Close-Up: Dan Ford on John Wayne and John Ford

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  • Actor John Wayne, who would have been 100 years old this year, made many historic motion pictures with legendary director John Ford (The Informer, How Green Was My Valley). Among them were Stagecoach, The Quiet Man and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

    John Ford's grandson, Dan Ford, who wrote Pappy: The Life of John Ford, sat down with Box Office Mojo to talk about John Wayne, John Ford and their extraordinary careers.

    Box Office Mojo: Have you seen every John Ford movie?

    Dan Ford: I haven't seen some of the really old ones.

    Box Office Mojo: What did John Ford value most about John Wayne?

    Dan Ford: What he liked about John Wayne was John Wayne. He was such an appealing, likable, fun guy to be around—a man's man. He was a sensational card player, like Ford, a big drinker, like Ford was, and they had a lot in common. They were outdoor guys, they both loved boats—they spent every nickel they had on their boats—and it was a personal friendship.

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  • [quote='chester7777','']Kevin,

    "Great interview, gives us some real insight on John Ford. Chester "

    I read the book, "Pappy: The Life of John Ford " by Dan Ford. It is a very good read. Did you know that on D-Day, John Ford was posted on a cruiser off shore of the landings. He voluntarily got on a PT boat and rode it for many hours, they actually came under attack several times. The Upshot is:
    JOHN FORD WAS AT D-DAY AND WAS SHOT AT. He could have stayed on the cruiser, with a smaller chance of being in danger.

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