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    I just thought I would share with a few things that were said in my English 236 class today. The class is on William Shakesphere comdies. Well, my college English instructor is pretty much a bleeding heart liberal. She has a habit of going off topic which I find annoying. The discussion got started when a sudent asked her you never seem to miss a day of class. She respondes that she likes her job so much which helps her not want to miss a single day of teaching. She enjoys teaching at the college level on the account that she had a bad experience teaching at the high school level. She pretty much speaks her liberal mind. She mentioned that she changed Freshman compitison class to globalization theme. What I mean she one world person. It truly bothers how Americans seem to be so ingorant of other foreign cultures. Americans have wide variety of finding things out. She also mentioned when she travels aboard she told by the people in the countries she visites what Americans really are. It really bothers her what other nationalites think of Americans. She will take their view rather than that of her fellow Americans. She finding out that since English curriculum deals globalization and she can not refram from discussing her own politicals. Typical liberal, Americans are the most dumbest people in world. Captialism is stupied but she admitted that she does not prefer communism either. She cusses like a sailor, heavy on the F-word and is a sex manaic.

    She does like the news media seems to focus on Brittany Spears, Anna Nichol Smith and not deal with the real issues at hand. That is why does watch network news stations that includes Fox News. Ok she does want to be subjected to frivolous information which does not have an direct impact on her per say but she finds it necessarily to subject the whole class to her political opinions that do not have direct baring on class or the lives of her students. I can not wait for this class to be over.

    I am deeply sadden to learn of the passing of Bonaza star Pernell Roberts. I liked him as Adam Cartwright. He active in Civil Rights era for equality but and indentified liberal but I would his liberalism to far less liberal then what we have in Hollywood today. He served his country in the Marine Corps. Just so sad

    In response to Bill of PA about how Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh put their foot in their mouths. Sir I can understand how you feel. You all will recall Robertson past statements related to the attacks on 9/11. He said it was the will of God for the U.S embracing homosexuality, abortion, fornication. It is obvious that Pat Robertson has the answers as to why horrific things happen in life as result not living up to God’s high expectations for his creation.

    I recently just read an online article discussing Robertson controversial remarks. Here is the link for those who are interested.

    I also read some statements that have now left me somewhat conflicted. What is it God’s Wrath or the over imagination of Pat Robertson? Here are some of the statements in bold.

    This is for all the scholars out there and these people that do not believe in judgment. Read the Old Testament, read how God himself slew people causing all flesh to be destroyed save Noah. You can bet there were earthquakes then too. Read how God rained plagues and destruction on Egypt and judged the nation of Israel. What you never read about how the malcontents that opposed Moses were swallowed up in the firey cracks of the earth? God has been judging people since before time began. The people suffering today are no different. The sun shines on the just and the unjust. You as a human have no right to second guess God. Pat Robertson says we should pray for the people down there. If you find that offensive then you have the problem. Gods will judge everyone including Mr. Robertson and you.

    jaynickel you are a nutjob putting that link to smear Pat and just because you don't believe what he said is or could be true doesn't mean you have to smear him. What if it is true? How do you all know what he said Isn't true? Where there no floods? where innocent people not killed in past bible times? Is there not pestilence and disease? Perhaps God has a plan and you have and will never have a clue. God gave us life and he can take it away at anytime. God can also Judge at anytime. If the bible says not to homosexuality for example does that mean God is wrong and homosexuals are right when they say its natural? Of course not it demonic and they are wrong, God is always right.
    Same thing applies here. Did God not kill all the Egyptians first born sons for defying Gods will? They were innocent babies but they died because God killed them to punish their fathers. Innocents can suffer for the sins of the Sinners. Actions have consequences and the evil of men can kill and the innocent. If God did punish the Haitians for all their sins including voodoo, etc then how do you know this was not punishment like the first born being killed in Egypt or like Sodom in the bible? The point is you all don't know so unless you know perhaps you should listen to a man who is an expert Theologian and Bible Scholar who could school all of you left and right. If he speaks simple and clear it is not because he is an Idiot, but rather because you are and he is simplifying it so you could understand the complexities in a nutshell.

    believe we can easily use reasoning in order to justify ourselves or our opinions and/or to unjustify others actions or stands. When we bring GOD into the formula things should change. GOD = A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural being, who is always of significant power, worshipped, thought holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, or respected by human beings. GOD is not who we want him to be, HE IS! Is the real question whether God brought this earthquake on the Island of Haiti or that His hand was not over it to protect it? You can not expect a Loving God which you do not: worship, obey, listen to, are ruled BY and HAVE A BLOOD COVENANT WITH, to protect you unless he is the one you BOW DOWN TO AND SERVE. Therefore the god WE serve or perceive is the god WE WILL receive. We can blame God or the Christian movement's belief in Jesus Christ,(as absolute truth), for being out of touch with the world’s view of gods and their role in human life... Then of course any argument even those with religious titles and or educational background is acceptable.... There is only one Creator GOD but many man gods... you are free to chose who you serve. Your conclusion on which one was responsible for the earthquake will depend on the evidence you give which shows which one you serve! Truth is eternal; it can not be changed by popular demands or behavioral changes. (John 3:16), Matthew 7:13 [The Narrow and Wide Gates] "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.
    Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.
    Proverbs 21:2 All a man's ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart.

    Opinions are only worth their eternal value; eternity will prove which opinions were based on eternal truths.

    Americans - have you forgotten the media pictures of Haitians dancing and CELEBRATING our 9/11 tragedy? CELEBRATING IT FOLKS! I won't send a single dime to them.


    Pat through 700 Club, CBN and Operation Blessing has given more money, more food, more clothes than probably the top ten organizations combined. Too bad you don't investigate before you speak!

    Hang Obama, Pelosi and Reid. There all part of a one party rule and liberals love it. They think they will be in power for years to come.

    Sorry JohnWayneFan4Life but he claims he is from the south. He also claims he was a Marine in Special Forces during the Gulf War.

    He is defiantly a luke warm Republican. He tells me that he hates to admit it that Democrats fellow Christ teachings better than Republicans do. Feed the poor and show respect towards everyone.
    That is baloney they like to redistribute the wealth by taking money from hard working tax payers and distributing it to the lazy. Also Democrats are not warm and fuzzy towards everyone especially Christians and Conservatives. If you don not agree with their viewpoints they berate you. They constantly ridicule us conservative with childish insults.
    This guy is big on intellectualism and sophiscation yet uses derogatory names and profanity towards me. I guess is the true form of sophiscation. He brates me about my grammar and spelling which I admit that is not always perfect the way it should be.

    He labled me the Sarah Palin of Imdb. It is obvious he blames her for McCain losing to Obama.

    Politically Burton was a lifelong socialist, although he was never as heavily involved in politics as Stanley Baker. He greatly admired Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy and once got into a sonnet-quoting contest with him. Ironically, Burton got along well with Churchill when he met him at a play in London, and kept a bust of him on his mantelpiece. While filming in Yugoslavia he publicly proclaimed that he was a communist, saying he felt no contradiction between earning vast sums of money for films and holding very left-wing views since "unlike capitalists, I don't exploit other people."

    He was a womanzier, drunkard and a jerk. I hate communism with a deep passion.

    Well thanks Chester7777 for your comments. I hate to admit but this guy angers me. He thinks he is so great because he has a masters degree Theology and rock climbs and he also mentioned he was in the Military. He thinks he is a complete know it all. He is seriously obnoxious and conceding which I find to be quite prevalent among liberals.

    I am sure many here tired of liberalism. For the last two days I have been battling it out with a guy by the username thespius19' on Imdb. He is very arrogant and cocky. There is a new show about Spartacus Sands and Blood on the Star channel. I believe the show to be too racy for my taste and made my comments about it.

    He claims he is a Republican and a Catholic yet he makes attacks against conservatives and Christians. He also who blames conservatives who he refers to as ultra- conservative for ruining the Republican Party. He was for John McCain in the last election and he involved in his campaign.

    He asserts that I am a hillbilly and an inbred. I am actually neither one of them. He claims to be an independent person but his rhetoric I have heard before. He is a liberal which I have called out on, though he has not admitted to being one.

    Liberals think that they so far superior intellectually. If someone misspells a word or use a word or sentence grammatically incorrect they like to tease you about it. That is a sign to them that you’re ignorant. They make the case that only conservatives are capable of that.

    Well, some here think that I have some sort of hidden agenda which is to cause trouble on the message board. The reason why I posted my message was to get a mature, honest and fair minded opinions and my sole intention was not to start a frenzy.

    In response to the member who stated, “I associate with all kinds of people, and have dated liberals myself. They are fun, but they do not influence me in my political, religious, and personal beliefs.” Well I am glad that have not let the heathens influence you. There are many can be persuaded to believe the wrong crooked ideas of the far left. I say this about liberals they very good manipulators and they can draw many their side because many people who not educated about can fall their for the liberal trap.

    As to liberals being fun I imagine that in stellar activities they are doing drugs, consuming large amounts of alcohol per day is what they do best. Just ask “Robin Williams”. Another fun aspect about liberals is their indulgence in promiscuity and Former President Bill Clinton can testify to that himself. Oh, that’s right he did testify on the witness stand and got off scot free. Liberals are evil people as they have no honorable qualities just dishonorable ones.

    Rock Hudson is one who I can tolerate. In his hay day he processed all the good qualities of American male. He kept his lifestyle to himself and had no desire to display it before witness to make a political point. Rock Hudson was also a good Republican and supported conservatives ideas of the party all throughout his life. When the rise of the gay movement started in the late 60’s and early 70’s he felt that it was wrong for people of his kind to flaunt their lifestyle publically or demanded equal treatment. So it is hard to image that he was gay. From what I read about Rock Hudson I gather that he was sort of ashamed of his lifestyle and probably wished he had been straight as does many people in America wished he was.

    Well, Stumpy I agree with totally about this. Maybe Lee Marvin felt the same way as you do. "If you read Lee's mini-biography on the Imdb website, there's also mention of his [liberal] views concerning homosexuality."[QUOTE] Are to believe everything that Imdb or any other site says about. I remain skeptical about what I read. I reasearch before I believe it.

    Those who have responded to my tread I wonder if you all have read the link. I must admit that I am surprised by the laid back attitude about this topic with Lee Marvin. I thought people would respond with disappointment because they were not aware of this about Lee Marvin or other dismiss this as a bunch of nonsense. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to stir up trouble on the message board, but my intention is only to make sense of of I just learned last week. When I read the article and the subject of gay rights I came with that he libertarian on this issue. He did not specifically say that he supported their cause but felt what two adults did in their private was none of his business. There are those who would say to the contrary. It is a matter of one's own interpretation. Who ever wrote that Lee Marvin was for gay rights interpreted as such from reading the Playboy issue. “Wikipedia” is really not a creditable source of information on someone or something. I refuse to believe Lee Marvin was a true liberal but he was not as conservative as John Wayne was.

    Last, Thursday I looked up Lee Marvin on Wikipedia and to my very surpise it stated that he was a liberal Democrat who opposed the Vietnam War and was the first in Hollywood to support gay rights. Man, I was just blown away by this. Lee Marvin a WW 2 Marine would be liberal. I had always assumed Lee Marvin was a conservative like John Wayne.

    The part about the gay rights came from interview he did with playboy in 1969. I looked it up on line and was lucky someone had to view. I read the whole article and came away with mixed views. I am posting the link for people here to view. I am anxious to what reactions I will recieve.

    P.S. the page the article is divided in individual sections and the homosexual subject is on page five.

    Hello to all the John Wayne members out there. It has been a while since I posted a message. I have recived several emails from this club wanting to come back. Well, the thing is I never lift in the first place. I have been busy for the past three and half months with school. Now, I have some free time chat with you ya'll. I would like to let everyone know that I am doing ok.:wink_smile:

    I take it that RingoKid does not like me very much as he trying to tell eveyone on here that I am MarshalWillKane on Imdb attacking John Wayne and many of the other actors. Well that is not true because I am not that wacko liberal that spends all his time bashing famous conservative actors. I had a happy childhood and recieved plenty of attention while growing up. I have better things to do then run down other people for no reason at all. I just want to clear my name that's all.:teeth_smile:

    Well I personally will not waste my time and money to go see Brad Pitt as Jesse James. I can't stand Brad Pitt as actor or as a human being. He is highly over raided as a celebrity. The media gives to much attention to losers such Pitt. He is just a glamour boy that can't act even if his retirement petition depended on it. Why I dislike him most is obvious he a Hollywood liberal who champions for lost causes. He said he would never marry Angelina Jolie until the United States allows everyone to marry, meaning granting homosexuals to get married.

    Does anyone here think he would standup for this great country if he witnessed others bashing of Grand Old U.S.A. I hardly think so, instead he would agree with them and spout off anti American statements like a typical left winger. Unlike John Wayne who went out of his to defend this country and portray it in a positive light unlike so many other liberal jerks who want portray us in a negative light. Brad Pitt does not the integrity or charisma to be respectfully noticed by people like me.

    John Wayne earned his place in cinema history and the hearts of his fellow countrymen. It took a great deal of many years to get where he was. He didn't just one or two pictures and was A-list actor. He paid his dues, but sadly actors of today make one movie and they are A-list actors with such tremendous talent. Brad Pitt never made a good film as of yet. He totally relies on his boyish looks to get him any where.

    If he should ever see the light and change from a dumb witted liberal to intelligent conservative I would support and would take the time to see his movies. Until then he is not getting any my money that’s for sure. Surprisingly guy like him who was born in Oklahoma and grew up in Missouri could to be pointless waste of talent. People in those two I just mentioned are better places with Family unity and have high morals and Brad Pitt never picked up on that.

    Hello to all the John Wayne fans out there. I very greatful that I stumbled on to this very site. I also proud to be a member community webpage on John Wayne a true hero that hardly any other actor could match. John Wayne would be honored by this website. So many websites are dedicated to actors who have no morals and stand for complete evil which John Wayne stood against. John Wayne is the best that there is. Thank God for John Wayne:teeth_smile: