The Tin Star (1957)

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    • The Tin Star (1957)




      Plot Summary
      Veteran bounty-hunter Morg Hickman rides into a town in danger.
      The sheriff has been killed, and young inexperienced Ben Owens
      named a temporary replacement until a permanent can be found.
      Ben wants to be that permanent replacement,
      so needs to impress the townspeople with his skill.
      When he finds that Morg was a sheriff for a long time before
      he became a bounty-hunter, he asks the older man to teach him.
      Morg thinks that being a sheriff is a foolish goal,
      but agrees to instruct Ben in handling people, more important to a sheriff
      than handling a gun.
      Written by Ken Yousten

      Henry Fonda ... Morgan 'Morg' Hickman
      Anthony Perkins ... Sheriff Ben Owens
      Betsy Palmer ... Nona Mayfield
      Michel Ray ... Kip Mayfield
      Neville Brand ... Bart Bogardus
      John McIntire ... Dr. Joseph Jefferson 'Doc' McCord
      Mary Webster ... Millie Parker
      Peter Baldwin ... Zeke McGaffey
      Richard Shannon ... Buck Henderson
      Lee Van Cleef ... Ed McGaffey
      James Bell ... Judge Thatcher
      Howard Petrie ... Mayor Harvey King
      Russell Simpson ... Clem Hall
      Hal K. Dawson ... Andy Miller
      Jack Kenney ... Sam Hodges
      Mickey Finn ... McCall
      Frank McGrath ... Jim Clark - Stagecoach Driver (uncredited)

      Writing Credits
      Joel Kane ... (story)
      Dudley Nichols
      Barney Slater ... (story)

      William Perlberg ... producer
      George Seaton ... producer
      Gordon Cornell Layne ... associate producer (uncredited)

      Elmer Bernstein

      Loyal Griggs

      James Stewart was originally supposed to play Morgan Hickman.

      When the stagecoach driver rushes into town to report that they were robbed,
      there is a small trail of dust following each side of the stagecoach.
      When it comes to a full stop, the dust is almost completely settled down.
      Next they cut to a slightly closer view of the stage and surrounding areas,
      and the air is full of dust all over the scene, much more than the stagecoach
      ever caused to fly up.

      Throughout the film, Ben is shown wearing two guns, and as Tony Perkins was left handed,
      whenever he draws his pistol, his left hands is correctly depicted as dominant.
      Yet at one point in a scene during Ben's search for the McGaffey brothers,
      his horse with Ben on his back, whirls around to reveal Ben only wearing one gun,
      and that being holstered on his right hip.

      Crew or equipment visible
      When Morg climbs up to the cave chasing the McGaffey brothers,
      there's a full camera shadow across him.

      Crew or equipment visible
      When Bart Bogardus staggers backwards after being shot,
      he hits the camera which shakes visibly.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Location
      Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • The Tin Star was first a short story then a 1957 American western film directed by Anthony Mann
      and starring Henry Fonda and Anthony Perkins, in one of Perkins' first roles.
      The film became one of the few low-budget westerns to be nominated
      for the Academy Award for Best Writing, Story or Screenplay.
      Since its release, the film has become one of the classics of the genre.

      User Review

      A Western for Thinking People...
      25 January 2013 | by Tim Kidner (Salisbury, United Kingdom)

      tim wrote:

      1957 was a good year for movies and amongst all the strong contenders,

      The Tin Star still managed to get Oscar nominated for best original screenplay, by the same screenwriter that brought that real trail- blazing classic, Stagecoach, to life.
      Anthony Mann's black & white Western isn't a long, sprawling John Ford epic, nor does it feature Ford's often comical characters but at a fairly concise 92 mins it feels like a real book - a story that's never hurried and which includes proper characterisation and dialogue. Those wanting John Wayne spitting into the dust and cowboys and Indians need look elsewhere...
      I've always liked Henry Fonda - and whilst many have pointed out that Mann's main man had previously been James Stewart, Fonda takes that slim thoughtfulness that Stewart eschewed and added dignity as well as grit - maybe somewhere between a Wayne and Stewart mix. You can never take your eyes off Henry Fonda - tall, dark and brooding if there ever was one. Anthony Perkins is (of course) very different to Norman Bates in Psycho and for those of us who saw him in that long before this earlier work, will not be disappointed. Fonda plays the older, wiser but now turned to bounty hunter ex lawman, who helps out rookie sheriff Perkins, both strategically but morally, too, when an outlaw gang terrorise the town.
      The near-silent ending is as tense as you'll find anywhere within any Western - and you will be both too - silent AND tense...
      Radio Times gives Tin Star a rare five stars - and you won't see this undervalued and under-known western on TV very often. It does get onto Sky Movies Classics once in a while but I don't recall it ever being on terrestrial TV, at least recently, so the DVD does make good sense. If you like the western genre and not yet seen The Tin Star, you really should...
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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