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    Ah yes, tis' fall and the halloween season is at hand, so we are now watching a lot of classic horror films :fear2: . The wife and I just watched "Vanhelsing" and we are cueing up "The Wolfman" the Lon Channey jr. classic as we speak. I'm waiting for the Michael Landon "B" horror flick "I was a teenage werewolf" to come in the mail :jump: .
    By the way, I love the "Bruce" avatar Moonshine Sally


    Originally posted by Moonshine_Sally@Oct 19 2006, 12:55 PM
    My mom comes from a large family and her oldest brother is now 83yrs old while her youngest brother will turn 54 next month.That is enough of an age difference to me.


    Ya know, it occured to me, the one thing I think we fogot to mention when talking about the age span in the Elder brothers characters and the fact that Katie would had to have been fertile for 30 some odd years, is the fact that back in the 1700's, 1800's, and up into the 1900's that is wasn't uncommon for girls to wed as early as 12 yrs. old (some by arranged marriages) and have their first child by the time they were 13 or 14 yrs. old and would continue to have children into their early 40's, especially in rural areas, as well as in some metropolitan areas.

    Yes indeed! I do appreciate the info. I may not post a lot, but I do read a bunch, and most everytime I learn something new ;) .

    Sorry bout that. I missed you already posted that info. Sometimes in long post's I miss some info and sometimes my little ol' attention span wanders :uhuh: .

    Hi Chester. Just to let you know, Wal-Mart has "North to Alaska" packaged with "The Undefeated" in their spotlight series doulbe feature set for $9.97. Check your local store they have been a wealth of JW films to help build my collection, with out depleteing my wallet :D. Don't forget to look in the $5.50 bin. I got a buch out of there as well. An added plus to this is NO SHIPPING CHARGES! :jump:

    I just watched this film today, and it continues to be one of my favorite Duke pictures. It is fun from start to finish. The loggers picnic scenes are my favorite. I love the Johnny Horton sung theme song, I think I could do with out the Fabian song though. I always though he was lousy. With likes of Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis and Eddie Cochran, all of whom were handsome, Popular, teen heart trobs at that time and all could really sing! How did Fabian get a recording contract, but more importantly, who did he know to get cast in this movie????????? :huh:

    It wasn't unusual for people in rural America to have rather large families and at a vast age, my Dad's family was 13 brothes and sisters with 4 half brothers and a half sister for a grand total of 18 kids :wacko: , the first being born in 1928 and the last being born in 1954. Birth control was not well practiced then or before.

    Check this out, there was indeed a Kate Elder. She was Doc Holliday's (of O.K. corral fame) wife/girlfriend or whatever. She was called "Big nosed" Kate Elder.

    I know this sounds petty and it probably is, but I refuse to buy "The Cowboys" I have seen it, but I won't buy. It annoys me how JW was killed in the such a cowardly anti-climatic way. And like most I hated Dern for his role in the movie even though it was not his fault, it's just Hollywood. Silly, I know!

    I just turned 39 the 6th of September, but I have been a JW fan since I was about 7. Check this out, My oldest son Zach, who's 8, is also a huge fan as well, but what is really cool is that he shares the same birthdate as the Duke , May 26th. He is always quick to add that his b-day is the same as John Wayne's when ever he is asked what his b-day is. :D

    Indeed! I am really careful to read all feedback of sellers. Too many negatives and pass'em by like a freight train passing a hobo. Sorry to hear about the book. I only had one deal go bad and that involved a Beatles lp. The seller took photos and gave a description of one fairly rare lp and sent me a cheap reissue. Ever since I really scrutinize all possible sellers I deal with. Please don't misunderstand my post, I am not shilling for that "famous on line auction site" I just wanted to let other JW fans that there are still great deals out there for the "Icon" box set. If I am not wrong but I think this is the only way to "Pittsburgh" and maybe the rest of the films in the set on dvd.

    Thanks Mark. I plan on being around a bit now, I had some medical problems and the same time I joined , but all is cool now. One more thing, I don't know whether anyone else has mentioned this, but when ever I go to that one store ...........something-mart ;) , I alway check the cheap $5.50 dvd bin and it has been a wealth of Duke movies like, The Searchers, Rio Grande, and The Fighting Kentuckian just to name a few. I just thought I would share this info with the other members. Each trip I make almost seems like :newyear:

    Hi. It's been a while since I posted at this site but I just got to let some of the fans know I just picked this box set up on that "famous online auction site" for $3.25 plus $3.50 shipping. New and sealed. So it does pay to watch those sites every now and again. The cheapest I have found this locally has been $27.00 at one of those large book, dvd, and music retailers.

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes. I feel at home already :D . Looks like its going to be a lot of fun here! B)
    Thanks again, sun526......

    Hi all. I'm new to this forum, but I've been a John Wayne fan for several years. This is my first post and I'm not sure why it took me so long to find this forum, but I'm glad I did. I love what I've seen so far and I hope to be around for while. I Look forward to meeting everyone and chatting about my favorite actor. "The Duke". B)