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    There are 31 replies in this Thread. The last Post () by grumpy.

    • Kevin wrote:

      One day I'll make out there. Great photos @grumpy thanks for sharing them with us.

      I actually marvel at the creativity of the film's location scouts in
      finding all of these filming sites within such a relatively compact area.

      Kevin- ( and Mark and anyone else that is interested) : I urge any and all who feel this way to just do it. There are few other John Wayne films of note where the locations are as accessible to the public, and dense as this area of Colorado. Combine it with a visit to Silverton and the Durango and Silverton RR and you have 3- 4 days of scenery that anyone would enjoy, and the added bonus of the the film history. Lots of stuff for the spouse and family to enjoy as even the non film scenery is awesome.

      I wouldn't expect the film structures to last a whole lot longer as both they and much of the historic mining fabric in this area of the San Juan mountains are deteriorating due to harsh climate and lack of maintenance.

      At this moment one could easily see without leaving downtown Ridgway itself.

      The park where the Hanging scene took place.
      The Saloon where Frank Ross was killed
      The Street where Cogburn laid the "Colts Dragoon" on Matties shoulder.
      The Undertakers
      Chen Lees ( at least the part that remains...)
      The paddy wagon.
      Interior wall of the True Grit Cafe ( was an outside wall in the film seen behind the Paddy Wagon)

      Others with a little bit more distance and difficulty:

      Shootout meadow ( up County Rte 10, Owl Creek Pass)
      The Sleeping Rock
      ( up County Rte 10, Owl Creek Pass)
      Location of the I've Freighted Iron Stoves scenes etc.
      ( up County Rte 10, Owl Creek Pass)
      Location of the camping scene ( small fire is Ranger policy..etc)
      ( up County Rte 10, Owl Creek Pass)
      The Ross Ranch and Homestead ( Last Dollar Road )
      The Courthouse ( Interiors - in Ouray Co. just down 550 from Ridgway.)
      The location of MacAlesters store ( off 62X off of Rte 62)
      The location of the Ferry crossing scene ( Blue Mesa Resevoir, near Ponderosa Campground in the Curecanti National Recreation Area)

      There are others I have not visited, such as the Snake Pit scene towards the climax of the film. Its outside of Ouray on the way to the Camp Bird mine.

      It is perhaps a 5.5 hour drive from the Denver Airport.