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  • Hi Guy, Yep, I watched them a couple of times. One of my favorite series. I THINK there was one year more after I stopped watching.......need to check up on it. Would LOVE to see some new ones if the same people are in them. Hope things are going well. I have been watching the old Law and Order series..........the different ones. Also watched Night Passage and Sea Change......two made for TV movies with Tom Selleck........DANG......wished they were a series! KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Hodges in Bones..jpgJust lost a post.........hate it when I do that. I went back to see if Netflix had any new BONES years........nope. BUT, I pulled up some favorite episodes and watched them. Because of my nursing....I really enjoy the forensic parts and scientific parts. Another favorite part is Seally Booth.....not bad, LOL. ALSO, was MOST surprised to find myself liking T.J. who played the "bug and slime" unbelievably wealthy guy, Jack Hodgkins. In a Christmas episode......he is shown shirtless.......unreal physique...who would have guessed? Always wondered if those wonderful blue eyes were contact enhanced. Still working with the pics...will get them right eventually, LOL!


    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • a couple Hammer Horrors for October-The Gorgon & The Devil Rides Out, both with Christopher Lee. Have to set the mood for
    this month.