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  • Midsomer Murders, episode 1 The Killings at Badgers Drift I really like this series but its a wonder that there is anybody left to murder in the villages around the series.

  • Last night, watched two movies I've been trying to catch up on. The first was Goon, a hockey movie about a a guy who comes from a high achieving family. Dad is a doctor, brother is a doctor, he's expected to be a doctor, but has nowhere near the smarts to do so. So, he's a bouncer at a bar. Goes to a hockey game and defends his buddy from a hockey player who came over the boards and beats the guy senseless. He ends up joining the other team and launches a career as a hockey enforcer, even though he shows up at his tryout wearing white figure skates. Heard it was a terrible movie, but I thought it got better as it went along. A lot of nasty language, but some good hockey scenes, especially the fighting scenes.
    Second movie was Pacific Rim, about the world being savaged by these huge monsters called, Kaiju, and the efforts by the people of earth to fight them, using special people who are able to use their physical and mental abilities to meld together as one as they man these huge robotic warriors. Interesting concept and quite different than the usual end of the world movies. Not too bad a flick.

  • Yesterday, besides the films I mentioned above, I got caught up on the missed episodes of the current season of CSI. Ended up watching three of them in order. Still think it's one of the best shows on tv.

  • Watched some of MacMillan and Wife with Rock Hudson and Susan Saint James........haven’t seen it since it was a series on TV. They were great together. Guess who was a guest star? I almost good buddy, Barbara McNair! She was a light black singer and actor ...........shame what happened to her because of husband Rick Manzie. On her way to the stars like a rocket, and then.................well, just too bad. Wonderful person she was. KEITH This is Barbara looking the way I knew her. I never ran into anyone who didn't just love her.

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • The Fighting Seabees, pity Duke's character had to die.

    We're the Seabees of the navy we can build and we can fight we'll pave the way to victory and guard is day and night and we promise to remember the seventh of December we're the seabees of the navy bees of the seven seas

  • We went to the multiplex with another couple and saw "Last Vegas". Although it didn't receive rave reviews, we (and the packed audience) loved it. Not much of a plot, but very funny. Kevin Kline steals the whole movie.

    We deal in lead, friend.