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    I liked Clu and thought he was a very good actor.

    This is supposed to be about the actor Clu Gulager.
    Their are five posts with two of them about Clu. :thumbdown:

    The owners have to do something is the way it was ten years ago.
    We were there in June of 2007. We saw the bridge, the train depot and Cong. The visitors center in Cong, was built similar to the cottage.
    We took the Cong tour they had, an enjoyed our day and a half there immensely.
    We did not try to go to the Cottage. It was a great trip and I wrote about it on the old online deal we had then.
    Cong has salmon runs twice a year there. In June and later in the year. Some are very big salmon.
    Also there are not surface rivers to Cong, but you can't get to into Cong without crossing a bridge. The water is underground coming to the city of Cong.
    If you want some nice momento's of "The Quiet Man." Buy the old Disc of the movie. They are big and beautiful. I watch the movie about once or twice a year. This is one of my favorite Duke and O'hara movies.

    Hi all, my first visit here for quite awhile. Received an email thanks.
    Glad to see Lasbugas,Kevin,Tbone, and others are still here.
    God Bless you all.

    The last non-western i watch was:
    "The Quiet Man". I turned the TV on last week and there it was.
    One of my favorite all time movies.

    Also, Ridgway Old West Fest Plans Take Shape
    Plans are well underway for the first Ridgway Old West Fest to be held October 11-13, 2019 in Ridgway, Colorado. The festival, which will become an annual event, is intended to highlight the town's film, ranching and railroad heritage and to celebrate all things Western.
    2019 marks the 50th anniversary of True Grit, the movie that earned John Wayne his only Academy Award. Director Henry Hathaway had been to Ridgway in 1962 when How the West Was Won was filmed. He liked it so well he brought True Grit's cast and crew to Ridgway and Ouray County in the summer of 1968 to film much of the movie, which was released the next year.
    No cost, except for some of the events.

    I would like to make this one, wish it was more in the summer. Only 351 miles for me, shortest route. Maybe i will go up in September.
    If anyone gets any more on this. Please post it. Colkid
    Also, that is in one of the most beautiful places in the state of
    Colorado. Which has more beautiful places then you can imagine.
    October average high is 58 and the average low is 33, pretty good,
    It is at about 7000 feet.

    I watched Hondo this week on tv. A decent movie, i loved watching the credits. This is probably the second time I have watched it.
    Loved all the Ford guys in it.

    I've been here since 2010. Those first years were great. So much on
    "The Quiet Man" and many of dukes movies.
    We went to Ireland in 2007 with a church group, stayed several days after the group left. Went to The Bridge, Cong and the train station.
    Took the Cong tour, loved every minute of it.
    Bought the movie music and some more Irish music. I tip my hat
    to John Ford for the music in his movies.Outstanding, beautiful
    music. He also had people walking around at night playing music
    while making a movie.
    I still may go back to Ireland and Cong. We loved that trip over there. I am part Scotch- Irish. I know that probably means that part is just Scotch, but in my heart I am Irish.
    When i get an email from the website, I usually come here and
    read and make a comment if appropriate. Sometimes i make a comment to bring that page to life. I am 76, but will be around until at least 90.

    This is all interesting to me, read it all. Thanks Guys.
    Especially nice to be able to download the pictures of the Red River bell buckles.
    Also the map of the Trails from Texas to points North.

    Kevin- Thanks, I love anything connected with "the Quiet Man" movie.
    My favorite John Wayne Movie. I know, I know i have about 20 favorite John Wayne movies and this is one of them. On the
    old website there were many videos on Quiet Man. Are they still available somewhere?

    Barry Peters. "I always wondered how they ever got the job."
    My opinion, but I believe Duke wanted the young people in
    his movies. It spread his appeal to another generation.
    I was so glad to see Ricky Nelsen in this movie. He sang also.
    In "North to Alaska," Fabian did an outstanding job of
    playing that part of being smitten with Capucine. Made the
    movie better for me. One of my favorite wayne movies.