-)) A certain Gentleman member here has greatly revived my interest in collecting these things ;-)) and hope he sees this thread soon ;-))

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  • Liked this movie the first time I saw it way back in the early 60's on tv. They just didn't seem to do many movies about the French-Indian War, other than Last Of The Mohicans or Northwest Passage. But one part really makes me laugh a little. Near the end when Cooper as Chris Holden goes to rescue Abby( Paulette Goddard) and gets the drop on Garth(Howard de Silva) and he raises his hands and says, "ok, Holden. I'm not fool enough to try and beat you to the draw". Beat you to the draw. In 1763.
    By the way, Howard de Silva was one of my favorite character actors. Made a great villain and a great hero. He was fantastic as Benjamin Franklin in 1776 and was a great comedy relief in Tripoli, as the leader of a Greek mercenary group aiding U.S. Marines lead by John Payne in the war against the Barbary Pirates.

  • Hi Jim, ive loved this movie from the first viewing as well. When I was much younger and many years before cable TV, this movie was usually played maybe once a year and only late Fri or Sat night. This is the first movie with Gary Cooper I watched-mainly because the Tv stations never played anything else with him in them-with maybe the exception of: Vera Cruz-but that I cant confirm of having watched before cable came to town.

    Ive always liked Howard de Silva as well. Its been ages since ive seen Tripoli and I wish it were on DvD. I think John Payne is a way underrated Actor and one who gets all too little airtime. In fact, the only I have of him on DvD is: To the Shores of Tripoli w/ Maureen O'Hara & Randolph Scott. This is the movie that made me start liking Randolph Scott-Gung Ho also helped.

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  • Another good action flick with Payne is El Paso. It's been years since I've seen it but, Payne plays a lawyer who goes west to help some old judge or something and the bad guys, led by Sterling Hayden, work him over and leave him for dead. A Mexican vaquero finds him, gets him back to health and teaches him how to use a gun and how to fast draw. He then, goes back to fight the outlaw gang and bring justice that part of Texas.

  • I dont think ive seen El Paso but, on one of my DvDs, Payne is in some two reeler as the leader of a travelling acting/musical troop-and they put on a special show for a boy King whom Payne rescues from a few disloyal subjects.

    On a review for Unconquered, Simply put, this movie is yet another De Mille/Cooper masterpiece. I dont think the cast could have been improved upon with the exception of having Duke in the Cooper role and McLaglen in the role of Jeremy. However, since they were not picked for being in this movie-the cast is impossible to improve upon IMO.

    You will not find any slow parts in this movie and you will always be kept gripping the edge of a table with both your hands-thanks to the many twists and action scenes. De Silva and Mazurky both are great as two of the bad guys in this movie.

    Not part of a review: I will be looking for more images from this movie and hopefully some will be in color.

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  • unconquered is a great film.great cast,great story.good action all the way through the film.also john payne made a little gem of a western name silver load with dan duryea.

  • When I was a little girl I watched a western, never saw it again and all I could remember where Indians, a cabin and a dog. It made such an impact on me that I wanted to find the DVD but I had no idear of the title except I knew it was not a John Wayne. It took me years and ordering a film from Korea (I like Gary Cooper) and whilst watching it I could not believe it was the same film I had watched as a little girl. Briljant.