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Changes coming to the JWMB



Should we wear a mask for COVID-19?


Seeing Stars (1927)



Careful Please (1926)




  • OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Fans of one of America’s favorite cowboys will have a unique opportunity to learn more about him and one of his most popular films.

    On Friday, Jan. 10, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is honoring The Duke with an exciting evening of food and fun.

    The evening will begin with John Wayne’s own granddaughter, Anita La Cava Swift, who will give an introduction into the 1969 film True Grit.

    Guests will be able to dine on a buffet meal prepared by The Petroleum… [Read More]
  • Along with Flash Gordon, Joseph Campbell, and about a million other things, George Lucas was inspired by The Searchers when he created Star Wars. The director even slid a few subtle references to the film into A New Hope.

    The star of The Searchers, of course, is John Wayne, so it's cool in a full-circle kind of way that his grandson is now officially part of the Star Wars universe.

    Brendan Wayne got his start in the family business in a 2001 episode of Angel, and since then he's appeared in a… [Read More]
  • Despite being voted a “Protected Structure”, Maureen O’Hara’s dearest wish to see the beloved Galway cottage restored can not happen without the owner’s involvement and actions from the Council

    There are no plans for the cottage, made famous in the 1952 movie The Quietman, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, to be saved despite the fact that it legally qualifies as a protected structure a dismayed community leader told IrishCentral.

    The White O’ Morn Cottage, in Ternakill, Maam, County… [Read More]


  • Robbie -

    Replied to the thread Changes coming to the JWMB.

    Good to see the site still going, well done Kevin.
  • Ma He -

    Posted the thread Should we wear a mask for COVID-19?.

    Yes I’m wearing a mask for COVID-19! You should too! Wondering which mask to buy? This can help! I’m in China and wearing a mask, and wherever you are in the world with confirmed cases of COVID-19, I think you should too. But out of way too many…
  • Pompon -

    Replied to the thread Seeing Stars (1927).

    Hello. I'm looking for this film. Can you say me where i can find it ? Great thanks.
  • Pompon -

    Replied to the thread Careful Please (1926).

    Thank you for your answer.
  • dukefan1 -

    Replied to the thread Careful Please (1926).

    Hello Pompon, and welcome to the forum. I did a quick search for you, but can't really find a copy of the film. I did find a 3 minute excerpt on Youtube. Try looking there. Sorry I couldn't help more. Maybe someone else will know. Mark

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