I Shot Jesse James (1949)

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    • I Shot Jesse James (1949)




      Plot Summary
      While the law hunts him, Jesse James lives quietly in a rented house
      on the corner of Lafayette and Twenty-first street in St. Joseph, Missouri,
      under the alias of Tom Howard.
      His wife Zee begs him to end his association with the Ford brothers.
      Before they can leave on a "last" bank holdup, Bob learns that his childhood sweetheart,
      Cynthy Waters, now an actress, is in St. Joe and he brushes aside all caution to see her.
      Cynthy is beginning to realize that she is a liability to her manager, Harry Kane,
      because she will not leave Missouri.
      Meanwhile, John Kelley has come into her life.
      She pleads with Bob to turn honest.
      Cynthy tries to get a pardon for Bob, but the best offer she can get
      is for a 20-year stretch in prison.
      Then, the Governor offers amnesty and a $10,000 reward to any member
      of the James gang betraying Jesse.
      When his chance comes (April 3, 1882)Bob shoots Jesse in the back.
      He gets the amnesty but the reward is cut to $500.
      He also loses the love and respect of Cynthy,...
      Written by Les Adams

      Preston Foster ... Kelley
      Barbara Britton ... Cynthy
      John Ireland ... Bob Ford
      Reed Hadley ... Jesse James
      J. Edward Bromberg ... Kane
      Victor Kilian ... Soapy
      Tom Tyler ... Frank James
      Tommy Noonan ... Charles Ford (as Tom Noonan)
      Eddie Dunn ... Joe
      Margia Dean ... Saloon Singer
      Byron Foulger ... Silver King Room Clerk
      Jeni Le Gon ... Veronica
      Barbara Woodell ... Mrs. Zee James
      Phillip Pine ... Man in Saloon (as Phil Pine)
      Robin Short ... Troubadour
      and many more...

      Samuel Fuller

      Writing Credits
      Samuel Fuller ... (written by)
      Homer Croy ... (article)
      Robert Gardner ... (uncredited)

      Carl K. Hittleman ... producer
      Robert L. Lippert ... executive producer

      Albert Glasser

      Ernest Miller

      Shot in ten days.

      Director Samuel Fuller said that he wanted to make this picture because,
      unlike many filmmakers in Hollywood, he did not see the real Jesse James
      as a "folk hero" or someone to be admired.
      Fuller saw him as a cold-blooded psychopath who shot down women,
      children, the elderly, the helpless (his gang once stopped a Union hospital train
      and executed every wounded federal soldier on it)
      and, in Fuller's words, Bob Ford "did something that should have been done
      quite a bit earlier in the life of Jesse Woodson James".

      The skilled gunman who attracts younger opponents who want to defeat him
      is very commonplace in the world of westerns.
      This movie is said to be the one that started this trend.

      Directorial debut of Samuel Fuller.

      The character played by Robin Short, identified in the cast merely as "Troubadour,
      " is obviously based on the real-life traveling musician Billy Gashade,
      who shortly after Jesse James' death wrote the "Ballad of Jesse James"
      sung by Short in the film and also used as a recurring theme by composer Albert Glasser.

      When Jesse's wife serves bread at dinner, the bread presented
      has obviously been sliced by a modern bread-slicing machine.
      Bread-slicing machines were not introduced until 1928.

      Memorable Quotes

      Filming Locations
      Iverson Ranch - 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USARepublic Studios - 4024 Radford Avenue, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA (interiors)
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • I Shot Jesse James is a 1949 American western film
      directed by Samuel Fuller about the murder of Jesse James
      by Robert Ford and Robert Ford's life afterwards.

      The story is built around a fictional rivalry between Ford
      and his eventual killer Edward Kelley (called John in the film) over a woman.
      I Shot Jesse James is Samuel Fuller's first movie, and stars
      Reed Hadley as Jesse James and John Ireland as Bob Ford.

      The film was released on video by the Criterion Collection's Eclipse imprint
      together with The Baron of Arizona and The Steel Helmet.

      User Review

      My name is Robert Ford
      1 December 2009 | by kai ringler (United States)

      kai wrote:

      I think this movie is more about Robert Ford than say Jesse James. John Ireland does a great job as the cowardly Bob Ford.. the James gang just having finished another robbery is on the run hiding out somewhere in Missouri,, Jesse is living under an alias. One thing that this movie presented to me was that the James' somehow are related to the Younger's and the Dalton's interesting fact if its' true. With that price of 10,000 on Jesse's head it becomes almost impossible for Bob Ford to resist it,, he plans on getting a house in the country and marrying his sweetheart Cynthy,, so he figures to cash in on his friend Jesse's head dead or alive,, what he doesn't count on is 2 things,, first being the public outcry of Jesse's death,, also the shrinking of the reward money,, and secondly how Cynthy would react,, he figures she'd be happy so that they could get married and so on.. wrong ,,, she has a conscious, and starts to despise Bob,, and at best pity him. this is a pretty good telling of the story of Jesse getting shot by Bob.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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