Last Non Western You Watched

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  • Today, wife and I went to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Absolutely loved this movie. Thought it was every bit as good as the first one. Now, have to wait till November for the next one, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt1.

  • Justified season opener-great show, Banshee-enire season watched over the last week. Lots of sex and violence, but entertaining as hell.

  • Marty with Ernie Borgnine. They mention The Stardust Ballroom a few times. Now, I think I will go back and watch Queen of the Stardust Ballroom with Jean Stapleton and Charles Durning. I love both of those movies. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • I think British T.V as gone mad because the BBC as put us a new series on The Musketeers watched first episode looks like it could be a good series, maybe they might find us a western series, that's a big hope I think.