Three Girls Lost (1931)

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    Duke with Loretta Young


    Plot Summary
    Three smalltown girls, Noreen, Edna, and Marsha, arrive in the big city
    and rent an apartment together. When Marsha becomes locked out without her key
    handsome architect Gordon Wales helps her get in, and a mild flirtation developes.
    Gordon gets Marsha a job with wealthy William Marriott, who falls for her.
    Marriott, though, is a racketeer with vengeful enemies.
    When he is murdered, Gordon becomes a suspect, due to remarks by Marsha
    that cause the authorities to think Gordon was jealous of Marriott over Marsha.
    Gordon, however, has found himself truly attracted to Marsha's roommate, Noreen.
    Noreen nobly enlists her smalltown sweetheart in Gordon's legal defense.
    Summary written by Jim Beaver

    Full Cast
    Loretta Young .... Norene McMann
    Lew Cody .... William (Jack) Marriott
    John Wayne .... Gordon Wales
    Joan Marsh .... Marcia Tallant
    Joyce Compton .... Edna Best
    Brooks Benedict .... Airport Lothario (uncredited)
    George Beranger .... Andre (uncredited)
    Ward Bond .... Airline Steward (uncredited)
    Paul Fix .... Tony Halcomb (uncredited)
    Willie Fung .... Chinese Headwaiter (uncredited)
    Sherry Hall .... Reporter (uncredited)
    Tenen Holtz .... Photographer (uncredited)
    Hank Mann .... Taxicab Driver (uncredited)
    Robert Emmett O'Conn.... Detective (uncredited)
    Bert Roach .... Undetermined Role (uncredited)
    Charles Sullivan .... Taxicab Driver (uncredited)
    Kathrin Clare Ward .... Mrs. McGee (uncredited)

    Writing Credits
    Robert Hardy Andrews (story)
    Bradley King

    L. William O'Connell

    The movie exists at the UCLA (University College Los Angeles)[/COLOR][/B] (1 reel missing)


    Filming Locations

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Three Girls Lost is a 1931 American Western film directed by Sidney Lanfield
    and starring Loretta Young, Lew Cody, and John Wayne.
    Based on a story by Robert Hardy Andrews,
    the film is about an architect who finds his neighbor locked out and flirts with her.
    When he is accused of murdering a racketeer,
    he becomes romantically involved with his neighbor's roommate.

    The film miscast Duke as an architect.
    He plays a gentlemen
    who stands passively as a girl is abducted.

    Duke hated the scene, and told the director


    he would have stopped the abduction.

    The director Sidney Lansfield said


    Duke, you're playing a gentleman

    Duke questioned his definition of 'gentleman',
    but played the part anyway.

    Variety thought


    Duke showed promise,

    but panned the film.

    The New York Times reviewer best sums up the film


    It is all rather silly

    The movie exists at the UCLA (University College Los Angeles)[/COLOR][/B]
    (1 reel missing)

    It would be great, if any of our members,
    have seen this film, and could add their comments

    User Review


    $75 Per Week
    5 February 2004 | by Single-Black-Male (London, England)

    After 'The Big Trail', the 24 year old John Wayne was on $75 per week.
    This film highlights his awkward sideways smile, a genuine expression from his soul.
    He delivers his lines clumsily though, fluffing a few simple words.

    Best Wishes
    London- England

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  • Well, this is what the UCLA Film and Television Archive had to say about this film. They claim to have an incomplete print of it in their library, however it is apparently not available for public viewing.


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  • Hopefully there really is a master print in their archives and that one day the print will be copied so that we can see this early film of John Wayne with Loretta Young. I do not believe they were paired in any other films, but I could be off on that assertion. Even an incomplete copy of the film would be superior to no existing copy at all.

  • I have an ORIGINAL screen continuity and script from this movie. It is complete and the entire script is over 100 pages. I had a previous posting of copies of another original script that I own THE BIG TRAIL, it went so well, that I have decided to offer copies of this script as well. This script from 3 GIRLS LOST is even rarer, as there is no DVD or movie copies available. This is somewhat of a lost movie with parts of it missing. So the only way to really see the entire movie is through this script and continuity. If you are interested in a copy please email me at:
    [email protected]
    Thank You