Last Non Western You Watched

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  • The Wild Geese was last nights choice, Richard Burton, Roger More, Richard Harris and Hardy Kruger

    Nother great movie. Also if interested? I have a contact addy for both Sir Roger Moore and Hardy Krueger. They are the only two living star cast members.

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  • Rocklin, you're reading my mind. I just received the Blue of "The Wild Geese" but plan on viewing it tomorrow. Ice Station has been on my mind since I noticed the other day that Jim Brown had starred with Ernest Borgnine in "The Dirty Dozen", "The Split" and Ice Station within a few years span.
    Anyway, today I watched "They Came to Rob Las Vegas", which I had always heard was good, but violent. It took awhile to get started but was more interesting and twisty than I had anticipated. Not a movie I plan on seeing again, but feel like I've filled in a gap in my movie history. It featured Jack Palance, Lee J. Cobb, Elke (sigh) Sommer, and Gary Lockwood.

    We deal in lead, friend.

  • 633 Squadron was my choice last night even the musical score is outstanding, to make the film, which is based on a true story.
    A Squadron of Legendary Mosquito fighter bombers was resurrected from near extinction.
    Dazzling flying sequences, bone shaking sound and superb special effects help make this one of the most realistic air combat films ever to reach the screen.

    Have we ever had a thread on the great musical score from any of the movies

  • Still on the war movies, my choice last night was the Battle Of Britain with great aerial photography and a great musical score really like the German music at the beginning of the movie.

  • Thank you Arthur and, im HOPING to score a few original stills from the movie this month. I sent a letter to a seller who has a few and I want them--badly ;-))

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Last night I saw thanks to TCM: The Dirty Dozen w/ Marvin, Borgnine, Ryan, Savalas, Bronson, Walker, Jaeckel, Cassevettes, Bronson, Sutherland, Kennedy, Webber and so many more. God I lone and never tire of that excellent movie.

    Es Ist Verboten Mit Gefangenen In Einzelhaft Zu Sprechen..

  • Watched all four of The Dirty Dozen movies over the last few weeks, two with Marvin and two with Savalas in.

    Bridge on the River Kwai was my movie choice last night.

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  • Hi

    Saturday night British television manages to achieve what most people would think was impossible namely four hours of rubbish on every major channel.
    This occurs to such an extent that one is forced to go to the sky movie channels and last nights offering was Johnny English Reborn with Rowan Atkinson, and believe it or not it was reasonably entertaining.



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