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  • Started to watch a 6-part series on the Medal of Honor. Right now im on the one dealing with the Civil War. I was too tired and sick last night to finish that part so will rewatch it today when I get back home. Also, the producers and researchers of that series have something greatly wrong in it and part of it is dealing with the first bravery "Award" created-which was the Order of the Purple Heart--which was a bravery decoration then--not one for being wounded. I was disappointed that they were wrong on how many recipients after the Revolutionary War-that were awarded the cloth badge surrounded with lace. There were three men who were awarded that badge by George Washington--all three were Sergeants.

    Anyway, one thing that surprised me was the mentioning that one Lady was also awarded the MoH--somehting ive never heard of nor seen mentioned????

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  • Hi

    The Gift Horse with Richard Atenborough and Trevor Howard and then Ironclad a very gory film telling the story of the siege of Rochester Castle by King John in the 13th Century bit like the mediaeval Magnificent Seven in that their are seven heroes and two survive but a bit too gory for my normal taste.



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  • Saw some War movies including: Go For Broke, The Dirty Dozen (yet again) and something else whose name escapes me at this time because of having the Flu.

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  • Just bought and will be watching: 300, this evening. Im not a big fan of that movie and PREFER the Richard Egan version much much more but-every time I see this one, im liking it a bit more. Also bought 4 James Stewart Westerns set as well as somehting else whose title I forget at this time.

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  • Machine Gun Preacher-very good, Perfect Sense-just ok scifi, and Dream House-I enjoyed it, but others may not. The ads were a bit deceptive.

  • The Tanks Are Coming: THIS evening and will give opinions next visit. Im sure that since "the Sarge himself" (Staff Sergeant Lafayette G. Pool-of whom the movie is really about but plagerised by a major movie Studio ((Warner Bros)) liked it, ill probably like it.

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  • I watched Dream House, and although it wasn't what I expected, I found it to be pretty good murder mystery. Watched U.S. Marshall's last night.

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  • The Tanks Are Coming. Not bad for a movie with only one "real" name starring in it. I was impressed because of the usage of so many "correct" vehicles and a pretty good choice of actual footage inserted where necessary. One thing I was really impressed with is-the fact that of all the inserted actual documentary material--I saw only two short few second clips of stuff ive seen numerous times before-the rest ive never seen, and ive seen thousands of Documentaries on WWII. One of the sequences inserted that ive seen before, is about a 2 second clip showing a German Artillery Sergeant ordering his gun battery to open fire.

    Anyway, any war movies fans here-I highly suggest watching this war movie.

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  • “Gone” with Amy Kettering who fights kidnappers holding her daughter hostage. Good movie on Lifetime Channel.

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  • None But the Brave w/ Frank Sinatra, Clint Walker, Richard Bakalyan, Tommy Sands and Brad Dexter. I never tire of this fine Pacific War Movie.

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