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    I was in a job interview once, and the guy doing the interview asked me for a joke. This was the one I told. I didn't get the job, but I ran into the guy three years later and he remembered the joke.

    Two mid level executives went to their doctors. Each one was told that he was in bad shape. Too tense, needed to relax. Take up a hobby. Well, they got together that day and tried to think of something. Golf was out, to much stress. Stamp collecting was boring, running was too much work. So they both decided to take up fishing. Low stress and it gets them outside.

    Well they go down to Bass Pro shops and load up. They buy gear, rods, lures, you name it, they bought it. They even went down and bought a pick-up to haul everything around with.

    So, first day they rent a boat and head out on the lake, they're casting away. One throw after another. Man they are working up a sweat just cranking in their lures. Nothing but a water haul. Then they round a bend in the lake, and everything they throw takes a hit. They are hauling in one fish after another. In just an hour, they limit out. They start to pack up when the one guy turns to his buddy.

    "We ought to mark this place so we can find it again when we come back out."

    "Good idea," the second one says. He rummages around in his tackle box for a few minutes and produces a can of black paint. He then proceeds to paint a big black X in the bottom of the boat.

    "Now that's just the dumbest thing I've ever seen," the first exec says, "absolutely stupid."


    "Well what happens if we don't get the same boat next time?"

    Well, I like coming here as often as I can, but I don't always post. Have to admitt I feel a little out-gunned by some of y'all.

    I just turned 38 a few days ago (I can't be that old, good grief I was just in college yesterday wasn't I?) and am a blond haired, green eyed aryan poster child. The twist is I have the blood of three tribes in me. People can never figure that one out when I tell 'em.

    I've got the greatest wife, and two kids. My son is 12, and just spent the day teaching Hunter Ed with me, and my daughter is 4. I hope to get her out in the field one of these days too, but my wife just rolls her eyes when I talk about it.

    I grew up in Illinois on a small farm breeding and training horses. When I turned 18, I left home (believe me, there was nothing in the way of jobs around here back then. Still sparse) and went out to Arizona to work the ranches for a couple years. Worked horse farms in Scottsdale and Tucson for a couple years, then came back to Illinois and worked a few back here. Ex wife talked me out of the horse industry and I went into teaching.

    (Jumping spiders. You want to know how many times I chased them buggars out of the barn with a scoop shovel in the morning? Don't try to stomp a tarantula, it just makes them mad. Shovel, ball bat, shotgun. Take your pick. had one jump when I tried to stomp it, and it ended up jumping onto my leg! Yeesh!)

    First year of teaching, my ex decided she liked one of my students in our bed better than she like me in it, divorced me, and cost me my job. I've been doing various things since then. Right now, working in a factory. hate the job, but it puts taters on the table.

    Met my wonderful wife while working as a reporter. Dated about a year, decided we were to much in love to live apart, and got married. Love her more every day that I spend with her and thank God every day for filling my life.

    Suppliment my income by free-lance writing. Sold one article late last year to Carousel News and Trader, and have sold two this year to Shoot! magazine. Hope this signals a new career taking off.

    MY middle brother and his wife and daughter now live in Fountain Hills AZ, and my youngest brother just re-upped for the Seventh Cav and shipped for Iraq back in Jan. He's got a full year rotation to do. His wife and daughter live close by in Iowa, so I get to see them now and then.

    As for being a Duke fan, lets see, I've been around 38 years, so I figure it's been about that long. See y'all around.

    Red Coyote :cowboy:

    That is great. I've always wondered what was wrong with being a cowboy. I've considered myself a mid-west cowboy most of my life. Most of my buddies fall into that category as well. I like cowboys, and what they mean to the American way of life. Lawyers, Politicians and others of thier ilk could take a few lessons from the plain old cowboy. I'll have to e-mail this link around. Right now, I have a brother, two first cousins, and one of their spouses serving in Iraq right now. Soldier, cowboy. They are an awful lot alike. :cowboy:

    Thanks for the list guys. Sad subject. Hate to see the older generation go. Seems like the great ones are fast fading.

    Another to add to the list is Earl Hinman. He was Wilson for all those years on "Home Improvment."

    Well, there's a real long story behind my name. I used to post under a couple differant names in differant places, but I've found that Red Coyote is pretty unique :D One of these days, I might even go into how I picked it out, but for now I'll just say that it's a good name that works for me.

    In regards to the board, I thoroughly enjoy it. I'm a Duke fan (obvioulsy) but not as knowledgeable as some are here. I do stop by as often as I can, but on second shift with a daughter in pre-school it's not as often as I would like. :(

    Sounds like it can't be any more legit than that. Sounds like a second generation SAA. At the time that JW probably picked it up, they were a pretty cheap buy. Easy to have worked on both by the Colt Custom Shop and by good smiths around the country. They ain't that cheap, or easy to come by these days. I wouldn't even want to try to price on just as a collector's peice, let alone on that is verifiably JW's.

    If it is a Colt Bisly, then it came out of the Colt Custom Shop. You should be able to contact the company and track that particular gun from the factory. They should be able to give you a vendor who would have sold the pistol, and verify the purchaser. If it was sent back to the factory to be custom altered, they will be able to confirm that as well. I know for a fact that Winchester does this for a fee, and if I remember correctly, Colt does as well. I don't know what they would charge, but give the company a call, I'm sure they have an 800 customer service number that can give you more information. Good luck.

    the Bisley is a single action as well. You have to cock it yourself to fire it. It is just a differant modle than the SAA Peacemaker. The enlarged trigger guard may well be a custom fit for JW's hands. The Bislely style itself is more of a target pistol than the SAA, as it fits the hand differantly. They are also considered more accurate than the SAA by a lot of people.

    Unless you handle them yourself, you're not going to be able to tell much of a differance. Unless you get a close-up of the handles of the pistols. On a Ruger, you will see the flaming eagle emblem with a red background. On the Colt, you have the rearing horse emblem.

    The Vequreo is a recent manufacture. It hasn't been in production ten years yet. Cosmetically, they are a copy of the Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army (aka the Peacemaker) Internally, they are all Ruger. They are easier to work on, and in my opinion, more accurate than the Colt. They are also priced at about a grand less than the Colt.

    If someone is trying to pass off a set of Vaqueros as some of Duke's guns, they're looking for a sucker. They would have to be original Colts to have belonged to Wayne.

    I'm sorry to see Jack go too. The man was under-rated in my mind. I liked the comedies I saw him in too. The man knew how to play off his looks. Lot's of the old timers are going. Can't see to many "flavors of the week" who can take their place.

    Guess I poked a bear here. I could care less how Drew Barrymore has lived her life. Frankly, I'm glad that she has got her act together and reduced her risk of following in the footsteps of her ancestors early deaths. That didn't form my opinion of her. My opinion was formed by the way she looked uncomfortable in the whole movie, and didn't deliver that good of a preformance, in my opinion. That's what we're talking about here, is people's opinions.

    As for Costner. I didn't say he couldn't act, nor did I say he hasn't turned in some impressive perfomances. Dances With Wolves is one of my favorites, as is Bull Duram. I even like The Postman. I can't judge Open Range because I haven't seen it. What I can say is that the role he played as Jake in Silverado made him and the charector look like a dork, again, in my opinion.

    Are both of the people I mentioned good actors? yes, some of the best. The roles they chose in this case weren't the best, nor did they pull them off the best.

    Well, right now I'm dead in the center of Illinois, but grew up along the banks of the Muddy Miss. In fact, Wayne's birthplace in only a couple hours down the road from me. One of these days I'll have to get over with the family and take the tour. The Iowa Welcome Center has a pretty nice display of Wayne and his family home off I-80 in LeClaire. Give a lot of info, so I'll have to pick some up next time I stop in for us here on the board. :cowboy:

    Well, my wife is a few years older than me (she's in the next age group :D ) but she's a huge John Wayne fan too. Must be one of the reasons we get along so well. My son who is now 12 is just getting introduced to Duke through a few of the movies we have, and my 4 year old daughter likes the movies 'cause of the horsies. Run in the blood. First Wayne movie I saw when I was about 10 or so was Rio Lobo on the late show. Saw The Shootist in the theater with my mom. cried at that one.

    My folks are Wayne fans too, but they grew up in the Roy Rogers era. Matter of fact, they just got back from the Roy Rogers Museum down on Branson. Can't wait to see the pics mom got.