Along the Great Divide (1951)

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    • Along the Great Divide (1951)




      Plot Summary
      New Federal marshal Len Merrick saves Tim Keith from lynching at the hands of the Roden clan,
      and hopes to get him to Santa Loma for trial.
      Vindictive Ned Roden, whose son Ed was killed, still wants personal revenge,
      and Tim would like to escape before Ned catches up with him again.
      Can the marshal make it across the desert with Tim and his daughter? Even if he makes it,
      will justice be served?
      Written by Rod Crawford

      Kirk Douglas ... Marshal Len Merrick
      Virginia Mayo ... Ann Keith
      John Agar ... Billy Shear
      Walter Brennan ... Timothy 'Pop' Keith
      Ray Teal ... Deputy Lou Gray
      Hugh Sanders ... Frank Newcombe
      Morris Ankrum ... Ed Roden
      James Anderson ... Dan Roden
      Charles Meredith ... Judge Marlowe
      and many more...

      Raoul Walsh

      Writing Credits
      Walter Doniger ... (screenplay) (story)
      Lewis Meltzer ... (screenplay)

      Anthony Veiller ... producer

      David Buttolph

      Sidney Hickox ... (as Sid Hickox)

      Kirk Douglas' first western.

      Morris Ankrum played Ed Roden in both this movie and its remake, Cheyenne: The Travelers (1956).

      Both Morris Ankrum and Kenneth MacDonald would go on to play recurring judges on the Perry Mason (1957).

      Ned Roden: Who are you?
      Marshal Len Merrick: My name's Merrick. I'm United States Marshal here.
      Ned Roden: You're new in the territory.
      Marshal Len Merrick: The law isn't.

      Marshal Len Merrick: You're all guilty. You'll all pay.

      Filming Locations
      Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA
      Mojave Desert, California, USA
      Sierra Madre Mountains, California, USA
      Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA

      Watch the Movie

      Best Wishes
      London- England
    • Along the Great Divide is a 1951 American western film directed by
      Raoul Walsh and starring Kirk Douglas, Virginia Mayo,
      John Agar, and Walter Brennan.

      Duke,'Pals', Kirk Douglas, John Agar and Walter Brennan, star in this one

      User Review

      Quite dated...
      14 January 2005 | by gue_gg_ila (Caracas, Venezuela)

      gue wrote:

      It is a quite dated film, but that is not exactly it's problem! It is far from the best film ever. Quite out off reality. Terrible script, which lead to bad performances. Kirk Douglas manages to look credible, but the rest of the cast doesn't achieve what this great actor could in this film. This film proves that bad movies have been made since way before the 90s! Although it has good things, it is dated in almost every way, and it is full of too many flaws! Also, the film is quite predictable, but it has a good scenery and fails to deliver emotion. They make the character of Virginia Mayo very annoying too, and she fails as an actress!TERRIBLE! That forces me to give the film a 5/10,

      but because Kirk tried to make it better, I would actually rank it with a lower grade!
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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