Ambush (1950)

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    Plot Summary
    In 1878, Ward Kinsman, a prospector and Indian scout, has been persuaded by the US Cavalry to find Mary Carlyle, the daughter of a general, who has been taken by Apaches.

    Robert Taylor ... Ward Kinsman
    John Hodiak ... Capt. Ben Lorrison
    Arlene Dahl ... Ann Duverall
    Don Taylor ... Lt. Linus Delaney
    Jean Hagen ... Martha Conovan
    Bruce Cowling ... Tom Conovan
    Leon Ames ... Maj. C.E. Breverly
    John McIntire ... Frank Holly
    Pat Moriarity ... Sgt. Mack
    Charles Stevens ... Diablito
    Chief Thundercloud ... Tana
    Ray Teal ... Capt. J.R. Wolverson
    Robin Short ... Lt. Storrow
    Richard Bailey ... Lt. Tremaine
    and many more...

    Sam Wood

    Writing Credits
    Luke Short ... (story)
    Marguerite Roberts

    Armand Deutsch ... producer
    Sam Wood ... producer

    Rudolph G. Kopp

    Harold Lipstein

    Jean Hagen's movie debut.

    Final film of director Sam Wood.

    Memorable Quotes

    Filming Locations
    Corriganville, Ray Corrigan Ranch, Simi Valley, California, USA
    Gallup, New Mexico, USA

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  • Ambush is a 1950 western film directed by Sam Wood
    and starring Robert Taylor, John Hodiak and Arlene Dahl.
    This was the last film directed by Sam Wood.
    The plot is based on the serial story Ambush by Luke Short
    in The Saturday Evening Post (25 Dec 1948–12 Feb 1949).

    The movie was filmed on location at the Corriganville Ranch in Simi Valley, California,
    home of hundreds of western movies and television shows through the decades
    as well as such outdoor action films as The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and Jungle Jim (1948)
    Additional location work for the film took place in and around Gallup, New Mexico

    According to MGM records the film earned $2,108,000 in the US and Canada and $1,107,000 overseas, resulting in a $401,000 profit.

    User Review

    Standard fare but very well done
    22 May 2003 | by jxm4687 (Bend, Oregon)


    This is pretty standard cavalry outpost versus the Apaches fare, but it's well acted and directed, moves along at a good clip and boasts an intelligent script that develops its stock characters effectively. Robert Taylor is at his best in this kind of stalwart but human role. And the rest of the cast delivers strongly. (Arlene Dahl has great chemistry with both Taylor and John Hodiak, rivals for her affections.)

    This was director Sam Wood's last film. The many action scenes are well staged and exciting, although color would have enhanced them. This is an example of big-budget Hollywood westerns from the late 40's and early 50's (many better known than this, e.g., "Red River) which--for some reason--were filmed in black and white.

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