Quantrill's Raiders (1958)

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    • Quantrill's Raiders (1958)



      Photo with the courtesy of lasbugas

      Information from IMDb

      Plot Summary
      Confederate Captain Alan Westcott, posing as a horse supplier for the army,
      is ordered to infiltrate the Union lines and contact William Quantrill to arrange a raid
      on the arsenal at Lawrence, Kansas.
      Westcott meets and falls in love with Sue Walters.
      Westcott's activities and associations begin to cause the Union vigilante committee
      to become suspicious of him, and he moves quickly in utilizing the Quantrill raiders.
      After laying their plans to attack Lawrence,
      Westcott learns that the arsenal is being moved out by wagon trail.
      He calls off the attack on Lawrence in favor of attacking the wagon train,
      but Quantrill pulls a treacherous double-cross and rides into
      Lawrence on a personal mission of bloodshed, murder and looting.
      Written by Les Adams <

      Full Cast
      Steve Cochran ... Captain Alan 'Wes' Westcott
      Diane Brewster ... Sue Walters
      Leo Gordon ... William Clarke Quantrill
      Gale Robbins ... Kate
      Will Wright ... Judge Wood
      Kim Charney ... Joel
      Myron Healey ... Jarrett
      Robert Foulk ... Hager
      Glenn Strange ... Todd
      Lane Chandler ... Sheriff
      Guy Prescott ... Major Mathews
      Thomas Browne Henry ... Griggs (as Thomas B. Henry)
      Dan White ... Fred Thomas
      Robert Colbert ... Union Soldier (uncredited)
      Jerado Decordovier ... Grey Bear (uncredited)
      Paul Fierro ... Tall Deer (uncredited)
      Raymond Greenleaf ... General (uncredited)
      Tom Lockwood ... Young Officer (uncredited)
      John Mitchum ... Sergeant (uncredited)
      Al Wyatt Sr. ... Minor Role (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Polly James (story and screenplay)

      Original Music
      Marlin Skiles

      William P. Whitley

      At several times during the film, characters are seen
      carrying the Colt Single Action Army Revolver (better known as the "Peacemaker").
      This weapon was not manufactured until the 1870s, years after the end of the American Civil War.

      Filming Locations
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Re: (New Review) Civil War Movies- Quantrill's Raiders (1958)

      Quantrill's Raiders is a 1958 movie, focusing on the raid on Lawrence.
      Directed by Edwards Bernds, it stars
      Steve Cochran, Diane Brewster and Leo Gordon

      User Review
      Very average western that revises history
      19 September 2005 | by Marlburian (United Kingdom)

      This film struck a chord because when I was a child in the 1950s
      the local newspaper billed it as "Quantrilla Raider".
      I tried to see as many Westerns as possible, but missed out because of school.
      Little did I know that decades later it, and many other 1950s films, would be shown on TV.

      Leo Gordon is one of my favourite "character actors" and as Quantrill
      he adds a nervous edge to his usual tough-guy acting.
      Steve Cochran makes a bland hero, and it seems strange
      that in civilian clothes he wears distinctive striped trousers,
      almost military, even when he's masked his face for a hold-up.

      The biggest letdown is the raid on Lawrence,
      which is depicted as an ineffectual charge or two.
      Even by Hollywood's usual standards when it comes to revising history,
      especially that of the West, the audacity in changing the facts is astonishing.
      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Re: (New Review) Civil War Movies- Quantrill's Raiders (1958)


      It would be interesting to hear today what the midwestern States thought about people like Quantrell. Were they fighting for a cause or just taking advantage of the war to rob and pillage. Particularly when men like the james brothers were amongst rhe raiders, and what rhey went on to become.


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